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  1. Check out this high accurate Hand held Prenatal Doppler Fetal Monitor with LCD Cardiotocograph at https://ebay.us/4Cwh3K Listen to your baby and feel his feelings.

  2. Listening to you talk is like listening to myself. The constant state of anxiety is insane! You give me hope!

  3. I tried today at 6+5 but I’m guessing it’s still too early! Think I’ll try again at 8 weeks 🙂

  4. I’m so happy for you! I feel the same way. 10 weeks and 4 days and thought I would feel sicker, but not really having too many symptoms anymore. Tired of worrying and just want to enjoy my pregnancy

  5. Sweet video, Congrats💖 Hope this will be us soon !! I have appointment in mexico next month! hope everything will be okay ! Pray for me ! I count on you www.ivfinmexico.com Please make this miracle happens for me also !!!

  6. Hey! New viewer here… I rhink I watched all your videos in the space of a couple of days… I love how gentle Mike is with you Abby. I'd like to have that sort of bond with someone one day. Much love from New Zealand xx

  7. I’m a midwife in the 🇬🇧 England where midwife care is the norm, please, please, please just get that Doppler and throw it in the bin, please.
    Non trained people (non drs and midwives) can easily and I do mean easily mistake maternal heart beat (dopplers can double readings often so that can look like a fetal rate) whooshing sounds from the placenta sound similar too and can show as a rate.
    I have personally cared for a couple of women and have known of plenty more that have noticed reduced movements or just felt different movement ect and have been reassured all has been well because they’ve heard the heart beat when they haven’t or it’s been abnormal and the baby has either been in trouble or already deceased. They didn’t report it as they were reassured when they for whatever reason (maternal heart rate/ placental ect) most certainly shouldn’t have been. If they had just gone for a check up babies lives could have been saved with emergency delivery instead babies died in utero.
    I do not mean to worry you or be harsh at all but this really worry’s me, in the UK there is attempt to get these home dopplers banned due to lives been lost resulting directly with home use of dopplers. It takes a long and in-depth training to be able to assess fetal heart rates, please leave this to the professionals and chuck it in the garbage where it belongs.
    Wishing you a healthy baby and happy pregnancy x

  8. I had I’IVF. worked the first time thank god but had that same nervousness untill the baby was born!!! And it seems the IVF HORMONES TURNED MY CYCLE NORMAL because 13 month later there was a surprise baby!!!!

  9. I counted too and got 180 multiple times, it'll slow down as time goes on but that is an amazing strong heartbeat!!

  10. Best SOUND ever! Youll never forget this! And the further along you get, the easier itll get! -Courtney <3

  11. I had one of those with my 2nd baby got ours at 10 weeks on both girls it's the best sound in the world

  12. Abby and Mike we are so happy for you such incredible news! That look of relief when you finally heard a 💗 I can’t even imagine the emotions the happiness you guys were going through🙏🏻pregnancy is such a blessing! We have four children… three boys and one baby girl💙💙💙💖!

  13. It’s so hard to not worry and it doesn’t stop, even after they are born. I just came to think of it as me being a mom.

  14. How exciting 🤗 been waiting for days to see a video, please upload them sooner 🙏🏻. Today was my ER and I hope i have good results. Please say a prayer for me tonight. 🙏🏻🤞🏻
    God Bless you guys and this lil precious one that is growing. ❣️

  15. Yay! I’m saying boy! When will the vlogs be up to date? Have you set up an Instagram yet?? I’d love to follow you!

  16. Apparently…if you get up for wee in night, if you eat a few nuts…..then less queasyness in morning.

  17. Awe!! That’s so sweet!! Congratulations!! Try not to worry about miscarriage (as if). Just have faith and stay positive!! ♥️

  18. Awwww hi baby!!!! Mark it with sharpie!!! Hahahha I LOVE IT! The only 3D ultra sound that I got was at 9 weeks! It’s insane how human like they look! It’s bonkers!!! Can’t wait for another update!!!

  19. So exiting to hear the heartbeat wow all that nose you were hearing that was the baby moving actually in your tummy it's amazing what you can hear on the doppler that's how my daughter sounded yesterday at the doctors office she was running away from it lol

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