I am off to a work meeting just got ready real quick and hopefully it won't take too long but this is my outfit I'm just wearing a poncho some jeans obviously I won't be wearing those shoes but yeah I will probably film the rest of my day and make another weekend or weekly vlog so stay tuned for that meanwhile in the other room Darrell is playing video games but to be fair he did clean and vacuum the entire downstairs so he earned it so I'm currently in the laundry room and I just wanted to share something and see if anyone else shares the same opinion of doing laundry I absolutely despise doing laundry so I kind of like to find if something doesn't really appeal to me or anything like that I like to kind of look for ways that'll kind of make me like motivate me to do it so something that I found is using these what does it scent boosters when you're doing laundry and I tried to show them earlier they wouldn't focus but essentially um they got me really excited to do laundry which is probably trivial for some people but like I absolutely doing laundry like the clip you saw from before like I like doing that like organizing it and so on but like when it comes to taking from the washer putting in the dryer putting it away oh my god that's like torture and I know these are like first oral problems or whatever but they're it's one of the problems that I have so this is the first time that I'm using these send boosters after a really long time so hopefully they'll keep me motivated and keep me going but what do you do to motivate yourself to do laundry aside from obviously the fact that you need to clothe yourself but yeah let me know what you do and I know I'm being a baby but I'd still like to hear your thoughts so this is one it's from gain and it's tropical sunrise it smells really really good and fresh and then this one smells a little more sweet sweeter amber blossom it smells like what I imagined an angel would smell like I also wanted to show my new iPhone case I have the older iPhone I usually use the phones until like they're busted and I did buy this outright so like yeah whatever um but basically the case is really pretty it's this marble and it actually is shiny if you can see that usually I like once I bought a case a marble case and it said it was shiny and it arrived and it wasn't and I got this off of Amazon was probably like $12 canadian it's really really pretty look at how cute this is this was given to me by my work supervisors today was a staff meeting like I said in one of the earlier clips and excuse me okay um and they just gave this to me along with an olive Oh along with an Olive Garden gift card that's tongue guard he's the most vocal of all the cats Shh tiger what what is it he's obsessed with me have you guys tried these Paschal salmon burgers they are absolutely divine and I highly recommend they're so juicy I've never had another salmon burger store-bought that tastes as good as this one you should really check it out here is the finished product Darrell gets a lot of mustard and pickles and then I just get ketchup and mayo and mustard and we have one and a half each hi guys it's Sunday we're gonna go grocery shopping probably get some food along the way we've been dying for some fresh fruits and later it is gonna make a Mexican salad pasta salad jalapeno bagel toaster a jalapeno bagel toasted with ever dying garlic cream cheese sorry everything you have everything else everything bagel okay little garlic cream cheese had cucumber add cucumber please yeah and I will get another grilled classic bagel yes that'll be any cheese bagel sausage and bacon please yeah and a small ice cap no whip cream a large regular with that to make it a combo and a small ice cap here we are on a busy Saturday we'd never come grocery shopping on Saturdays but we had no choice so because our living area is downstairs we have a fridge down here which we're super thankful for because we can just get whatever our own groceries and that's where we keep everything so yeah really satisfied after today's grocery shop fridge is nice and stocked and I'm going to go up and make the Mexican pasta salad you just finished piping all of our vegetables and pasta and the sauce so hopefully okay I mean it all looks amazing we have all my vegetables here black beans corn onions lime tomato green onions so good so I'm currently editing the vlog that you're watching now and I mean can we just take a moment to appreciate this beautiful croissant it's out of her super store it's filled with chocolate it's so good it's my guilty pleasure I am off to get I think my last ultrasound and I'm filled with water and I cannot wait to be after and yeah we can take you along the way I hope you can see me so just got done with my ultrasound appointment and now we are at a medi center because darrell has a really bad back he's had a bad back since like last Saturday last Sunday and today is Monday and it's really not getting any better he's been nursing and how he usually does he this usually happens to him like at least like once a year maybe you'd say around there so he knows like what to do and stuff and he went to the doctor already in the doctor's I just keep doing what you're doing but it's like not getting better at all so we're here at the Medi center and hopefully they can give him some medication or something because it's it's really not getting any better oh hi didn't see you there two hours later finally I'm here to see the doctor this is in pain obviously water hopefully he'll get some drugs hey guys thanks for tuning in the ultrasound went well baby's measuring normally went to the doctor and I got my drugs actually helping pretty damn good thanks thanks realize the long weekend vlog and like and subscribe thanks

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