WFAA Original: How can a C-section require no prescription pain killers?

from picking a hospital to choosing a birth plan new moms have a lot to consider but here's one more thing on their list of concerns opioids in tonight's WFAA original identity might have found a solution here's Theresa Woodard moments after he brings a baby into the world he serenades them with the perfect song 18 years as an OBGYN so these are twins that delivered Kingston in in Grayson I love these guys here – more than four thousand babies delivered this is the Jones family every frame every photo every card displayed every family matters Tate Wimmer was delivered by c-section while they are quite common c-sections are major surgery followed by major painkillers without a doubt a narcotic medication so you had vicodin you know have Norco you have lortab how many issues we can just call the whole VD but dr. Mark Wilson has always disliked exposing new moms to opioid pain meds because he knows their dangers he lost her brother to addiction and he knows this startling statistic overdose is the number one killer of new moms in Texas a state report published in the fall of 2018 found that within the first year after they gave birth more moms died because of an OD than for any other reason and opioids either alone or in combination were responsible for 58 percent of those deadly overdoses so you have those moms that may have histories of drug abuse or opioid abuse in the past to provide them an option to have other than the narcotics I mean it was it was paramount this is the actual pump this humph allows dr. Wilson to perform c-sections that require zero prescription painkillers what happens is after we finished a c-section we insert the catheter and we put it over the uterus the catheter slowly releases a local anesthetic like you get at the dentist for a few days three four maybe five days is enough absolutely with this slow release of this non-narcotic local anesthetic and ibuprofen that's all they need like no pain Tate's birth was her mom's second c-section and the first time dr. Wilson used the pain pump on a patient the nurses come in and ask you on a scale of one to ten what's your pain level and with my first c-section it was like six seven not great and then with her I was like I mean if I guess if I have to give it a number it's a one or two I mean it was very low Gracie Wimmer took just one extra strength ibuprofen a few days after her c-section but nothing else insuring she never exposed herself or through breastfeeding her newborn to narcotics the fact that we are writing fewer prescriptions for narcotics Wilson is now used the on coupons with more than two dozen patients and he says he's received no complaints think we're moving in the right direction the fewer opioids he prescribes the less he contributes to a crisis it's just it's a joyous day every day ensuring many more happy birthdays for babies and mothers alike Teresa Woodard Channel 8 News

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