Weird Rumors The World Believed About Meghan Markle's Pregnancy

There's been a lot of talk about the newest
royal baby's exact due date, gender, and birth plan, but Meghan and Harry are staying mum. Of course, that's not exactly going to stop
the gossip from spreading. Here are some of the absolute weirdest rumors
we've heard surrounding Meghan Markle and her pregnancy. Kensington Palace revealed Meghan's pregnancy
in October 2018. Although that was the first official report,
it wasn't the first time we'd heard Meghan was expecting. A year earlier, Ok! Magazine cited supposed "Palace insiders"
who claimed she was already as far as three months along. The publication also ran a, quote, "pregnant"
photo of Meghan on the cover, which might have been enough to fool readers into thinking
the news was true. Of course, we later found out this the rumor
was all kinds of false. Prince Harry married Meghan the following
May in front of the whole world, and there was no baby bump or postpartum bump in sight. The baby gossip certainly didn't end there,
though. After the couple got hitched, many people
kept an even more watchful eye on Meghan. From fortune tellers to oddsmakers, nearly
everyone was making predictions on when there would be a royal pregnancy… and that trend
has hardly abated as the world waits for the baby to finally be born. "So Phoenix is now going to predict the sex
of the royal baby." "Okay, here we go." "Can we have a little look?" "Is it going to be…?" October 2018 was an exciting month for the
royal family, and all of us royal stans, too. Princess Eugenie's wedding to Jack Brooksbank
on October 12 temporarily distracted the masses from all the "is-she-or-isn't-she" pregnancy
drama that was swirling around Meghan Markle at the time. But just three days later, the official word
got out: Harry and Meghan were indeed expecting a baby. The focus quickly shifted back to the Duke
and Duchess of Sussex. According to a rumor, Meghan had announced
her pregnancy to the royal family while attending Eugenie's wedding ceremony. "But that was a family affair!" "Yeah I wasn't troubled by it at all, and
I can't imagine that Fergie like intentionally clapped back." An anonymous source reportedly told Radar
Online that Meghan's baby announcement This source also claimed Eugenie Meanwhile, some etiquette experts, self-professed
and otherwise, felt that announcing a pregnancy at someone else's wedding was just a tacky
thing to do. "As far as etiquette goes, you just don't
take away from someone else's moment. And I… it's shocking!" Meanwhile, Harper's Bazaar released a contradictory
report that claimed their own anonymous source said Meghan and Harry broke the news before
Eugenie's big day. The report also points out that Eugenie's
wedding was likely the first opportunity many guests had to congratulate Markle face-to-face. One of the most pervasive rumors about Meghan's
pregnancy claims that there actually is no pregnancy at all. As in, her baby bump is fake. There are a few reasons why some people have
theorized that the duchess's bump is not made of flesh and blood. One skeptical Twitter user noted: Another conspiracy theorist pointed to Meghan's,
quote, "odd ever-changing 'baby bump'": According to Express, some people even think
Meghan is using a prosthetic bump in order "… to get attention." Obviously, this would be an extremely ill-fated
plan. When Harry and Meghan were visiting Morocco
in February 2019, a woman had a message for the mother to be: "I wish to say congratulations for your pregnancy." "Thank you." "What, you're pregnant?" "Surprise!" "Is it mine?" Light-hearted banter, right? Sure… but not if you're an editor at The
Hollywood Gossip. A hysterical headline published by the website
openly wondered: In reference to Harry's joke, the article
asked its readership: The answer is clearly no, but even though
the prince was making a joke, Harry's insinuation of an affair snowballed into a bigger story. By March 2019, unsubstantiated reports even
claimed that Meghan had devised an entire backup plan for when, or if, she leaves Harry. That is certifiably nuts. In a Vanity Fair article, royal expert Katie
Nicholl claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were opting for a gender-neutral
room for their baby: Since it's something of a royal family tradition
to learn of the baby's sex at birth rather than during pregnancy, a neutral nursery makes
a lot of sense. But a rumor soon spread claiming there was
an entirely different reason for the gender-neutral nursery. "Meghan Markle says she and her husband Prince
Harry plan to raise their baby in a quote 'gender-fluid way.'" Vanity Fair quoted an unnamed source that
claimed: This blabbermouth source wasn't quite through,
though: But that's not at all true, according to a
Palace spokesman. In a statement provided to Hello! magazine,
the Palace called the report, It's been long speculated that Meghan is not
having one baby, but two. Midwife Lesley GIlchrist told Cosmopolitan: However, Gilchrist said it might be that Meghan, As far back as November 2018, people were
fully convinced that Meghan and Harry were expecting two babies. At the time, a spokesperson for the online
betting company Paddy Power told The Daily Mail: In January 2019, the National Enquirer went
one step further and claimed that Meghan was not only pregnant with twins, but also knew
the sex of their babies. According to New Idea, which referenced the
tabloid's report, Meghan had recently found out that she was pregnant with twin girls. An anonymous insider reportedly told the publication: In January 2019, royal correspondent Roya
Nikkhah reported on Twitter that Meghan had commented on her pregnancy while visiting
local organizations in Birkenhead, England: Obviously, this would mean Meghan didn't actually
