21 Replies to “WARNING! Contains surgical images: Emergency C-section of rescue cat Nelia – TinyKittens.com”

  1. When they are rubbing the kittens to stimulate them, are they breathing just a little bit? It just seems so strange if they are lifeless for twenty or thirty minutes, etc. and suddenly they are snatched into the land of the living. I guess they need to have heart beat before they breath.

  2. It's merciful that Nelia was not giving birth in the wild, or she and her kittens probably wouldn't have made it… Heartfelt thanks to Shelley, Dr F and everyone else who has helped to ensure a safe delivery for beautiful Nelia and her precious babies.

  3. These cuties were indeed huge. I have said this before and thought it again as Shelly rubbed life into the kittens with the other vetinary assistants. She is smart, dedicated and loves cats/animals. I would like to see her go back to school to become a vet. Then use her skills to set up a top-notch surgical animal hospital (aka Noel Fitzpatrick's leading-edge animal hospital in Surrey, U.K.). A wing of the hospital could be for the incredible foster care she provides so expertly. It could be a hospital just for cats. But of course, it is nobody's business to suggest what others should do. It is more than sufficient to just say, "Shelly, you do an amazing and important job and provide hours of solace, learning and interest to many through your 24/7 streams, with the added value that those streams teach the general population about feral issues, teach animal-behavior professionals and veterinarians a whole lot about cat behavior, and not least lead to successful adoptions. Thank you, Shelly.

  4. These persons are real rescuers for a mom cat under some medical emergency in the video.
    If this mom cat was a stray cat, she couldn't have survived her urgent medical situation with babies on the cold street.
    But she protected by a nice human breeder and she could be got good medical caring like this.

  5. Wow! Kudos again to Shelly and Team TK, Dr. F. and the MV Vet Team. Kudos to new Mama, Nelia, and her 4 little bruisers (gorgeous babies).

  6. You did the right thing!! Even humans sometimes need C-sections! I was delivered by C-section actually!! I'm amazed how big those kittens are and I think they're going to be very smart too! 🙂

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