What are some ways that I can stay healthy during pregnancy?

The best way to stay
healthy during pregnancy is to continue to use the
medications that you have been prescribed, first off. Continue prenatal
vitamins, as well. And to maintain a healthy
diet, which no one seems to really know what that means. And what that means to us is
that we avoid processed foods, junk foods, fast food. A lot of simple sugars. A simple diet during
pregnancy, which should be the simple
diet for the rest of us, is lean protein, vegetables
and as much as you can stand, and fruits, with some
complex carbs thrown in for good measure. The problem is in our society,
the complex sugars and junk seems to outweigh the rest. Another way is to stay
active and stay moving. You don’t necessarily
have to join a gym or be on a strict
workout routine, but staying active,
staying moving. Maintains strength. Maintains endurance. It will also help
with mental health during the pregnancy which
can sometimes be a challenge.

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