Week 25 Pregnancy Update | Death of a loved one while pregnant

hey guys it’s Danielle with Danielle
gets it done and this is my pregnancy update for week 25 Oh I’m a morning singing out song baby is
the size of a color flower and I don’t really love to dwell on this too much
but at week 25 most babies are viable if they are born early for whatever reason
so really hope that doesn’t happen for a long long long time but if something did
happen where I needed to go on labour there’s a good chance the baby would
survive with that said I’m sure it would be in the NICU for a really long time it
would be really scary this video is gonna be a little different this week
I’m gonna go through just one pregnancy symptom that kind of sprouted this week
and that is heartburn it is really bad especially at night I have found that
lavender essential oil rubbed on my neck helps a little bit and then this tip was
for my midwife my last pregnancy which works really well is you take a shot of
apple cider vinegar and it sounds horrible and it kind of is because it’s
really acidic so it burns on the way down even more so than it would because
you have heartburn but it does work like it hurts for a little bit and is
miserable and then you feel so much better afterwards so I’ve been doing
both of those things this week is going to be a little different like I said
because my grandmother passed away this week we called her Mimi and she was 98
years old and lived an amazing long life she was such a positive and calming
person in my life and in so many people’s lives
it’s obviously sad because we will miss her so much
I don’t know how you could live a much better and longer life and looking back
I feel like her death went really well also it was really two months of a hard
time but up and it until two months ago she was pretty mobile
and her mind was still working really well she had a pretty bad fall two
months ago had to have surgery and really never fully recovered both
physically and especially her mental cognition really took a hit after that
surgery and fall obviously she was 98 and we were expecting it soon but we are
still sad and devastated I think a lot of us just assumed she would live
forever because I don’t know she was the matriarch of our family her husband died
eight years ago and it’s just gonna be really weird especially this Christmas
without her so I actually got the call right after my 24th week prenatal last
week from my dad saying that he had received a call saying that she was
having a really bad day and it wasn’t looking good and could I run over and be
with her because no family was with her so I was able to do that and my cousin
and brother came after me but I got to spend about 30 minutes just with my Mimi
and me and I was able to kind of say goodbye and to thank her for being such
a wonderful grandmother and an example and I I think I actually recently talked
about in my spirituality of pregnancy video kind of the similarities between
birth and death and I I really felt that in that moment I was watching a woman
literally die on her deathbed as this new life was kicking and growing inside
of me and it was just emotional to look at it through that lens and I am
selfishly really sad that this baby will never get to know maybe me and won’t
have memories of her on the other hand I am very thankful
that my son will while I was still alone with her I was able to sit with her and
I held her hand and held it to my growing baby and closed my eyes and said
a prayer and I think a part of me thought that it may be magically through
her hand some of her personality and great qualities and wisdom were being
transferred to my baby and it was a really special moment and one of her
staff members was around and I asked her to snap a picture of that and it’s not a
glamorous picture it’s an old lady dying and a crazy pregnant lady crying but I I
think I’m gonna frame that picture and it is it’s it’s really special to me to
have that all of her kids got to fly into town and a lot of my cousins got to
say goodbye I said goodbye that day I could have
gone back but I just really felt at peace and I you know it’s a small room I
wanted to give everyone else space I felt like I spent a really good amount
of quality time with her and she passed away six days later so that’s where we
are and I am an extremely emotional person but I am more emotional than I
thought I would be just because I mean like I said and I don’t want to sound
crazy negative or weird but I mean she was 98 it was going to happen and it
happened in the best possible way but I think just me being pregnant and my
hormones and just like I said that dichotomy of a new life and a life
leaving this earth and just really got to me we’re sad but we’re also happy and
grateful to have gotten her as our grandmother and we know that she is in
heaven with her husband John and my uncle John who died almost 10 years ago
so she’s with her husband and her son and what a great life and what an
example for me and my family next week is Thanksgiving so it’s gonna
be a crazy week with Thanksgiving in the funeral right after we delayed the
funeral because of the holiday so yeah we still have some celebrating and
mourning to do but I am really thankful that I got to spend that time with her
and to officially say goodbye and to tell her how much that I loved her so I
think that will be it for this week again kind of a different video I will
show you my bump I just got this shirt from Target I like it but it’s one of
those shirts that like all the fuzz gravitates toward it you know that will
do it for this 25th week update I hope you all have a wonderful day and
whatever your plans are I hope you get them done bye guys

9 Replies to “Week 25 Pregnancy Update | Death of a loved one while pregnant”

  1. I had an exceptionally lovely grandmother who passed when I was 16 and now I love to think about how much she would have LOVED her great grandchildren. Mimi left such a beautiful legacy Danielle. XO

  2. I am a newer subscriber. I want to say how sorry I am to hear about your Grandma. I am so glad you got some time alone with her. My mother died in September of 2013 and my oldest son was born in December of 2018. It is a hard hurt knowing my children never met my mom, and my mom never met my kids. Hugs to you.

  3. You are glowing girl… so sorry for your loss… I lost my father last August and we found out I was pregnant a month later… I always think about how different things would be and how my parents would be with my baby 👶🏼 girl if they were here

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