done I got the results what is it oh my don't leave because I have changed up Camilla the breakfast routine a little bit so she's not eating just purees anymore so for breakfast every morning I feed her rice cereal I mix it with a breast milk and then some baby food and the baby food then I mix it with is the happy baby it has apples oats and cinnamon and she's so good she usually does not like rice cereal or it's like multigrain cereal and then I top it off with some flax seed because it is very healthy I try to feed her a lot of omega threes for lunch and dinner she always eats salmon because fish is like really good that's kind of Camilla's little food routine right now try to be healthy try to be wholesome but she eats like a little bird and she only will she does not like breakfast she doesn't like lunch she just needs a dinner yeah ain't that right ain't that right little girl you just like dinner don't you yeah yeah yeah I want her to gain weight but it's like she she doesn't want to eat you it just wants breast milk so yeah hi Camilla are you waiting for breakfast Camilla she's saying hi hi see I could even say hi be honest I don't have an appetite babe what you what what do you mean by that like empty stomach and stuff honestly I think you'll feel first bite mmm honestly I think if you just eat right now baby I think you'll feel feel like a little bit better right now huh if your mom you just eat she'll feel she'll feel better huh welcoming you that too though who doesn't like breastfeeding like doesn't that take like a toll on your body – like doesn't that get you nauseous already so big splotch of a squad you're watching so much watching a little hand are you so gorgeous how you feel no like you know I try and like everything lava I feel better like one um once you like and everything's like was it it was the last night I think last night I started not feeling good and oh my god is just so weird how do I say this weena I feel like it would be smart to go and take a test because it's been almost nine months since she's been born and I have not tested to make sure it wasn't pregnant I have had one period which was a couple months back and I have not had another one although I've never had regular cycles so that's why I'm not freaking out too much but so when I was pregnant with Camilla I got morning sickness but it was at night and I felt sick last night like non-si Aiden didn't throw up though but I was feeling nauseated I'm still feeling kind of nauseating yeah of course no period and then oh and then also I feel like I have to pee more and I don't know if that's all in my head but usually I'd never go pee like I'm likely not up here unless I'm pregnant oh my god this is like so weird like it's so weird to think that like after going in another test but anything's definitely trying to go and get one I'm so scared I need a topic – Camila would you want a brother a sister would you want yeah oh my god you would you a mama look at your hair oh my gosh look at i/o meal on you oh my gosh I'm letting her play with this spoon which what what are you doing Camila do you want a sister or a brother hmm Camila hey excuse me Camila do you want a brother or a sister no twins that would be crazy mommy would be so overwhelmed so you're kind of a piece of work right no she's a really good baby she's such a well-behaved baby regardless they are a lot of work so I'm scared not planned but you know everything happens for a reason Camila actually was not planned but I was so happy Linc is so in shock in a good way what I found out I was pregnant with her and I think it would be the same thing around this time we don't want to have another baby and so she was at least a toddler I don't know mum oh yeah all that good but you know babe I was gonna talk to you about something no I'm good thanks she dropped her mom mom so I think Oh God babe yeah I think we should maybe get a test like a pregnancy test no I'm not trying to prank you no I'm really not [Laughter] oh my god I think we should just take wouldn't be safe his baby I haven't taken one I actually haven't taken one in a long time since my yeah since I was pregnant with her though though right now that you a though I think no no that food digests no yeah I think you're just overthinking it right now baby I don't think you need like a a test sorry about that come here what do you say for some reason I just feel like you're pranking me right now do you want to do that I'm scared I'm really scared right like starting started freaking out obviously I want Camila to have like brothers and sisters many of them right Camila and you and you want to be a big sister right Camila to either another sister or another brother but babe if that's what's gonna make you feel better to make me feel better I'm like a hike he's resting right now that's it you know nervous uh but I'm happy at the same time I am because I want to have like a big happy family with you and Camila I want communi have brothers and sisters I want her to be a big sister I want you to lead the pack to victory Camila yeah whoa I thought you're on birth control you're trying to trap me again do you hear that she's like trying to chat no I see that there is no trap in obviously like everybody knows that she's our first baby I mean we're still like trying to add just to like the mother and father roles right now we're still trying to get this whole parenting down because it's very hard I'm the one that's getting lightheaded I don't know if that's like a symptom I mean that's how I first felt with Camila oh yeah kamilla hang up the symptoms – why aren't you watering yeah let's get her ready oh all right let's run to the store then real quick Camila take us to the store ready I think where where is the where's it at I think I see it we found him okay get those I don't know maybe three tests – the three tests maybe we do like multiple tests sorry coming on take us back to the house open up the bag and let's get this started now alright babe you know what here I'll give you the camera okay give me give me coming on here Camila look say hi to my ponytail when I found out that you were a positive Camila just a once in a lifetime card might relive that moment right now yeah oh my god because because you're beautiful long nails day that's why I just open the blank obviously and to get let's do this and I'm gonna stop recording and record I'm done babe it's loading still loading okay you know what I'm gonna leave the room done done oh my god babe I got the results yeah anxious patiently waiting oh my god babe what's wrong I got it I think got the rainbow what is it you're gonna see oh my commuter look oh my god all right yeah you want to show that did you show them already you wanna show them I mean I do you want to show them look I'll show you joining now see ya hey fam not pregnant you just type up that see so much Camilla damn it feels so weird to get pregnant I don't care why I'm not feeling good though I can only handle oh you're paying attention stuff like this I would be happy regardless I wanna be able to see it coming too so I'm I'm happy there way but this is like the first time where I really didn't know yeah well even when I was pregnant with Camilla I was like nah there's no way there's no way and then this time I was like okay I was a little bit more nervous this time look she's like leaning her head on my on my chest not yet Camilla in the future though in the future okay fellas fellas fellas let's let's be honest we get symptoms too though hi he got pregnancy symptoms Luther said anything we're gonna close out today's video I'm trying to relax for the rest of the day today's three postcode vacation shadows go to Cairo underscore Orion Gabi underscore Aubrey Amanda Lynn if you guys would like a shout out in our next video make sure you guys are subscribed to our channel hit the bell to receive those notifications thumbs up this video and make sure you guys follow us on our Instagram accounts and comment basically on our most recent post we hope you guys enjoyed today's video as well and Camilla Camilla wipe her face I think she still salty that she's not gonna be the best big sister yet right Camilla she's like I'm going down for a nap now we'll see you guys on the next video

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