find out the sex of her baby, nor her babies. The royal family has already proven that the
rumors about twins are false. In both the official royal pregnancy announcement
and the official statement on the child's expected arrival, the word "baby" isn't used
in the plural form. In fact, in the latter statement, Buckingham
Palace revealed: And, in the pregnancy announcement, Kensington
Palace said that Meghan A baby. That's just one baby, folks. While people seem to be chilling out with
all the rumors about twins, there's still a whole lot of speculation on the baby's sex. Citing an anonymous source, Us Weekly reported
that the duchess revealed the baby's sex at her baby shower in New York City. According to this source, Meghan revealed
she's having a boy. This contradicts Meghan's own comments, and
royal tradition, about keeping the sex a surprise, so it's extremely likely that this is hearsay
and nothing more. Are Meghan and Harry planning to raise their
baby vegan? An anonymous Palace source allegedly told
Women's Day that those are Meghan's wishes. But this source allegedly told the publication
there was a major problem with this plan: Clearly the tabloids loved the story. "Now the Duchess of Sussex could give birth
any minute and when the baby finally arrives, the queen has one request: 'Don't you dare
raise that child vegan.'" The rumor likely stems from an interview Meghan
gave back in May 2016 with Best Health, in which she said: We don't know for sure that this rumor is
false, but it certainly doesn't sound like Meghan would enforce veganism on her little
one, especially since she's not a particularly strict vegan herself. Where will Meghan deliver her baby? It's a question many people are asking. In April 2019, the Daily Mail claimed it had
the answer. One source allegedly told the publication: In another Daily Mail article, anonymous sources
said Meghan is planning to have a, quote, "midwife-led birth" at home. Having a child at home might sound unusual
for royalty, but it used to be standard practice. Princess Anne was actually the first royal
woman to give birth in a hospital, according to Reader's Digest. Princess Diana's subsequent decision to follow
in her footsteps would mark the first time a royal heir, in this case, William, had been
born in a hospital. Diana is also said to be the first royal woman
in modern history to have chosen a drug-free, natural childbirth. "The Sun on Sunday today reporting that Meghan
and Harry are deciding not to have their baby at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital." Meanwhile, there are plenty of people who
think Meghan won't opt for a home birth after all. Numerous other reports have speculated that
she's going to follow in the footsteps of Princess Anne, Diana, and Duchess Kate and
deliver her baby at St. Mary's hospital. After all, it's become something of a royal
tradition. According to the Telegraph, a source told
the publication that the staff at St. Mary's Lindo Wing had been, "… asked not to take holiday in April." According to this source, the reason for the
order has been shrouded in secrecy: While it's obviously not possible for Meghan
to have both a home birth and a hospital delivery, either birth plan is perfectly feasible. Nevertheless, it doesn't seem like we're going
to find out, at least, not until after Meghan gives birth. As Buckingham Palace revealed in their statement
in April 2019, Harry and Meghan are keeping, As soon as Meghan married into the royal family,
rumors began swirling that she and her sister-in-law Kate Middleton were at odds. But according to royal expert Katie Nicholl,
those rumors have absolutely no basis in fact. She told USA Today: Although the royal family lets a lot of rumors
fly, they spoke up about this one. When British tabloid The Sun released a salacious
report about a fight between Meghan and Kate, a Palace spokesperson flat-out denied the
claims, telling The Mirror: When people started speculating over who Harry
and Meghan would chose to be their child's godparents, it was revealed that Kate would
likely not be picked. But that isn't because Kate and Meghan are
at each other's throats. As an aunt, Kate will already have a role
in baby Sussex's life. As royal expert Victoria Arbiter explained,
the child will likely have godparents who are outside the immediate family. In fact, Katie Nicholl had one particularly
glamorous morsel to share with Access: "This child could have the most star-studded
godparents in royal history." Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more List videos about The Royal
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  1. There is one picture that proofs it all !! and that's the one when she goes out at night in ny city and she has her bag in front of her , she has a scarf the paparazzi took a pic that is hard to find now and she has no belly whatsoever the angle shows clearly her stomach and pants and her coat is slightly open and there is no belly! If that's not proof enough I dont know what is!!! Ohh yes and her eyes are shiny as if she was drinking ! Shame shame


  3. Meghan Markle ruined Princess Eugenie big day to get attention. She has NO decency but just to annoy. Harry just another IDIOT HE IS PARTNER IN CRIME OF MEGHAN FOOLING THE BRITONS

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  7. Everything bout this couple is fake fake fake . Fake queen fake princes and fake princesses. It's all a movie on world stage. FAKE PEOPLE WAKE UP TO THE MADNESS

  8. Everything bout this couple is fake fake fake . Fake queen fake princes and fake princesses. It's all a movie on world stage. FAKE PEOPLE WAKE UP TO THE MADNESS

  9. If she hadn't presented a silicon e doll……maybe she wouldn't be under so much scrutiny but don't play us for fools. Especially those of us who have had REAL babies


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