[Applause] or you dress a ballbuster was going on a bit here was so guy it was 295 these you love 14 really but waving it 148 12:48 somebod ballbuster I got that number one video game rolling distil a ballbuster I got that video game roll more than your pistol grip 1 through 7 meters number 2 bad cat back out hey to tribo we just want to say hello to Bob without a lot of talk about this channel ball buster ball buster me and the stock mic number two back had got bad ow that's why I say we need more video games ballbuster ballbuster you know how the video gauge Stella hey Moll Buster you know how to video game Stella you're worldwide worldwide worldwide stock mic hole-in-the-wall Brooklyn New York she be shop the most talked to my pop walk on these coasts 1:48 election which is I move off that hilltop he went back to number one but this is all right he could have that number one flat a little longer I'm going this was 20 soon your one through seven erode I got that to five old ghost talk to you why you are the key and we don't let to follow talk on this frequency no not at all no no no no coke – female homos we met we don't let you guys talk about his ring missing your pistol now carry over CT camera hey buster have a good day enjoy we got a beautiful day and I try to be more honest they call me what is around the blacks are waving to your antenna see of their posture 148 New York is clear Hey thirty-five not a lot of talk on the shout go pistol river one to seven you already okay at all you're pissed over wants you to settle into your video game they're all one fistful of women do you all calm down hey 148 around a boogie down mouch bring out hope you're late for the on the word unless you know what you satellite must know there well either hey 395 get it on the Watergate 395 getting on the Watergate 395 get it on the Watergate get it on the war again get it on the Watergate 395 your pistol down brush with the money way lady right yeah no to follow is not a lot of talk on the shelf to five always not allowed to talk on this channel your pistol in one through seven you all back out crank in my ear no no no no no no no to five Oklahoma you are not allowed on this channel and they were sir and not yesterday not today not tomorrow you're all the wall New York she be shot back out to 500 what's what he gotta be uploaded to 1848 he's got a year presents he'll be around a booty booty booty booty down a 395 a keychain in there a bit more than time TJ yeah we got a big ear plug up here on these trees we're gonna put it to the side one time around Tennessee or one for later Brown a booty down Bronx with the motorway one scared I'm stepping by from can't be me I'm a Brooklyn Mike my gosh in my junkie Debra no problem Mike but you already know I'm not bad to 500 home will ever talk on this channel man the NYC radio was playlist and the big money here playlist I'll show you why I mean you know he would have bought his Kevlar out to half it came to the sidewalk at least once man you know try to bring his lips to life he might have a little credibility out here but you know what the video me it's home man I'm not letting that coked out a little lying homo talk on this frequency and that's the bottom line courtesy of your whole the wall me shop a Mikey I don't mind if you crushed me man I don't mind since I'm moving off to Hill you took the number one slot again Mikey I don't mind none of that I'm just not letting to father little homo talk on this channel that's the bottom line I'll be anything you want me to be but I'm still behold on the wall New York CB shop pistol Rick's y'all see like off Ecola 1 through 7 that time around back take it easy one through seven come again bro 148 ryo omori we're at 40 hey doctor love you know I'm gonna do doctor love I'm gonna put the big money here playlists are linked in the description of this video and tell the world this is the reason I do not let you Father ball homo talk on this channel good we're waving it rooster a black again up in that pistol video game [Applause] [Applause] very well you know rooster I got a lot of love for you so I'm going to tell you the only way I can the way the video get a show it please go back to the one down hurry up show them the difference put the super' to stop by kit hey rooster hurry up show them the difference put the superest all my kin Oh in this video I'm reimbursed Oh hurry up Arista show them what a difference a Mike makes hungry a barista hurry up rooster shovel show them and show my video game or a difference Oh Mike makes omena superstar work Ben my god ow this one I sure was hey check it you ain't got to get back on the 1,000 now you ain't got to get back on the 1,000 now all that thing needs you know stay off that other might read a superstar magic hey rooster me that superstar by rody sheriff of New York and I just go down Monica and my father would grind choke chain they wish to what a big difference from living from the cobra back to the superstar never heal hey rooster one of every big difference from the cobra mic to the superstar mic that was really really good to catch the difference hey rooster hey rooster you just took them to school when you show them the difference he's one of their better yes well please make sure you give it up with a superstar mic please make sure you subscribe to the channel random doing a giveaway and the first Hey – really radio we should not waste to ago – random you know our life for the radio we start in the myosin [Applause] and keeping the holidays thousand dollars if he could knock me out put me in your vehicle and deliver media was front door hey rooster you got a guy giving away a thousand dollars under New York City for almost three years if y'all can get me to his right though I don't understand that you're one through southern we've all got now what's gonna happen it's happening in breaks and bowels you listen to me it's definitely gonna happen breaks and before you can break anything I'm not the one that beg for directions to different times I'm not the one that's begging to have their should take it now I'm not the one that offering $1,000 to deliver a homo to me hey guys I got to step out back and finish with this dollar man your number one video Gator the wrong one I'm gonna call this video gate what a difference a mic make rooster school I'm down I rush to that big old Jersey Beaman hilltop does not want to hear that I'm up in there at the lowest time accident when you open up in there here is a rooster I ain't gonna tell him woman let the video great I'm the one behind you yes the lowest IMAX Oh the lowest time fact the lowest IMAX and the title is what a difference my bags being this superstar stock might work Lindo you all back out Slayton road nobody daddy with calls I don't never go to Rutland road man that's your cupcakes made-up story hobo's okay let me go back out and finish what I'm doing man this thing's put back together I'll be back in a couple your video game line a monkey man you're one to seven new you walk waving at you you're a breaker breaker you a monkey man one two seven around a year off hey monkey man one through seven around here oh hey monkey man your CB shop do you over now there's no gun oh I guess monkey Mandy here somebody told him he just don't want to say 1 to 7 I let me go uh Bri this antenna I'll back your whole New York TV shop pistol grip on now to try new york only with the video game channel around Kansas City Kansas that is the candidacy never up there anyway mr. nation Belmarsh may and I see oh boy all three anybody know we told that to when you get out and to much fun that the video gave tell the story not as homo came clean his last posted gate that he don't own a began right out of his own lips he came cleaning his last gate on his channel and skipped gate he says here's a up dude okay oh what a hawk you gotta hear this boy this is mr. foster to five-o and we don't let him talk on this channel in the link of this video gate I am gonna put the big money here top playlist after listening to the first five videos let me know why she let him talk the king

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