so you just got a Fed as you can definitely tell I made myself a smooth beach but it knows maybe a shake I forgot I had it in the cupboard I'm actually so happy because I've got a vanilla one and I've also ordered white chocolate raspberry and mint chocolate chips so yeah they're nice and healthy and also because I'm an angry girl I'm gonna have a chocolate sweet Douglas fir Hollow show I had her milk but we give her this just you tonight each on its tag so yeah this is the plan for now just have some brekkie and now we're gonna head off to their paddling pool because I actually been going for the last couple days one case with the mother in case they had in the vignette and a whole lot absolutely loves it so whenever when we kept I kept sending pictures of Hollow to taste in your eggs today hey guys you see her she she loves it it was actually so sad because she's right you posed in your posing oh yeah it's actually so sad because on the first day she's really trying to make friends I've like all the kids but the other kids didn't really care because obviously blessed she commonly told anything so it absolutely broke my heart that she was going around really trying to make friends yesterday she made a friend so don't screw and then she was kind of hot so I don't really know what the thing Apollo is but yeah we're ready to go I'm just about to pack this stuff for the paddling pool do a little rundown so if you're somebody happy would always change her when we get there got some other nappies so I changed her back before we come back home a towel so I can dry her and then change your internet please already said that then I've got some toys one thing that we desperately need to buy her a some beach toys because she doesn't have any I'm just taking some random toys I can go in the water so she can wave them I've got a water bottle then I have she's actually going to be wearing this obviously this is what she's gonna go in it's her swimsuit and then she's got this it's really cute like a little towel place so she's gonna wear this to get there and then after Schuster I she's gonna go back on this and then I'm going to be coded oh yeah then I've got a brush just in case even though her hair doesn't get ten cones but if like I just got trauma cuz I've got such long hair so I always have a brush whenever I you know going to some important stuff then I've got some grapes which I'm going to pre-cut there and put it in his little pots so yeah I'll win the baggie girls now [Applause] little surprise at she literally were walking out the door my dad called and it was like you guys in I'm just passing I've got half an hour so we're just going out actually so he's coming with us to the panning pool hard it was so excited she was to take that she's going you probably will will be alright for you know yeah so we are heading over to the paddling pool this is gonna be my first time there so I'm very excited Paulo is so excited it's like she just wants to show everyone what she does here Wow someone is very happy on their pops shoulders it's so excited Wow let's just I take my shoes off please pops just see to first women happy on and then it's time to go in the pool right someone's all dressed go go go go swish mush mush she runs runs to the edge Ihnen can I go and I go oh yeah baby oh yeah she's trying to talk to other people or just not getting in but I'll be a ball now Wow Wow she did only one aim there now it was busy like a second ago dreaming that everyone's left she's just standing in the middle Oh you go home have your nap now we had so much fun someone's really moved it didn't want to get out perfect time so she can sleep very well and that is exactly why I wanted to happen boom nap morning AB case now hope feels a complete ever notice just fell asleep with half completely think we've done it it's a nice time for a few get ready and have a shower and then we go off right so we got home I had a shower got Freddie got dressed case just had a shower he's covering Lee shaving sorry for the change of lighting yeah he's covering it shame in case – this is so – when he leaves no but he doesn't like it yeah the witness we just happened right walking home was room just to get some clothes up when she's awake trust them and called her eyes open and then she was still really sleepy I need she came out of such acceptance came back in and she was asleep so this is a situation we're not gonna wake her up just have one head should be very well rested black she's got lots of things around that because they stirred today so we just leave her I didn't keep an eye on her but when it's a nighttime obviously don't but yeah she's safe to say that you're paddling pool definitely tight her attitude still asleep I thought I'll quickly show you her a little outfit I've got for her to wear today she's got this little top and then her shorts are like cold I think is so cute look oh god is in America when I went to Coachella so she can find her area because as lovely and sunny out and very dirty Mira's ignore that I mean glass pumpkin I thought it I'll soon yeah you know yeah edge web days and I'm also gonna go like a little denim jacket just in case it's a little bit chilly because it's quite windy outside today dad so he just woken up she lately so she woke up and just our guide where's her Papa Papa are you look she's like yeah she doesn't have a wreck Chanel but she was actually sick but she mishegoss looks just proper calorie beverages me oh yeah nice try your Papa is so happy you've got both wha never seen a ton the more obsessive babies and a patent pools about what she couldn't see what she would just run after and start chasing it going Baba Safinaz good news so it should know if a someone on my face like a dog my inch on the link let's get you dressed enemy sees and I see we're gonna eat what you on har like what you want a sweet waffle or we're gonna have seven favorite bath are you doing drinking chocolate milk why did you get that gave some chocolate milk he's a nice boy over now so – so excited she's never even had this bug so jalapeno chocolate she's never ever had this chocolate