try you have an amazing thing I don't know if that's a good idea is the drainage you are watching my gosh you guys happy pioneer day here in Utah we celebrate Pioneer Day when the Pioneers first came to Utah we're at the park I got him right here it's not my favorite baby carrier but I couldn't find my my other one because I got cleaners at my house cleaning up just the sickness and we're still not fully a hundred percent try you bar for this morning at dinosaurs I feel great like but nobody else got sick we're most definitely not hey you in the clear trays having a pancake I don't know if that's a good idea Wow thank heavens they decorate the bikes here we all know ain't nobody Appetite nice neck kids are just kind of going around in circles so they're Mike great it's a great little neighborhood bike parade trying to keep it like someone lifted so he doesn't have so much gravity pulling it down so much weight pulling it now he's on pancake number two I hope that's a good sign because I really don't want to clean up pancake bar all right we're home from the park just trying to get him down I had Alma just come and clean my house so the bathroom is sparkling I mean at least it's clean for today right it'll be a bomb by tonight the kitchen's clean the floors are vacuumed can you see the lines I love lines in the back and the carpet and see that big box right there you guys those are my mama Nader books I will be selling them at my mama Nader party so just so you know I'm also gonna be selling my dad documentary and I'm just like looking around at the houses Smouse brush I'm gonna defuse some more lemon and anyway that's what he just went to pancakes in the park and I got to figure out what we're gonna do the rest of this freakin day because I'm trying not to hyperventilate my baby's got like pus coming down his toes and I'm so scared that it's that pressure sore so I have to take his cast off he's miserable he's me I cannot put him down and even when he's down and asleep he's still fussing so I called Shriners and they said take it off I showed him a picture of his foot and here's his foot and there is the drainage I am gonna have PTSD I mean the skin we're gonna wash it and put medicine on it and I'm waiting near back I'm a doctor airing it out for a minute we cleaned it oh my gosh the bad news is we're probably gonna have to lay off of casting for a week which he's gonna love you know that but I mean that's good news but it's bad news because it will set him back a little bit so I'm just waiting to hear back from the doctor they said this was very unusual he's never seen this I don't know what happened he said just use a thin layer he is wasted this poor kid yes he is wasted as what put some on his pressure sore too I divide by two is okay I'm like trying not to cry that was awful it's no wonder I was up all night long last night he was in me you guys I felt like I once again in the corpse but this is a big THANK YOU to Jordan and Rachael Benson they sent me some organic elderberry to get my kit which I'm gonna do right now okay I put his cast back together somewhat there's the infection inside that Donna has saved me today she's fed the kids macaroni and cheese she's taking care of betray you who still doesn't these are my two sickies she cleaned the kitchen I couldn't do it without her today and she's sick on top of it this is like a bad dream I just want to stare at his curled up feet because he doesn't ever get to do that poor thing bubbles make everything better my parents have some company because it's been a very long hard day here's to barbecue because today is a holiday in Utah ken yes safe zone she feels safe between someone's legs I am not really in the mood for fireworks victim number three there he is okay on okay just it's okay okay

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