Wearing a Newborn in a Beco Gemini

hi this is Nicole babywearing international velena i'm here to talk to you today about wearing you were newborn in a Beco Gemini on the Beco Gemini is a soft structured carrier and my baby is a little over three weeks old and between 11 and 12 pounds now you want to make sure before you start that your panel is snapped down into the narrow base position so you can see that unsnaps and can be in a wider seat you want to go ahead and make sure that it's a narrow seat suitable for your newborn baby go ahead and put the waist on it my natural waist this is going to keep my baby nice and high on my chest make sure that's nice and tight to start then I'm gonna grab my baby and start with baby up in Beart position on either shoulder I've also started with my strap cinch down all the way purely because I know that's where I'm about to about to end so the first time that you wear it kind of notice where you end up cinching your straps down too and then you can get it on faster every time you use it so I go ahead and I put her little feet on either side of the panel get her centered on my chest then I bring the panel up on her back and I go ahead and put each shoulder strap on alternating hands keeping one hand on my baby at all times yeah well centered then I reached behind my back and I close my chest clip back here shrug that down and this is wearing a newborn in a Beco Gemini

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