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yeah yeah we're gonna cover that up even go for a walk iris do you want to go for a walk good morning happy Monday well it's Monday for us we've decided to start delaying our videos just because of YouTube's going through this whole cleanup thing it really messes with the monetization of the videos not that that really matters but especially for us we're just a tiny Channel and it really doesn't matter but we usually post a video and then we have to go through this like 24-hour period where they have to manually review the video to make sure that it's suitable for advertisers anyway it is Monday and it's the kickoff of the second week of my maternity leave and I kind of wanted to get some of this on film because I was hesitant to stop working I guess but also excited at the prospect of having a few weeks at home to like tie up loose ends to get ready for the babies so this is week two of that last week I had a lot of stuff to get done this week I don't really have much but it's also hard to work around to doctor's appointments a week which is what I'm at right now so what I'm really excited about for today's appointment is that we should have a c-section date if Barre still had or if he's still breech which I imagine he will be so we'll have a biophysical profile and then I follow up with the doctor afterwards as of last Friday at my appointment we set our c-section date for December 31st the doctor that I saw on Friday which was like my favorite doctor in the entire practice is concerned that the hospital isn't going to want to staff an hour for like a scheduled surgery on New Year's Eve and I can understand that I guess their nurses are only on-call that day like they don't actually have to come in unless there's something going on so unless there's like a scheduled c-section they may not even have to work I don't know if the thing is it's new but the c-section would be scheduled in the morning that's just how they do it so it's like we would do the c-section but then I guess somebody would have to stay there probably all day to like take care of me and the babies so I don't know we'll find out today if they were agreeable to doing that but my doctor was like really on board with it because double tax break if we don't do it New Year's Eve they can't go any sooner than that so we would be pushed into the New Year probably like January second would be the first day that we could do it if New Year's Eve doesn't work so I'm excited to find out like what the what the deal is with that otherwise not much else going on today I think at some point this week I'm gonna get a pedicure because I can't reach my feet anymore and I guess it just helps with swelling and things like that so it's gonna be a pretty relaxed week and then next week my parents are gonna be here they'll be here a week from today actually and then they'll just stay through when the babies are born whenever that is if you care the products that I'm using I just used like a bronzer type thing to make a little bit of a cheekbone and then I use I think I got this at like TJ Maxx it's just like a palette of different shades for blush depending on what time of the year it is and how dark you are this is from Mac and it's just like a shimmery highlighter I've been using this since we got married I bought this for our wedding and it still has plenty in it so I just I don't wear very much of it I guess and then the last thing I do is mascara and I've been using the pickety thick from bliss mascara I don't love it I still can't find a mascara that I love so if you have one that you really like let me know because I'm just disappointed with all of them I think it may be because my eyelashes are curly so they just kind of hooked together and they're they always look clumpy Brad and I were talking yesterday about if I go into labor on my own like depending on what doctor is there whether we'll try for a vaginal delivery or whether we'll go for the c-section unless the situation is really specific that they're both head down and it's one of these two doctors that I trust will have a c-section okay good enough so it's ten something in the morning and I've already had three deliveries from Amazon one of them was I'll show you this is my pile for my hospital bag that's not coming with us and that's not coming with us I got this for Lindell on Amazon I'll link it below I thought it was just the cutest little headband and it goes with this swaddle blanket that I got on Black Friday or Cyber Monday from copper pearl and so it matches it perfectly it had it came with a hat but I thought that was cuter so that came in the mail this morning in the bigger box was this giant bag of raspberry leaf tea I had no idea it was gonna be this huge but I guess this is supposed to support your uterus for like delivery and everything so I got some raspberry leaf tea in a giant bag and then it also this little pack or a play mat came today as well so that's the one I decided on these are all here because I can't figure out what to do with all of these bottles these are what came in that heart sale haul that I got there's a company called heart sail and if you have TRICARE or Blue Cross Blue Shield and you live in a certain state I think then they send you not only a pump tons of supplies that support breastfeeding so like bottles to pump into bags to store breast milk in extra tubes for your pump just a whole bunch of stuff and then you get to select a few little gifts too which I did like the webbing of pacifier and what else they get I think some lanolin cream so a really good deal if you haven't heard of heart sail check them out oh yeah this came in the mail too I'm gonna make some like breastfeeding cookies and a lot of them call for breweries I guess it's really good for milk production okay I feel like this is turning into like a day in the life of Rachel but I just threw some girl in my hair just because I was kind of bored and rusty wants to go for a walk really bad so we're gonna go for a walk these girls have been playing in this laundry basket all day so I better leave it there so they can continue playing rusty are you ready to go for a walk you wanna go for a walk even go for a walk IRA see you when I go for a walk all right get your leash [Laughter] okay back from the OB appointment that I had today I'm probably wearing this in every single vlog that we posted lately mostly