Wendy Davis “Abortion Barbie” Posters Found In Hollywood

you might wonder why we have Erick
Erickson from Fox News’s head up are on out what appears to be a
candle I will explain that store because Wendy
Davis is the latest woman to be targeted by republicans so Wendy Davis
showed up here in california this week to do some
fundraising for her race but to be the governor up
text and when she got here she was greeted at
the event she went to with assigns called hollywood welcomes abortion Barbie Wendy Davis that phrase
abortion Barbie Wendy Davis was point by Eric X from Fox News who is incredibly proud that phrase that he came up with I this is what eric
erickson said a about his about the moniker the
media prefers to ignore a that to which Wendy Davis stock turks take your career they prefer
to focus on her as bogus crypter Barbie looks and pink sneakers I have
helped to find Wendy Davis by a moniker that stakes describes and
make sure the butt of jokes while drawing out the show hysterics
over supporters and it turned out it definitely has
stuck because commissioned by someone and there are
still debating that Wendy Davis was greeted by this post
upon her arrival at the event there in washington it is
the this hollywood welcomes abortion Barbie Wendy Davis and I don’t
know the couple things leave this up there for love but you see that her a a stomach is cut exposed to other baby a properly upside down so give her
credit for that but a course that would be a child in the
final trimester just if we’re going to be technical
about this fuckin nonsense and then inexplicably just because republicans
are incapable of not being racist whenever
there’s an opportunity to well the baby that she’s holding her
hand is black for some brick in recent Jr you help me out at all with any
reason why they would throw that long rate go into this all that they’d they
were they feel like a mitten some minuses someone else needs to get India yes just the stuff today so but the guy responsible for this is a artist named
sabo who’s a bright bark contributor and a
proud right-wing artist which there are maybe
I’ll sex in the country I two of which unlikely to hear from on Twitter in the
comment section the responded with this item here on Facebook spielberg katzenberg abrams at you Wendy Davis who’s running for texas
state governors in southern california getting money from hollywood big-money one percenter that cat and yet you’re going to support the party far
more likely to make life better for the 1 percenters once again don’t fully understand why
that would be but everybody certainly entitled to their opinion not like the majority of stout democrats
are common heart after Wall Street equalize the playing field grad so we have some of the other art
that Wendy Davis has at sorry about that when I guess
that’s a bowl has presented and he’s done some stuff the that he’s
got a and talented artist a given that and that was a
realistic-looking Barbie except for the part of her about to undergo an abortion
I don’t recall that being a theme that barbie but that mattel corporation was
really into do we have similar to other pictures and
some other things she’s done I guess that said at the Pelosi is that right yeah on I don’t know what’s happening there
had seen that one this 1i like because it makes Ted Cruz the look like one of the 19 urs from but no that was the black gang in
the shield who who did the bid let had makes to bed crews it looks
like he’s the leader of the biz laps on the shield I Ted Cruz actually wasn’t
as he ended up signing it but it’s pretty good I then there was
this for all those are remember when the republicans decided to make a big thing
the second Obama got all those about all this is ours he was gonna
report because ours is a Russian word people thought that
would they thought that would indicate that Obama was a communist even though the communists be bazaars you ads are just a term used her people
who like you know we’re leading project but anyway so at a
little bit it’s a Bose art I will grant it but he’s not talented
but he is also in addition to being somewhat talented a hateful fuck

100 Replies to “Wendy Davis “Abortion Barbie” Posters Found In Hollywood”

  1. It is no one's fucking business what a consenting female does with her body. Any one who goes out of there way to try to get a say is a jack ass. A 3000 year old book of desert fairytales does not justify people wanting control over someone else's fucking body. Why is this conversation still going?

  2. Because there is a black baby it's racist. 
    That's a seriously racist comment…. You do know black babies are real right? 

  3. sabo is hitting liberal/progressive nerves. they don't like it when the same tactics they use against conservatives are used against them. who can forget the vile stuff flung at Sarah Palin

  4. And if the artist would have left out the black baby the left would still be calling him a racist for not having the black baby on the poster. 

