10 Replies to “Week 32-36 | Inducing & Gestational Hypertension”

  1. I can't stop thinking of you and wondering if baby girl is here!!! Hope you both are doing well tonight!!

  2. I saw your video April 26, so you must be getting ready for delivery in 2 days 😱 I wish you & your baby the best!

  3. Ya be careful for the high blood presser that can be an issue, I have 7 and have had high too but not with all of them, your fine just insist they keep an eye on that which i'm sure they will…

  4. You know I get like that too! even taking my kids to the doctors when they were little made me feel uneasy I actually can feel my blood presser rise and its not me seeing seeing the doctor Silly huh? I cant help it…

  5. OMG That is so crazy!! You are going to have a baby in 3 days! I'm so excited for you!! Make sure you take pictures and video of yourself while youre in the hospital. I wish we had someone recording when Sawyer was born! I would love to have his first cry on video. But we have pictures. I wish you the very best luck for a quick and easy birth!

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