because it's kind of cold and this is like the only coat that I have that fits me I purposefully Harris got it in a large knowing that after the babies are born a lot of you guys had the suggestion that I need a coat that's bigger so that I can wear the babies underneath my coat so genius the appointment went really well besides me spraining my ankle as I stepped down off of the table it's like it's not that bad I'm probably being more dramatic than I need to be but and like when I first start walking on it it feels okay but then it just gradually like I definitely have a limp right now so that sucks everything with the babies was really good they did their growth scan again so they got their weights and everything but they didn't have everything entered in time to tell me what that was before I left what was significant is that Lindell has caught up to bear and they're like within two percent of each other in size so that's much different than it was three weeks ago bear still they called it Frank breach I don't think he's going anywhere the doctor doesn't think he's going anywhere so we're looking at a c-section unfortunately the hospital that we're delivering at wouldn't allow us to schedule the c-section on New Year's Eve which would have been the first day that we could have scheduled it because that's when I turned 37 weeks so it's January 2nd very exciting like we are kids oh my gosh our kids have a birthday if they don't come before that but she said anything can happen and I can go into labor whenever I want you know she was like any time now is fine the babies could be you know they could be born now and be totally fine just based on how they look during the biophysical profile the fact that they're both practicing breathing she was really optimistic I don't have to worry about like preterm labor anymore because if I go into labor they're gonna take the babies they're not gonna try to stop it at this point we're in the homestretch for sure very very exciting one thing that's really funny say the last three ultrasounds that I've had which has been all within the last week the ultrasound technician and each one of them has mentioned how much hair Lindell has she has a ton of hair today like the ultrasound tech said you can see it like flowing so for being 34 weeks she said that was a massive amount of hair and I said well she comes by it honestly I'm really excited to see her and see her hair and then bear has hair as well but he I guess doesn't have near as much as she does so I'm excited to see them I'm very excited it was a really good appointment another thing I got in the mail today I found these on Amazon it's a baby log book and you put in like when they fed and how long they fed off which brass their sleep activity their diaper whether it's pure poop so I got one for Lindell and one for bear bears is like a blueish green color they're really cute his didn't come in yet I don't know why they didn't come together but I obviously had to personalize it with her name I thought it turned out really cute okay so the nesting is getting for real we decided to totally clean out this pantry and the area underneath the stairs and I roped in some reinforcements there it's only good for a year sunblock let's just fire it in December of 14 this expired in March of 2014 we obviously don't use very much medicine we're a holistic aim that's my I know really gassy it's okay buddy don't be embarrassed so we need an excuse to buy new luggage it was a heavy sigh Oh probably the last five times that we've traveled we've both said you know we really need some new luggage I like it it's awful yeah I mean it's all hay I don't think I've ever actually purchased luggage I have one piece that I got for graduation that is small enough to be a carry-on so the rest of it the rest of that I would just stole from our parents yep so we finally pulled the trigger on some luggage guess what color it is you're welcome yeah so I feel like the wife of the year ordering the orange because they had like a really pretty blue teal color and also like a nice gunmetal gray all right but we went with the bright orange it'll be really easy to spot oh good idea it'll be easy to spot on the conveyor belt and then this came in so now I get to put bear's name on it here and on three snap your fingers one two three and there you have it iris hasn't man a suitcase or a box that she didn't love these are really very small I think it does Wow needs I like that they're hard because then your stuff can't get smashed going through security you think yeah well is that one small enough I guess this one could carry on one secure that one cannot right and then they have locks yeah neat I guess what what's good about the lock is it was advertised as the TSA people have a universal key that they can use on it so they don't have to break the lock if they have to check the stuff inside neat do you leave you're filming an infomercial coulda said it better myself why are the women to cover that up all right so I think we're gonna end the vlog there thanks for watching hit that thumbs up if you liked the video nice job thank you if you're not a subscriber go ahead and hit the subscribe button within the next couple weeks we're gonna be meeting our babies and we're finally you're gonna be finally giving you the details of the 15k giveaway 50k giveaway so since we hit 15,000 subscribers we're gonna give you guys a gift card in the amount of $15,000 why because people will probably really think that that's legit it's not gonna happen we don't have to team up we wish we could give you 15,000 if we could we would we're gonna do it a hundred dollar gift card to Amazon hopefully that'll make somebody's Christmas a little sweeter yes exactly we feel like everybody can use Amazon and we think it's international yeah hopefully yeah so all that we ask is that your subscriber to our Channel and we would like you to pick your favorite vlog of ours and share it on any social media you want so if you're on Facebook or Instagram or whatever just share one of your favorite blogs and then comment below letting us know you did that and then we'll reach out to you via YouTube yeah so if you don't check your email that's associated with your YouTube account you might want to if you're entering this contest because that's how we'll contact you alright alright well have a great rest of the week thanks for watching we'll talk to you later

