Weird Pregnancy Tests Throughout History | | Smile Reader App

Historically, women have had some pretty
messed up ways of trying to figure out if they’re pregnant or not. In Ancient Greece women were instructed to put an onion up their hoo-ha-ha
overnight and if in the morning their breath smell like onions, they were
pregnan. I’m pretty sure if you did this you would never have another opportunity
to get pregnant! In the 1920’s, the rabbit test was born. Urine from a pregnant
woman was injected into a rabbit and if the rabbit croaked, the woman was pregnant. I’m pretty sure the Humane Society would have something to say about this. In Medieval times women would mix urine with wine. If the urine was clear they
were pregnant. What a waste of good wine! In ancient Egypt,
a woman peed on wheat or barley. If they sprouted, she was pregnant! Of course, if they didn’t, they just wasted a lot of good food. In the Middle
Ages you could hire a “piss prophet” to look at your pee and let you know if you
were expecting. How would you find one without Yelp? Thank goodness you can now use
something like Smile Reader. It’s an ovulation test kit and pregnancy test
with a free app. You can get it on Amazon, like where I get everything else. NO rabbits are killed and no wine is wasted!

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