Washington Hospital offers innovative birthing technology for new mothers

>>No words can describe being a mom. It’s an amazing feeling, and my life will never be the same after this.>>But in a good way.>>In a great way, absolutely. In a great way.>>She’s sleeping right now.>>[ Laughs ]>>Anxious, excited, ready. [ Laughs ] If anything. But it’s my first, so I’m just, you know, a little jitters. I really do enjoy being pregnant. I think that the team here, between Washington Township and the hospital staff is just — They’ve made this a very good experience for me. In fact, it’s to the point where I kind of let go of my birth plan. I just trust the team here so much that I know that when I come in here, I’m gonna be well taken care of. ♪>>I think Washington Hospital is a wonderful place to deliver. Anywhere from just their physicians that they have that are ready for us all the way up to the staff that’s at the hospital, just on board and ready. They really allow you to control your journey, and they’re there just to support, 100%. And I think, for all moms, that’s really important. I’m 32 weeks. This is my first baby, and… I’m really excited. Dr. Tran is truly a good soul, and it was just a match made. When I got pregnant, I met her, and it just aligned.>>Ready to go on maternity leave? [ Laughter ]>>So what’s unique about this hospital, or our group of doctors, is we’re all women. We’re all moms. It helps that your doctor understands what you’re going through. So when she shows up in the office, we kind of help guide her throughout the pregnancy to help her understand what it’s like. And a goal is a healthy mom, healthy baby. So when she shows up to the hospital, ready to deliver, she’s pretty much prepared, in a sense, knowing what she’s gonna expect during labor and delivery.>>It’s very common to get that anxiety of feeling really nervous when you walk into a hospital, but just — When I walk here, I don’t feel that way. It’s just complete comfort. Naturally, I feel like it’s a team of family and friends that are just on board and ready to take care of me. So it was very easy for me to pick the decision to deliver here. I was born here myself, as well. So that was a no-brainer. My husband was born here, as well. So it just kind of fit the script. The rooms are like hotels. It’s not just comfortable for me. They make it comfortable for my husband. They make sure that it’s comfortable for your whole family.>>As a brand-new mom, it’s such a change. It’s a change, but it’s really amazing change. And no matter how many people told me that your life’s gonna change, it never really hits you until he’s there. It’s been amazing. Dr. Mansouri, she told me everything that I needed to know, what to expect from day to day, every trimester. So that made me a lot more comfortable throughout my pregnancy. That was one of the main things I was really looking for, especially in the birthing center, is a place that felt like home. I wanted to feel comfortable, being my first child. I wanted to be in an area where staff was very knowledgeable and very experienced and incredibly supportive.>>One of the things that we do emphasize is being baby-friendly. We do put a lot of emphasis in enabling and supporting bonding between mom and baby, newborn baby. We try to keep mom and baby together their entire stay, as long as it’s safe to do so. And then, also, we really do support breastfeeding. We value the importance of breastfeeding and the benefits to both mom and baby in the short-term, as well as the long-term.>>My main challenge, right from the get-go, was the breastfeeding. Everybody tells you labor is gonna be one of the toughest things that you’d have to endure, but nobody really warns you about breastfeeding, and that took a lot of support for me to really get the hang of it. And Washington Hospital, they have such a great lactation support system. As soon as I gave birth, they started skin-to-skin. They taught me how to latch right from the get-go, and it was just a really good experience for me. Washington Hospital made sure that I felt comfortable, that I felt like I was at home, that I felt like my baby was gonna be safe there, and that they would provide the support that I need in order to transition as a new mom.>>The patients have an opportunity to come and tour the facilities. They can see the birthing center. They can take birthing classes. We also have an option for our patients to come for a nurse interview before they come in to be admitted for labor and delivery. Washington has a culture of safety, and part of that are not only having pediatric hospitals available, but we actually have OB hospitals. So in case of any emergencies, there’s always a hospital OB-GYN who’s here, who can get to a patient in the attending provider isn’t already in the hospital.>>Our birthing center’s really unique. It’s great because it’s a community hospital, but we have a lot of amenities that come with being affiliated with UCSF, so our patients, during their prenatal course, can see the specialist for their ultrasounds, for genetic counseling, so they get kind of that expertise.>>It’s a very diverse group of doctors and nurses. Different languages, different cultural aspects. We have a very diverse population here in Fremont and neighboring cities, so it’s a very complimentary relationship that we have with our community.>>Learn more about the birthing center at Washington Hospital at BayAreaHealthierTogether.com.

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