Welcome to the Memorial Childbirth Center

hello I'm Kathy denia executive director of women's and children's services here at Memorial Hospital of South Bend welcome to Memorial childbirth center for more than a hundred years Memorial has been delivering babies and every year nearly 3,000 babies are born in memorials childbirth unit our expertly trained and compassionate staff feels it is a privilege to share in this beautiful moment we will do everything we can to make you feel safe and comfortable before during and after your birth here we have the most comprehensive childbirth services of any hospital in Michiana our team of Obstetricians midwives specialists and nurses combined skills and knowledge to give you the most holistic care and since more babies are born here than anywhere else in the region we take our role as your baby's first home very seriously just how much do we care about making your childbirth experience at Memorial exceptional you are about to find out take a journey with us through a place where we combine individualized care with clinical expertise a place you can trust and feel comforted in knowing you've made the right decision for you and your baby you'll come to understand that the miracle of birth is our passion welcome to Memorial

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