Week by Week Baby Weight During Pregnancy| IUGR Babies All You Need to Know(Malayalam)

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  1. Chechi Enik ipo 20 week aayi. Baby 360 gram weight aanu ullath. Normal weight aano Chechi. Weight koodan Enthu cheyanam

  2. Chechi njan 5 mnth prgnt aanu, enik hb level valare kuravanu 8 ullu. Ath increase cheyan enthelum vazhiyundo,, kurach sugr undayirunu.ipo norml aayi so kooduthal fruits kazhkan pedi

  3. Hii priya june 20 th check up il enk 57.600 grm aayirunnu weight…27 th il ath 57.200 aayi kuranju.. .any problem….?

  4. Chechi enikk ippo 7 month kazhinju. June 25 nu weight 52kg ayirunnu. Athil ente weight ethraya. Vavayude weight ethraya. Ithu normal aano

  5. Chechi ee pragnency timil neeru poovan cheroolayude thandu thilapichu kudikkunnadh nalladhano.chilar parayunnu dhaneendhram gulikha kudichalum mathi ennu.ariyavunnavar onnu paranju tharane.😊

  6. Chechi. Njan second pregnancy anu. 6month start cheythu.. doctor vayaril pidichu nokiyittu kuttiku weight kuravanennu parnju.. oru powder kalaki kudikan paranju. 10 days. Angane pidichu nokiyal ariyan pattumo weight kuravanennu.

  7. My first baby was severe IUGR . His birth weight was 1.7 kg, delivery was during 36 th week. He was cerebral palsic and had many associated disabilities. Now he is no more 😭.

  8. Hello enik 8 month kazhiyarayi ennale hosbitalil poyi scaning okke eduthu dr paranju kuttik cheri valarcha kuravanannu paranju athinu enthoke anu kazhikendeth ennu paranju tharumo pllzz chec😢😢😢

  9. Hello enik 8 month kazhiyarayi ennale hosbitalil poyi scaning okke eduthu dr paranju kuttik cheri valarcha kuravanannu paranju athinu enthoke anu kazhikendeth ennu paranju tharumo pllzz chec😢😢😢

  10. Hii priya enk ippo 35 weeks kaziyaaraayi…..kunj cephalic presentation il aane….kunjinte head nere thaazek veraarayo….enk feel cheyyinnath kunjinte thala thaazek kurach left sidil aayitt aane…. Nere thaazek veraanaayi enthenkilum cheyyendathundo…. delivery date july 21 st aane….athinu munpe head correct down position il verunnath enthenkilum prblm indo….plss reply

  11. ചേച്ചീ..എനിക്കിപ്പോ 22 weeks.fatal weight 401 gms ആണ്.ഇത് വളരെ കുറവാണോ..pls reply me..ഞാനാകെ ടെൻഷനിൽ ആണ്..2 weeks കഴിയുമ്പോ scanning ചെയ്തു Growth rate നോക്കണം എന്നാ dr.പറഞ്ഞേ..എന്തെങ്കിലും problem ഉണ്ടോ??

  12. Chechy Njn five month pregnant Anu enik vaginal il randu sideilum nalla vedana idak idakku kuthivalikkum pole und entha angane

  13. Babyude weight 1649+/-239gms ennanu scanningil. Appol sarikkum ethra weight und kunjinu. Plz replay chechi

  14. Chechi e baby qu sumsarikanum kananum kalkanum oke kaziyum enu eganeya pranancy time ariyan pattune eniku epol 6 math ayi egane ariyan pattum

  15. Chechee enikk ippo 8 mnth kazhinju. Ippo last cheida scanningil kunjinte weight 2850 nd. Ini valland koodanda enn paranju. Ini koodadirikkan end food an kazhikkendad. Normal deliveri akille.normel akan Kunjinte weight ethra vare akam….. Pinne chechee pokkilkkodi kazhuthil chuteetund enn paranju. Loose anel prasavathin kuzhappandakilla paranju. Id ini sheriyakuvo. Tension karanam chodikkunnadan chechee rply tharanam

  16. Chechi scaningil efw 2130 gm aanu eppol 9 month startayi.weight kuravano,, amniotic fluid 9 cm ennu koduthirikunnu large pocket 3.2 ennum undu . Endhenkiluum kuzhapam undo

  17. Chechienik6monthfullayi5monthlescanningilfetalweight424gane.ethnormalanoathokuravanoenteweight2monththott5monthvare74ayirunnu.athenthaweightilchangeundavathath

  18. Chechy enikk ippol 8 month kazhiyarayi. July 8vannal 9month start aakum. Pakshe scaninningil august 15 ennanu koduthirikkunnath. Appol 9month kazhiyille. Pls reply chechy.

  19. Enik 5 month start cheythu. Bt kaanunavar oke parayunu five months nte Vayar onum kaanunilalo enu. Am tensed chechi. Enthelum problem undakuvo. Next scanning date July 10th nanu.

  20. Chechi oru doubght.Reactive FHR >15bpm,duration>15s>2times enal ntha. Ellavarude scanning lum 147bpm ena polulla 3 nmbrs aanallo kanune. Ntel inganya ulle. Ith enginya sherik heart beat ariya

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