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  1. I have a uterine septum. It is where (TMI) I have two cervix's and therefore the baby and I would both die. I am due May 11 2013 with my second girl.

  2. This is why the national c section rate is up to 23% now. Because it sure is a lot EASIER for the woman, and the doctor to get that baby right out of there. But guess what, its called LABOR for a reason. Because its not an easy process. This isnt the way nature intended life to be brought into this world. Did you know that at home births and birthing centers have a 4-5% rate for c section. When you go to the hospital, it CAUSES complications that lead to a c section. Do research first ladies.

  3. remarkable and everlasting remembrance with caress and sweet pain..
    Only lucky women go thru..pain to get only sweetness..

  4. @42mexico yes.. my wife's (in video) was elective… everyone thought she was crazy (wimpy?) for her choice, and even some of the medical professionals gave her odd looks. When our son came out much larger than expected, the Dr's / nurses / etc all said they probably would have recommended a last minute c-section anyway. She was very clear from the beginning what she wanted. It was a great expereince, and I'm glad I supported her before I really "got it".

  5. I've had 3 c-sections and due to have my 4th and last in Feb 2010…my 4th girl! I'm excited but scared…congrats!!

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