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  1. I gain so much weight before my period like rn … I ate like a damn beast today n I don’t even care smh. I hate it but I actually eat least on my period my cravings go away. & I messed my period up because I drank 3 gallons of water and went to the ER last month so I can’t starve myself anymore.

  2. I lose weight before and during my period and as soon as it's over I gain right in my sides..love handles. And they don't go away about a week before my next period? Any help???

  3. I use to have normal periods,ever since I m moved abroad my cycle is shortened to 27 days which used to be 30days,and periods have become scanty, I have also gained weight on shoulders as well as waist.could u suggest me what should I do and what is the reason behind weight gain?…

  4. You're kind of funny… I'm happy that you didn't recommend that a woman train so hard that she lose her period as a positive thing… there is one person that I know of who has posted a YouTube video actually applauding the fact that she lost her period due to overtraining… crazy lady

  5. I love the colour coordinating in your room; red, somehow seems very appropriate for this topic. 

  6. Well i do appreciate the time you took to respond. And i guess i heard a lot of effectiveness from craze and now i cant try it but its ok.

  7. Please make that platonic zone video. It sounds like what my girlfriend needs to hear, from someone other than me, to stop getting jealous of my clients and coworkers

  8. i as a dude who wants his woman 2 be healthy 2 have been wanting 2 ask about this but felt awkward asking. my gf and i workout 2gether most of the time, when she is menstruating she has it so heavy she can't even get out of bed. So i lose my training buddy and she loses motivation. thanks for posting this. for the children who watched it. grown up! if u had a gf or wife u would appreciate this vid.

  9. Mark. I've not had my period in a few months or so, and I've gotten quite worried. How the hell do I get it back?

  10. I sooooooooo needed to watch this video today! I was getting very down about my diet and weight loss journey when I got on the scale the other day. This info was very much needed THANX MARC!!!!

  11. Marc why is it that some females that train aren't regular with their periods. It happens to me sometimes.

  12. Hate the water weight and bloat. It sucks. I drink a crap load of water and eat asparagus to pee it out. Works! Lol

  13. Women dont die because: Its not all blood, even heavy cycle arent that much blood and its you arent continuously bleeding

  14. Mark that a California hoodie under your shirt if so by who? Or is it a dri-fit or underarmor material?

  15. Do your female clients even keep their period when they are a couple weeks out and shredded as fuck? I ask because my girlfriend has had some shitty coaches in the past before we started dating. She stopped her period almost at the start of her contest preps. Now she is 5 weeks out and still has it and is leaner than she was before at any other show.

  16. no men have ever lost their period on your coaching. thats awesome haha 😉 but srs.. this is an issue for girls.. its a pain in the ass and messes with you when you see that weight gain on the scale. gotta remember itll pass.. cravings suck though

  17. Speculation that you may be one of the people suing Jason blaha(based on comments on his recent video) care to clarify?

  18. Wow at the impeccable timing, this is exactly what I needed for the wife. Shes been making crazy gains over the last year prepping for this trip coming up and this cycle for some reason has really affected her psychie(insert random joke here). Thanks Marc, you always deliver.

  19. Because there were amphetamines reported to be in it. I expected it to pass. Instead, I saved a bunch of people from unknowingly consuming an amphetamine. That is why

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