We Are Warrior Moms, We Are The Faces Of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

I felt like I could finally I would be able to rest if I would die I really wanted to act out this anger on inanimate objects around my husband and it was it was such a weird feeling I found myself just getting fixated on certain things extreme worried about his health just the sounds of crying and really started to get to me and my stomach always felt like when you miss a step when you're going down the stairs and your stomach jumps that's how I felt all the time once I did get help I knew I can be the mom that I always wanted to be I mean the first appointment it was it was reassuring the first time that she told me that it wasn't me a weight it was really lifted from my shoulders I started feeling like myself again and I could tell that for six months I had felt like a completely different person I mean it was really a moment where I felt like I'm kind of me again I was doing things with the kids more it wasn't over analyzing every bad thing that could happen and I and I just I wasn't crying as much you will get better you will feel better you feel right now like you're going to feel like this for the rest your life but it does get better I put in the right words and Google and up came postpartum progress and it truly changed my perspective I never felt like I had heard about postpartum anxiety I wish that people understood that we're not horrible crazy weak people my perception of postpartum depression was that it was a mother who was we be to the point of not being able to take care of her child or the extreme case of you know the mom that goes crazy and kills all kids I never thought it happened to me I would want my children to know that sorry I want to know that I'm sorry that it was like that for that period of time it's not their fault that I wasn't the mom that I wanted to be to them I would want them to know that it wasn't their fault and it has only made me stronger no matter how hard it was they were worth it I wanted to know that it doesn't mean that I loved him less I am stronger because of this I am NOT losing my mind I am happy with the mom that I've become I am a loving mother I am not ashamed I'm not a failure I am a good mother even with postpartum depression you you

5 Replies to “We Are Warrior Moms, We Are The Faces Of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety”

  1. This is so true, thanks! I'm a survivor too, and a french speaker. Don't mind or would you agree that I translate and subtitle this video in french (not me alone I'm not good enough)? Your is so "well done", those in french seem so miserable, this one is full of compassion and hope… I would like that no english speaker women could see and understand it

  2. this helped me alot. I am going through this right now and it's so hard. but I will overcome this.

  3. This video sucks diseased noodles.
    Not one mention of the husbands that are the other half of the marriage. There's a picture show in the middle, not one single image of a husband, or a couple. It intentionally marginalizes the husbands and fathers.

    Should have been titled "We are the sexist moms, we are the discrimination that destroys the family unit"

  4. so helpful and real, thank you ladies for sharing, it is the scariest illness a woman can go through alone 🙁

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