is talked about food is here I have got a crack with like spinach cream cheese and stuff hollow hairs ham and cheese Americana lemon and is so annoying because she loves lemons is so weird she normally be given into her but she just wanted cases go at crap and some chips I mean let's go next door they do not just sell chips besides good yeah what tips did you get Jesus cold when I tried to cheese sauce yummy well done it's new hope the concentration face is the best that's so nice you're not even eating so why do you have to hold it why is so obsessed don't mean just so fake well they're coming for you because you've got lemon I know you just faking it oh she's actually worried it's okay oh that's like thank you thank you no II didn't I was like a surprise would you want some so she even put the bubble down oh you want that one to you why she was to do it herself [Laughter] Oh yummy oh you liked it oh yeah approved we just will pass the leg host shop and we religious walking part in the holidays like let go of my hand and ran over here and like roaring at the dinosaur wow they're so scary just a deep roar so Harlow's like run away from us she's made a new friend she's literally talking to the mannequin let's just holding his hand excuse me are you doing she just hello he's not moving who's that Wow you're not scared are you trying to find some toys for the paddling pool because didn't have any straightforward rounds so we've got her a ball we trying to find a big set what we're not getting that bag well how they put it back so if taking his stuff back though we needed to take we didn't actually find a beach therefore Hollow which is a bit of noise I'm gonna have to order one liner something we did get heard the boulder so I'm going to the paddling pool next time she has one today she comes trying to get his babies one for the hollows not yours but yeah good girl we're doing or you saw the birdies but yeah uh just before we go home and get her ready to go to sleep itself before we quickly come to the beach because like I said it's beautiful and we're gonna get ice cream I think it's coming what does it have say thank you yes that's my father's garrison spring cold thank you Mike why have you got hollow I got high livin in her so she doesn't stay in photography that's very clever mmm I've just given Harlow a bath but he's not feeling very well and I have got football training and my mom was meant to watch Haru yesterday and she rung me up today so a nod can I see it today because I was excited to see yesterday and I ended up not taking her over there so I was like actually perfect you can watch Harley while semester football that's okay she was like absolutely yes please so that's what I'm currently doing I am just about to leave on my keen and so I'm sort of looking everywhere but yeah but to head over to my mum's and then to pick up Jed to go to football and then pick Harley back up after football and come back home let's go right literally as he was walking out the door she ran back grabbed her doll and then she's coming here actually looks so cool coolest baby on earth right guys so it's been about and now when it cakes he left and like he said I wasn't feeling great I don't know what happened I just got home from when we go we were out and then I just had a nap like a really weird nap was like a 15-minute half and then I woke up and I just felt really sick I just don't know what it is it could be the heat it's quite dry it could be something I've eaten I don't know but I feel like I feel like a little bit better now no hundred percent but anyways I just thought it would actually be to perform home and pick up the camera and talk to you guys about my pregnancy all day because I haven't actually done one in a while last one I've done was around 16 weeks and I'm currently 22 weeks which for me is crazy I think it's going so quick but like I always say once I hit her two wigs if I was gonna stop draggin and you know fees are gonna get slightly harder on my last pregnancy update I think I spoke a little bit about like morning sickness and all of that and thinking is that is completely gone by now I had like a really weird signals pregnancy it wasn't really a morning sickness it was more like an all-day evening type thing but that is pretty much gone now but there is something annoying assuming no one ever since I want to say eighteen weeks so for like Felix now I started having really really really bad heartburn I remember I went through this week while I was struggling to eat because my husband was really bad and that happened to holo as well I mean when I was trying to move Harlow but I was taking some tums and I follow those helping me like a hundred percent but this time it just didn't really sing to help as much so I did get some tablets of my GP because it was actually really affected me I wasn't but I wasn't even being able to eat not even water was skipping out which is crazy because water is like a neutral thing I don't never said in foods they have to avoid having a heartburn but I generally was struggling quite a lot with it but I haven't actually had it in a while so fingers crossed you know I know there's this kind of things like come back and forth I'll probably say that is the most annoying thing that's been happening since my last update apart from that it's been pretty chilled one very positive thing that I absolutely love about this pregnancy is that I'm able to feel the baby move a lot and that makes me so happy because if you don't feel your baby moving you start getting a bit worried it happened a little bit of Halle what I just wouldn't really feel her for a few days in the vlogs were actually went to the hospital quite a lot just to check on her but this time I know that my placenta is at the back and then which means that the baby is closed it's you like my tummy a probably thing is wrong but anyways I just know that I'm able to feel the baby a little more this pregnancy also because of my second pregnancy people say they're on second pregnancies you are able to feel your baby a lot better so that is very positive love that and it's