  5. TYT – do you realize how ill-informed you are?  You are supposed to be the cutting edge group of hipsters.  Look at the stats on who assists the 1%rs the most – Dems.  The majority of the Dems in the Legislative Branch are 1%rs – more so than the GOP.  For you to be stuck in the past thinking the Dems are here for the working class just goes to prove how out of touch with reality you are.  The Dems are all for programs that keep minorities suppressed and overtaxed.  The Dems are all for mass genocide within the minority populations.  Look up the stats and you will see how horribly misinformed you are – but, hey – be one with the Borg.  Final comment – Sabo is one of the few true artists in the USA.  Why do I say that?  Art is supposed to communicate on multiple layers. It is to evoke thought and conversation.  Art is not passive.  Most artists (the ones you refer to as acceptable) are not true artists.  They are Obedient.  When one becomes Obedient – they lose their freedom and talent.  oh – wait.  That describes TYT as well.  hmmm

  6.  The black baby is a nod the claim by many on the pro life side, that by supporting a women's right to receive an abortion, pro choice is Black genocide.  That's my take on the symbolism anyway, right or wrong.

  7. Oh for fuck sake, republicans. Nothing wrong with abortions, women have a right, it's their bodies. End of discussion. Let it go.

  8. pregnancy barbie was totally a thing. her stomach flipped around so it could hold an infant and you could clip on her 'pregnancy' stomach over the top. abortion barbie not so much.

  9. I wonder if Mattel corp. will sue the poster artist for copyright violation for using "Barbie" without permission? We'll see.

  10. It's surprising at how many people vote for Republicans when they do or make offensive, hateful statements and actions on a regular basis.

  11. I don't care if she had an abortion. I don't care if abortion is the primary mode of avoiding parenthood. If girls had a thousand abortions each, I wouldn't mind. You not terminating a human being, you're just stopping a cluster of cells from turning into a human being. 

  12. This is disgusting. Abortion is no joke, whether you are pro-choice or pro-life. It's just not funny at all.

  13. This really echoes the conservative mindset of those who constantly look for something to blame women on. Yet it's republicans who have little to show for their consideration to the American people for decades now. They're responsible for people out of work and others sick for lack of healthcare. Yet they continue with their anti-abortion measures as to appear like champions to the unborn. In reality they don't care about anyone but the rich. They're hypocrites.

  14. I don't get why that's what they latched onto as their main smear campaign tactic. She got an abortion when she was a teenager and she's hot! THAT'S a reason she's not a good politician to vote for right? Right? We're funny, guys! We're funny, and she's dumb! She's a dumb abortion having hot chick, and we're smart and clever because we came up with Abortion Barbie.

    I feel bad for Republicans sometimes. It's really hard to have funny political jokes from a Republican perspective–you just end up looking like an ass. I guess there's no conservative Daily Show for a reason. 

  15. She was supposed to be Miley Cyrus.
    It would have been a bit more obvious if he did the hair too.
    But did include the tongue so….

  16. Hatful , she is a abortion barbie theres nothing wrong with that get your panties out of your anus ben its just joke . Plus i thought you were about facts she stands for abortion and looks like a barbie , haha get it .

  17. If i stood for abortion and looked like barbie i wouldnt give a fuck because its the truth and by the way barbie looks good ,so huh tnx .

  18. Tyt be proud of what you support instead of having flags in the back round you should have pics of dead fetuses . Where can i get a tyt dead fetus t shirt it would be sick!!!!! Could i get one with a cracked baby skull and a slogan saying Tyt is hard core killing babies aint easy matha fucka . Tyt be proud of who you are thats all im saying .

  19. the dumb broad is for late term abortions.   its already too easy to get a baby sucked out of you for no reason other than you don't want a kid.  there needs to be more regulation on abortion.  that's obvious…..

