What abortion coverage looks like on Fox News

well the culture of death is on the march across America in the world in case you haven't noticed the left loves abortion they think it's the key to freedom Planned Parenthood wants America to start having more abortions as soon as possible because that's liberation more abortions the better journalists from the center for medical progress who recorded undercover conversations with Planned Parenthood employees about selling fetal body parts for two years now the Center for medical progress has been releasing a remarkable series of undercover videos they're real by the way Planned Parenthood workers illegally selling fetal parts for profit the sale of human parts the trade in fetal body parts pricing for fetal body parts and tissue felling of baby body parts selling baby parts selling fetal body parts presumably you could be for roe v wade and still horrified by the idea of selling baby parts there's nothing more offensive to the left than opposing abortion for sure the Jane Doe case this is this illegal immigrant who came in to the US and wanted an abortion with federal funds and it happened the most avant-garde liberals are finding a new right for illegal aliens the right to have an abortion at taxpayer expense on the face of it the need to allow late term even full term abortions for you know an illegal immigrant I mean that this is the most extreme example what would this mean that US taxpayers have an obligation to fund the abortion of like anybody from around the world who comes here for one whether your first trimester baby or your baby about to be born you can be killed in Oregon this could increase abortions this could kill 3,000 more children a year in Oregon Planned Parenthood the nation's biggest abortion provider which supports sex selective abortions and anything else you can imagine sex selective abortions abortions designed to basically cull female babies if you're a feminist how in the world can you support sex selective abortions how can feminists before that why are abortion so important to Planned Parenthood if the rest of what they do is more important why just give up the abortions every will be happy they have a over billion dollar budget and half of a billion dollars is coming from taxpayers five hundred million dollars annually half a billion dollars a year in arm every single year from taxpayers it's important to end your pregnancy not to have a child so you can make more money is that my mischaracterizing it kill your child in order to get ahead in life in order to deal with your problems more abortion equals more happiness is that the if you could sum up their their position is it that she's just gonna be then the mother of a child who's dead and had the same problems in her life other saying like yeah more abortions good are you saying that we need to have more abortions of black children I mean that seems to be what your statement is saying I couldn't help but think you know this is basically eugenics if there was ever a time for civil disobedience it seems like some might think this would be the time you

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  1. How about giving a woman say so over her own body. How about they make a law for him to stop beating his meat because it kills the sperm. He wouldn't like that. He might cry.

  2. Regardless of what you think of planned parenthood and abortion, it should be universally agreed that an organization that makes a ton of money doesn’t need to receive hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.

  3. You going to tell me 100% of people getting abortions are Democrats? Come on, Reps are against it until they need it.
    Any one doubt Tucker wouldn't use it if he knocked up his maid??

  4. why do they act like they care, America slaughters babies and pregnant woman everyday in the Mid East, have you seen the aftermath of a drone strike, it looks like…well you can imagine.

  5. 3 things that would radically decrease abortions in the US:

    1. Make contraceptives super accessible.
    2. Make contraceptives super affordable.
    3. Teach students as young as middle school about contraceptive usage.

    Ironically, the three things the pro-lifers are dead set against.

  6. How can anyone take these hacks seriously? You really have to be the most evil, dumbest fuck on the planet to believe anything fox says

  7. Ban fetal abortions…..but schoolkid abortions by guns are shrugs of shoulders?….America is fucked up

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