Welcome Expecting/Pregnant Moms! How to survive the prenatal and postpartum journey

hello there hi my name is Bianca Marie and welcome to the healing point I wanted to hop on very quickly and say hello and welcome to my youtube channel I am a non-denominational minister I am a Reiki practitioner I am a full spectrum doula I am a newborn care specialist I am a lactation support educator and I am the number one moms advocates all of that to say I have been in myself for a long time as a portfolio manager health educator managing different women's health programs and I want to make sure that I continue to offer my services but now I need a little bit of a different spin to it and I'm sorry the Sun just came out really brightly um a little bit of different spin to it and that is I have I have experienced and I have observed in many ways with hundreds of women hundreds of moms typically that if their mental if are because I'm in this category as well and I am a leather as well working mom try to balance things you know just like every mom if our minds are not if our minds are not well and we are not home we are not healthy mentally physically financially socially then our families are at a disadvantage I believe that mothers are the backbone of everything families communities everything society everything and so if the mom can be healthy then the family I think has a better chance of being healthy the kids have a better chance of being healthy being you know able to contribute to society and have a solid foundation so forth um so the purpose of this video is just welcome you to the one healing point channel I want to have this channel as a vessel as a tool for inspiration to share stories about moms working in the home at the home that are balancing things that are doing their thing you know whether it's from an entrepreneurship side from you know an amazing breastfeeding technique that they came up with whatever the case is as moms we have so much on our plate in so many areas that we have to master in order to be mmm well and so I just want this channel to be a tool where we can share information and I am committed to asking different folks in my network different folks I mean to come and be a part of our discussion via videos and interviews things like that but I ask for you to participate as we just subscribe to the channel and for you to share information as well you know there's a tool technique or something cool that you have learned about what it's a product whatever the case is that helps a mom on the walk helps you you think can help another mom on their walk on their journey and say master life then please do share so again I'm Bianca Marie welcome and looking forward to doing this journey with you

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