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  1. Thank you to all of our amazing subscribers – you feel like family to us! Make sure to enter the contest you're clicking the "share" button on your favorite video and posting it to any social media 🙂
    We can't wait to give back to you guys with a $100 gift card to Amazon!!
    Brad and Rach

  2. Can you please make the address of your Etsy store a live link. I have been trying to find it but Etsy says they do not have a store by that name.

  3. how did you get the log books personalised ? i wanted to get one for when my baby boys here but amazon doesn’t give the option to personalise thank you

  4. 🐈🐕🎂🍪🍭🍰🎄👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️👶👶❤️🤞👀👁🍩🥂I shared the bucket list vlog to Facebook, I loved that one. And you should try the they're real mascara by Benefit, I love love love it. I think you will too !!☃️❄️⛄️💰⏳💸💵💈🎁🇺🇸🍼

  5. I had a c-section planned and our son came 2 weeks early. Guess they come when they want to. C-section at 4 am. Poor doctor.

  6. You guys are so funny love watching yal and I have never had luggage I think my husband and I have just used what ever I know that's sad right lol I think I may go out and buy myself some new luggage for Christmas. Wishing you guys a merry Christmas

  7. I love your videos, they are funny yet calming and interesting. i also love seeing the out doors , the area you live in is really pretty. Your pets are so happy and good spirits , love them. I shared the video called: Emotional Live Pregnancy Test – Pregnancy Announcement . I like that one because it shows what you went thru and the emotions with it , yet gives hope to others who are trying .

  8. Aww yay man you guys made that hard to pick a fav vlog !!!! We just finally got a new diaper bag for our soon little man. And Tuesday I have a follow up appt with having blood pressure issues. So I'm glad all is well with u guys !!! We are eat 30 weeks now with one kiddo lol. Happy maternity leave !!

  9. Oh I almost forgot! I also took another supplement to help my milk production (speak with lactation for help — even if something changes and you cannot or decide not to nurse at the breast — they can still provide you amazing support with everything else). It was just a very strong dose of the herbs I mentioned in the milk flow shake — and I took it 4 times a day for 2 weeks. I’m continuing with the shake and I add that brewers yeast to something everyday. I find it easier to put it into yogurt, or a fruit yogurt shake, or into the milk flow shake. I only use about 1/8 tsp because it can taste bad. You can make cookies too! I just haven’t taken the time to make cookies yet! And a Brad can eat any recipes you make with the brewers yeast too! He won’t start making milk!! Promise !! Hehehe

  10. I live in the state of Maine and have Tricare. I delivered my son eight weeks ago. Through Aeroflow I was able to get a pump and a welcome kit with storage bottles, pumping bags and adapters for pumping into KIND BAGS (that’s what they send monthly). I also get a full set of pumping flanges and tubes for dual pumping every 90 days! So exciting!
    Also — my son was 5 weeks premature (born 35 Weeks, 1 day) and I’ve have some struggles with my supply and breast feeding. I’ve been using a shake called Milk Flow which is a breastfeeding supplement with Fenugreek and MilkThistle in it. Two very good herbs for milk production. I also take the Honest company postnatal vitamin for breastfeeding support because it has the same herbs in it. It’s made a big difference in my supply. I still have to supplement formula, but I was losing my milk around Week 5 postpartum and I now it’s going strong. An important note is that I only pump because my son had too much difficulty nursing and wasn’t getting milk — and I was “triple feeding” (nurse, pump, bottle — with either breast milk from the previous pump and/or formula supplement). So I have been measuring my milk since that day he was born and now I have he 60% of Breast milk available for 4 bottles ahead of when I would feed it to him. I know I could give him all breast milk at the moment, but just in case— I’m just stocking it so that I always have breast milk to give at every feed and then can add formula after.

  11. I shared your gender reveal video! Absolutely love you two, thank you for sharing your lives with the world! ❤️ Can’t wait to see Lyndle and Berend!

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