  20. Republicans make me laugh. "Ohhhhhhhhhh Abortion is Murder"..They make it very clear that they are against Murder while at the same time they support the alleged
    biggest mass murderer of all time when he drowned the whole fucking planet killing everything allegedly. Fucking Hypocrites..

  21. Had to stop you at 24 seconds.  Why The Fuck, is Wendy Davis campaigning in California, running  for governor of Texas?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  22. Sarah Palin PWNS Wendy Davis because Wendy has a smaller and weaker package! Wendy's balls lack GOD JUICES because she is a libturd!

  23. The poster is racist, because it's a reference to some racist conservative dialogue around abortion. I'm disappointed that Ben and Jayar didn't know that, but I guess maybe you have to have been a politically active conservative at some point to be familiar with all their arguments. (I've been conservative, I've been liberal, I've been in-between. My main thing is being rational, so when my evidence changes, I change my conclusions.)

    There is an interesting conversation to be had about ethnic disparities in abortion rates and the socioeconomic causes thereof. Everyone wants abortion to be rare, so regardless of whether you want it to be safe and legal or dangerous and illegal, an intellectually honest discussion would include looking at how marital status is a double-whammy (due to also affecting income), so the marriageability of individuals in a social group is a factor. In turn, criminal records  are a triple whammy for marriageability, due to also affecting employment and housing eligibility.

    Therefore, rational efforts to reduce abortion in the African-American community would include eliminating ethnic disparities in the criminal justice system. Disparities in the treatment of comparable crimes — such as how blacks are prosecuted for marijuana at roughly double the rate of whites, despite nearly identical usage rates — would logically result in disparities in marriageability, with the effects eventually trickling down (by multiple paths) to abortion rates.

    Conservative pundits do not appear to be interested in that conversation. Instead, they would rather spin abortion as an assault by liberals on the black race. They think they're being clever, because they imagine that they're catching liberals in a hypocrisy; but really they're just displaying that they compulsively think of race in its metaphorical sense, as a Darwinian competition to be won or lost. That worldview itself is fundamentally racist, so when they stay inside of that frame and merely flip which race they support, that shows a complete lack of awareness of what they're doing wrong.

    In summary, conservative activists' spin on abortion and ethnicity is projection of their racism — a "Gotcha!" that only works if they weirdly imagine that liberals must be just like them, but rooting for the other side to win the race "race" — and so the political dog whistle in the poster is racist too.

    (Edited for spelling.)

  24. I like how Eric says how people only focus on her looks when the only people that EVER focus on her looks are Republicans and how she is "old", "ugly", etc.. Stay classy, GOP. Yes, she is a pretty woman, but also very intelligent.

  25. Tyt – so shallow, you speak to defending abortion rights.. Who speaks for the unborn? Life is such a gift, we as a society justify taking innocent lives, God help us.

  26. Looks like most if not all of those works were just cut-and-paste photoshops, a rhudimentary job for anyone hobbying in graphic design

  27. Wendy Davis is a vile woman! I pray she doesn't win the race for Governor of Texas. I live near Austin, Tx and am privy to the low as you go tactics Davis used to try to keep very late term abortion legal in Texas. Abortion Barbie is a good name for her. When the decision was being considered on abortion, all the pro abortion people were behaving so badly, creating chaos, and even chanting prayers to Satan.( Yes, that's right! Wendy Davis' followers were hailing the devil. It was caught on video!) People who love the Lord, sang songs of praise to Our Lord Jesus Christ, and prayed. The righteous won that round! Then, Abortion Barbie announced her plans to run for governor.b

  28. ya racist  Nothing like Margaret Sanger  founder of planed parenthood & one first thought of Al Sharton to salve the negro problem.

  29. Here's the really weird thing: That's a real Barbie.  They just stuck her head on it, it wasn't an artistic creation.  Now, the real one is just "pregnant Barbie" not an abortion Barbe but the creepy in-utero fetus thing is part of the actual Barbie.

