WEEK 27: CLEAN ALL THE THINGS | Preggo Nancy | Scary Mommy

(gasps) – I have spent the last four hours cleaning every corner of this place. (blows quickly) I am officially in nesting mode. (bouncy, rhythmic music) I suppose it’s good that all of these instincts are kicking in ’cause aside from all the nesting stuff, I have been feeling super protective. Like the other day, this guy was smoking a
cigarette right in my face and I actually yelled at
him, you guys. (gasps) I never yell at anybody. It was like a mommy
demon possessed by body and if he didn’t put it out I was gonna rotate my head 360 degrees and stab his eyes out. Pht, pht! Yeah, it’s like that. (snorts) I’m a mom motherfu(beeeping)er,
hear me roar. (growls) Speaking of hearing me roar, my little one’s hearing is so good, that they can now distinguish between my voice and my husband’s voice. Crazy! So maybe baby knows that
their mother is cranky, crazy, mean lady, and their dad
is panic freakout man. But come on. Can you blame me for being cranky? I’ve been doing all this research trying to study the difference between all the different
types of strollers. So there’s a snap &
go, a car seat adaptor, a basinet stroller, umbrella stroller. What? Why are there so many? But I’ve picked up a couple of pro tips. Number one, car seat is heavy AF. And you gotta make sure you get something that it can snap into. And number two, if you plan on having kid
number two any time soon, get a stroller that
extends into a second seat or has a wheelie board. You’re welcome. Just saved you $900. And aside from needing
an engineering degree just to understand this
insane landscape of strollers, I’m also experiencing this weird swelling. No, wiseass, I don’t mean my belly, obviously my belly is swollen, I’m talking about my
hands, feet and ankles. Three out of women experience edema. That’s when fluid builds
up in your tissues and causes a lotta swelling. Add a little pressure to my
vena cava and boom, edema. It is completely normal and only causes mild rage when
I can’t fit into my shoes. Hey honestly, it’s a really
good excuse to lie down. Not that I need an excuse! But hey! And thankfully, just like
my protruding belly button, it’s totally temporary. But, if I start to get super-sized, I’m gonna tell my doctor, because it could be a
sign of preeclampsia. Preeclampsia usually happens
during the 3rd trimester but it can come on during labor
or after the baby is born. Preeclampsia is when the
blood vessels constrict and then blood pressure rises. Major organs can be affected, as well as blood flow to the uterus, which can be very bad for the baby. My OB will check for
preeclampsia at every visit by taking my blood pressure
or testing my urine. But in the meantime, I’m just gonna hang out
here with my legs up and work on my baby registry. It is amazing how much you can
get done with your legs up. I mean, I got pregnant didn’t I? Hey ooh, nice!

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