Week In My Life | 23 Weeks Pregnant!

hi guys welcome to another vlog it is Saturday thank you sweet baby Jesus and I'm currently waiting for a chance to wake up from his nap yeah Brook this morning which is not a good time so he's resting and then we were gonna go out and do some like Saturday fun day things so in the meantime I'm going to clean I really need to clean my room and tidy up as well as clean my Chinese cage so that's plan for now I want to plug apologize for the quality of this video because my Canon camera which is the camera I usually use to film and vlog is actually broken not broken but I don't have the charger the charger is broken so the camera is completely dead this is what it looks like I love this little guy the quality is really good so I have to film all this on my iPhone and the iPhone quality is just not there and it's really really bothering me already so please bear with me nonetheless hope you guys enjoy and we're gonna go clean I worked on cleaning my bathroom the other day so it looks pretty good I don't have a lot of counter space so it looks cluttered but nonetheless everything is a nice and orderly so I'm gonna focus on cleaning my chinchillas cage and just the rest of my room and I also have a ton of laundry that I need to catch up on wanna see hello my name's oh boy yo so while I clean Ally to give him a free roaming time oh yes isn't that for sure nice Bubba and I have these wooden drawers in the side of my room that he loves and I'm actually working on getting him a new cage I'm gonna get it this week I just have to decide which one knew how cute you loved it genuinely don't you baby we did good boy yeah he just playin they can make me nauseous so I have my prenatal and then I also have a what is it a vitamin d3 which was prescribed by my doctor cuz I was a little low how sometimes it's a little hard for me swallow the prenatal like that definitely hurt and I always put it on my tummy cream this is from Palmer's and I'm gonna do a video tomorrow talking about my pregnancy must-haves in my favorite so I'll talk about this more on that video this is what it looks like and you kind of have to like warm it up in your hands but I've got on my belly my boobs and my back because or those are stretched pockmark prone areas and I'm really excited because I do guys heap more in a pregnancy belly ring I got this off of body candy and I got this one which is clear and sparkly and then I also got this one which is pink and sparkly for a baby girl it looks kind of funky right now cuz it's so big but it'll grow with me as I stretch today's Monday I just got off of work today I worked out our feline blood bank so I drew on about 30 cats today and I just dropped the board process tomorrow and now I'm going to go to Starbucks and then at some place else to dinner I've been really crepe sorry my phone just cut out because it just tried to connect to bluetooth but anyways I dropped the blood off for it to be processed tomorrow and now I'm going to go to get something to eat I've been really craving a caramel frappe from Starbucks so that's what I'm so go get and yesterday was Sunday and I really didn't do anything so that's why didn't walk um can I just get the three piece chicken Tundra meal with ranch and your guys's Freddie fry sauce um sprite please yeah that's fine that'll do it thank you all right just go ahead the doggies are thank you for fries but I got chicken tenders Freddy's fries which are literally my favorite just a little Sierra Mist and then fry sauce and ranch I wanted to do a quick little haul for you guys don't mind didi she is playing and also don't mind my eye right here oh my gosh it's really bothering me like every summer I get this allergic reaction literally all over and I always get it on this I in like last summer it was like I don't know it's kind of like a rash that breaks out but right now it's like under my eye you guys can see it's swollen and it's also right here on my eyelid so my eye looks all jiggety jiggety jacked up so try to ignore that but we're gonna do a little baby haul because I've gotten some gifts so this first one is from my mom it's a little buoyancy that says so fierce with the little cheetah slash kitty cat and these cute little shoes I like can't even handle how cute these baby girl clothes are and then it comes with some cheetah print leggings and then I have this little box of goodies which is from my brother Brady and his girlfriend Justine they live in New York they used to live with us but now they live in New York and it's the first thing that they got the baby is this really cute monsters University jacket we are having a girl but this honestly reminds me of like a little cheerleading sure anybody else I just think it's so cute I love all things Disney and I actually have a monsters University hat that is literally right there so I can't wait to see baby girl on this so cute and if you guys are wondering it's from the website d called box lunch they have a ton a ton of cute things