  30. That's ridiculous, and it's comical that they decided to just through an African American baby into the picture.

  31. Eric Ericson is simply a "Dumb ass Son of a Bitch and so are his "Numb minded "Follow zombies! Take your dog and pony show away from civilized Humans so that they don't have to see you!

  32. Republican's can remain stuck on abortion issues but have no sense of repairing the many problems facing this Nation and they just keep on pouring all of their "coals to the fire of stupidity!  "Fuck'um!

  33. Everytime I come to this channel, even by accident, there is always something narcissistic, fucked up, disgusting, racist, or all of the above in just the title. What the hell is wrong with our world?

  34. how come Eric make offensive political jokes he`s horrible scumm person  but Bill Maher does it he`s just comedian

  35. Yeah. It's racist. The black artist Sabo is poking fun at other black people instead of showing that the black community is most "used" by those making money from abortion. sarcasm He's less of a "hateful fuck" than you are sir. The fact that you automatically latch onto the color of the children rather than the political message that it clearly is trying to portray also proves that you are racist sir.

  36. You guys are absolutely delusional. You do realize that the black baby doesn't have anything to do with racism right? Come on guys you can't seriously be that ignorant. You can't tell me you don't understand the significance. I guess the left just likes to ignore real racism like millions of black babies being murdered and attack republicans with your straw man arguments. 

  37. This is proof that the Young Turds can't seem to understand sarcasm when I goes against their agenda.
    The black baby represents the black community which is the target of most abortionists.  Run the numbers people.  The vast majority of babies killed in an abortion clinic are black.  

  38. Hey dummy. The black baby is because of the amount of black babies aborted in the US. THE ARTIST IS BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. HHEEELLLOOO !!! the baby is black because MOST abortions are on black babies!!!! Planned parent hood was started to KILL off the "undesirables" in society. That's the only reason that they "serve " low income and minority communities.   The poster is showcasing the racism in planned parenthood. Marget Sanger was a racist and a vile women who hated the poor and disabled yet liberal icons like Hilery Clinton Nancy Polosi and Barbra Boxer  hale her as some sort of hero.  They except awards in her name and call her an inspiration.  This is a woman who gave speeches in front of the KKK!   Sadly PP is carrying out her dreams as it is a leading cause of death for black infants.   Disgusting!

  40. If it would have been a white baby it wouldn't be racist and over 90% of blacks voted for Obama cuz he's black

  41. I think he put the black baby in because the largest percentage of aborted babies by race are black. 13 million dead. Maybe he wanted us to think of that Mr. Mankiewicz. But it's just nonsense and wrinkles to you. Young Turks are a joke sometimes.

  42. Actually the body is a real Barbie but she wasn't abortion barbie. And she comes with a round stomach a baby and I think a flat stomach.

  43. ah democrats the party that embraces freedom of speech, unless its against the democratic party, then it must be censored. 

  44. Everyone's all "oh republicans are so mean for doing this to her" when were just sticking up for the babies. Who's really wrong here?

  45. The entire point behind the Wendy Davis poster is supports abortion. Many of you may not be aware that the vast majority of abortions in the US are African American children. Sabo sees Davis is promoting and supporting the murder of millions of children. Many of you are appalled for the wrong reason. Davis is a baby killer.




  47. Yes, Ben, we hear, and nod our heads in agreement with you, four legs good, two legs bad, four legs good, two legs bad…

  48. Oh, oh, oh.  I know why the black babie is there… it's because 30% of all abortions are to blacks, while blacks only comprise 10% of the population.  Liberal population control tactics for 'undesirables' are working!

  49. You guys are idiots. The baby is black because planned parenthood has over 80% of their clinics in minority neighborhoods. Now who is racist, liberals or conservatives?

  50. And I love how people speaking out against abortion are hateful. Yet the ones butchering children are innocent victims… Do the young Turks strive to be this stupid?

  51. 'while drawing out the hysterics of her supporters.' The Young Turds show this quote and do a 4.44-minute long segment showing their hysterics. You really couldn't make this stuff up.

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