WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!! (for real!)

whatever really not excited about is
just doing a blog because I hate being on camera
so really the excitement is all happening off-camera I know what you
were so excited off-camera yeah and I can will continue to be and I will
continue to do dance around and all that but I’m not around you kisses my belly
every morning and every night hi guys I’m change out page and thanks
allegedly but today we’re here to tell you about
how to cook a loaf of bread Merson a yeast and then teach you about
birds and storks in particular so I’m gonna be a great father
oh I like this Mike hey do you like edamame P in the pot oh that’s just a
game prosciutto is pregnant no way no way
you’re pregnant you’re pregnant we’re having a baby
we’ve also developed southern accents so we are two months in change almost about
nine eight so we just go at months I don’t know a little weeks a millimeter
day but our is this two millimeters take a stone over sugar currently size of
raspberry although you know grow because tomorrow is my nine week so maybe it’ll
be a strawberry my vegetable fruit change
do you like a wardrobe I want a girl you in a boy we don’t care all that much one
person we got our grinding codes are was very antsy and we got married May 12th
and by May 20th basically colder thought P sticks pregnancy test and you’re
further than was patient okay I was just hungry all the time and I
couldn’t figure out why I was because I I thought I had a baby but then I just
thought it was crazy cuz you’re an eating for two days
yeah but I thought it was crazy because I was like there’s no way we’re already
pregnant we just got married and it’s only been the first month
no one gets printed the first month our doctor said it would take about six Lanza feels good to be a gangster May
20th sometimes hey colder I need to a pregnancy test I told him I was probably
a week to at least six days away from my experience so it wouldn’t work I said I seen the commercials excellent
advertising from first response to tell you six days before you miss period
sooner they advertised six and the percentage gets better as regardless I
did it’s enough so this vlog is a big joke you can pray we’re not pregnant we
went to bat Iraq came back from bot Iraq well rock is a music festival music
festival in Napa and we got back and he goes alright just trying again we’re
getting ready for Beijing three days we’re getting ready for bed and I take a
pregnancy test and flip it over and flutter timer on and we come back to it
three minutes later pregnancy tests work where you take the test and it had
weights three minutes before it tells you your result so they put a little
piece of paper on top of the test and counted to three minutes and then after
removing a piece of paper to look and see the results and
this one of these two what is our first pregnancy test and look how strong the
Lions are parenting is all about sacrifice that starts now how do you
think the animals are gonna react to having a baby in the house
smoochy grew up in Beverly so he could care less
yes he definitely could not you could not okay we’ll see we’ll see what
happens come down below let us know any fun baby
things that you have for us any tips for getting pigs to react well he’s sure
you’re gonna have a lot of tips mm-hmm we got pregnant some time from our
wedding day too two or three days later they say you can’t get pregnant your
first time having sex all right guys love you guys having a baby you can
follow along in their fun little journey it’s my uncle we saw its heartbeat for
the first time we haven’t heard its heartbeat for the first time
what does it look like it looks like a little sack there’s a head and there’s
its body love you guys see you never we’re having a baby that’s
nice we’re pregnant

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