21 Replies to “WE WANT BABIES!! | OUR IVF JOURNEY (Part 1)”

  1. just be aware Kali that is things go south you will pay big time money but I do hope that it all works out between you two

  2. Kali gonna be an amazing dad and you are going to be an amazing mother I pray that you both have a safe journey

  3. Hello Kali & Helena. I am a Century21 Agent located in Hicksville, New York. As I previous mentioned, I am so very excited for you guys. You guys are my favorite couple, because the Chemistry that you guys share is wonderful and inspiring. I hope to be as fortunate as Kali to find a woman like Helena to share my life with one day. I love you guys.

  4. Aww man congratulations Kali and Helena y'all So happy for you guys nothing like having children i have all girls they are the joy of my life and I'm sure you guys will have that tear jerking moment when my last little girl was born when the doctors clean her up for me to hold she reach up with both hands and touched my face i started crying like I was at a funeral😭nothing but happy feelings.God is going to bless you guys beyond measure.

  5. Helena, tell Kali not to look so serious, as yo are talking. This is a very exciting time He should be smiling from ear to ear!!!

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