just weird I thought because I feel it so much but cacey actually haven't felt it yet which for me is crazy because I wanna see feel so much whenever I come and put his hand on my tummy he says he has an actually started yeah yeah in terms of my bump I am going to be doing a pub update so you guys gonna see because I get asked this a lot but I just don't know what it is is probably just me you know everyone has different bodies but I it takes me a while to get a bump obviously this time I feel like things again a lot earlier my second pregnancy but I don't miss a sound a girl like a round bump stray away it just looks like I've gained some weight so it's not like a proper round tummy is lecture like a pouch I don't know how to explain obviously it's getting bigger now and it's slowly turn into like a proper bump so I definitely notice that my body started changing a lot earlier I also feel like my face you're starting to get a little bit chunkier not junker but like just fuller and I just know that once I hit it for two weeks you guys would not really be able to recognize me like I mean a you probably think I'm being M exaggerated but my face always changes so much because I get worried about water retention which is kind of scary though because whenever I watch two blocks when when I was pregnant Paulo and I see my face and all my teachings and everything you've really does change what I look like obviously but then I just know for a fact so once this baby's born and after a couple weeks my walk like my whole water is just going on my body is crazy like it's such a big change from one way to the other so I am starting to notice that this is happening and my face is getting fuller now but yeah that's pretty much everything that have to report your guys on I haven't really been feeling sick or down at all so like I've got more energy which is also the good thing about the second trimester on the last look I mentioned that I went from like 20 weeks scan which was really good as always good to know that everything is fine as a baby they measure literally every single thing of the baby everything was absolutely perfect apart from something I was pretty shocked about um you might be like nothing much those of you might be watching to have been pregnant a meal that want to say don't worry about any changes but I have been told said the baby is currently breech and I know I'm only 22 weeks where I was like 21 at the time some of it was like last week I know that I have a lot of time to turn I know like issues so early and you know everything can change babies literally change like couple weeks before they're born Felix phone and bomb whatever which I'm fine with honestly even if the baby was breech I don't think I would be worried the only thing that really worries me in terms of Bay his position is that Harlow was actually back back when she was born and when your baby's back to back your how can I explain like the pain is meant to be all the worse in a normal labor and you get more pressure on your spine in on your back and I feel like I already told you guys there's a few times but I've actually fractured my spine about four years ago when us know about five six years ago I remember now so yeah I fully broke my back like ever since obviously I'm going to define I'm healed but I feel like my back has always been like a touchy more sense it part of my body because even though it's been completely healed I feel like still bruised I'm not gonna complain though because I feel like everything happened in the best way possible I just know how much it hurts and I know there's some things like sometimes it can't avoid it like you just have to go through and I know it's warfare but it does scare me a little bit just because I'm a previous experience and I know that the reason why that's happened it's because Harlow was back to back and hearing out that the baby is breech in the wrong position it just scares me that he might turn it's the shocking news I was talking about a last vlog but it's early dates anything can happen so I'm being very positive and thinking that everything's gonna be okay but I was pretty much it for my update right guys so is the next day now I believe she just jumped out of bed I put the same clothes as I had on yesterday it's because I honestly just you're covered and what did she get a dress and this is the first thing I saw what case is here now and he's gonna help me out showing you my bump which I said I was going to show you yesterday and I think she forgot because I could only find how much for the camera that wouldn't look wait it's okay Jinna halogen so here's my twenty week Bob update this is gonna grow out more and more every week so yep said as soon as I started to around proper Bob other you know because at the moment is like a little larger you know you think hey guys that is the current situation with pregnancy bump up decks Asia etc into as well we are going to be to him oh no what say the camera off me in tomorrow's vlog we will be doing a mukbang not tomorrow sorry on Sunday but yes so make sure to comment any comment any questions you want us to ask answer oh my god any pregnancy related questions you want us to answer make sure to comment down below and hopefully we'll mention you at all mention your comment at least in the video so guys yeah I will see you on Sunday hope you do enjoy it please to mash a big thumbs up subscribe if you're not already subscribed I'll see you then peace


  1. This video is amazing! I absolutely LOVE your videos — they are sooooo good! I hope you see this! I am so excited for baby number 2 xx

  2. I gave birth to my baby boy a week today at 34 weeks pregnant after an emergency c-section he gave me a ruptured placenta and had his foot out of the sack he was growing in and he was also completely breached but i wouldnt worry about him being breached at this point he may well turn alot x

  3. My Second Was Back Labour. If you Have Back labour i seriously Feel for you! It is horrible. Im not gonna sit and lie to you.. However I Hope baby Moves xx

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