What are the Chances of Complications or a Miscarriage?

the chance of having a miscarriage in the general population overall which by twenty to thirty percent of all pregnancies end in a miscarriage the older a female gets the greater the chance a 40 year old probably has a fifty to sixty percent chance at having a miscarriage a twenty-year-old probably twenty percent it's just common it's part of nature one of the most common reasons for miscarriages is the age of the egg as a few as the egg eight as the egg ages increase in chromosomal problems occur which causes increase in miscarriages that you can't do anything about so that's why women should begin to have or start their families younger to avoid the miscarriage rate the chromosomal abnormality rate for example the chance of having down syndrome when you're 20 years old is about one out of two thousand the chance of a woman having a child with Down's at 40 years old is about one out of 40 so you see from age 21 out of 2002 h 41 out of 40 that's a huge increase between age 40 and 45 in may go to one out of ten so just another reason why women should consider beginning their families earlier

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