including bags like this then and this is like my favorite thing that they got us so thank you so much dressing in Brady it's adorable they also got us a little bandana bibs so this one just has little lemons plain grey one and then this one that says daddy's main squeeze with the cute little baby lemon right there I love the styles and the colors of these they're very cute and they got us a card and last but not least they got us this little toy it's called the Beeman buggy it has a couple different settings it can light up its little wings it can play music and then it also plays like wave sounds of the ocean which is like super soothing and then you can attach it on the car seat or wherever you'd like pretty much being a crazy girl huh mommy was gone all day I literally worked from while I left the house at 8:30 got to work at 9:00 and didn't get home until 6:00 and now it's 7-eleven so didi is really hopeful and she was too mommy a baby girl huh hey drop it D what I say thank you hey neither Tommy hey wait thank you good girl she's had this cute little liked either toy it's like hard like right here but then it's like soft and gooey ever since she had the baby and she still loves it huzi hee hee was it I'm gonna change my clothes and relax and watch big brother I have a lot of episodes to catch up on but here's a bump date so I am 22 weeks and four days pregnant I think I'm on my fourth day for this week a baby girl growing safe and sound inside me I love my bomb so cute isn't she baby serenity she just got a shave a couple days ago looking very cute but yes this is big girl I love being pregnant and I love me money well real cute girl today is Thursday I haven't logged the past two days because I really just haven't been doing much Tuesday I wasn't scheduled to work and then yesterday which was Wednesday I was a couple of months ago I took that day off because I was actually supposed to go to the post Malone concert in Cheyenne Wyoming for a Frontier Days but I ended up selling the tickets because I just felt like I would feel really uncomfortable being in that type of crowd and in that environment whilst being pregnant so yeah I ended up selling the tickets I really I could have gone into work but honestly you guys I've been having like heavy beef at my work with this one lady so I'm just like I need a mental break like literally and today I wasn't scheduled to work so the past couple days I've just been binging on Netflix I've been binging on Big Brother and the New Jersey Shore family reunion and just cleaning around the house basically so you haven't missed it much but really quickly today's plan is to a film a video right after this I'm gonna be doing a pregnancy update video because I feel like I haven't actually updated anyone on YouTube about my pregnancy I mainly update my Instagram and if you don't follow me on Instagram then you don't know so I'm gonna do a pregnancy update video and I have stuff right here you guys haven't asked me questions so I'm going to answer questions and then just tell you guys a little bit more about how many pregnancies been going so I'm gonna film that and then after that I have a bunch of shopping to do I look a little rough because I've kind of been stressed out on Sunday which will be July 28th it is the year anniversary since all right best friend passed away and it just has me feeling some type of way you know I kind of feel like I'm reliving it and it's just been really difficult but chance and I decided that on that day we're gonna go out to a really nice dinner and just kind of celebrate her life and try to just celebrate her okay Jenny food and now we need some shinee treats for him to chew on jarred real-life ones that's up in like formaldehyde just gotta bust by and the guy said this would hopefully fit my cameras so later on we'll go home and see I hope it does because I'm so over this iPhone yeah my voice just muted by itself around 9:30 now my eyes itchy but we're our chances and I'm gonna do a quick mini workout then I walk around Oh okay time to start okay I'm gonna do a quick haul we got this a little treat for Maxwell and we also got him that new red toy that you guys saw him playing with earlier got my chinchilla these little carrot Chuy's d really girl oh my gosh loyal dogs and think about something I do normally do and then we got this giant willow ball for him to chew and destroy and we're gonna put these little tips on the inside so he has like work for it and these are veggie treats by Oxbow Oxbow is a really good brand and then last but not least we got his chinchilla food and good news that charger actually fit my battery so it's currently charging you

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  1. Your baby girl will be blessed 🙏 You will be a great mother ❤ Motherhood is a wonderful phase in life ❤

  2. Love your videos. And I love the most how much you love your pets.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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