What are the early signs of dog pregnancy?

Hi, Andy here from Healthy Pet Systems. Today I will tell you What are the early signs
of dog pregnancy? Early signs of dog pregnancy: 1. Change in appetite
Your dog could probably feel nauseous. Like people, they may also experience morning sickness
during early pregnancy. A female dog is more likely to lose her appetite and eat very little.
Her appetite will increase when she gets over the nausea. 2. Change in the size and color of nipples
Typically your dog’s nipples will get noticeably larger and darker. Breast material will eventually
develop beneath the nipples and will increase as it is prepared for milk production later
on. You may also notice that your dog’s nipples
become a little more pink; this is due to the increased blood flow to the area. 3. Change in behavior
Changes in behavior vary, one may become more affectionate or clingy. Others may also show
a little more grumpiness. To find out more, I created a great guide
about dog pregnancy. In it you will find: is my dog pregnant, signs
of dog pregnancy and dog pregnancy week by week. Link is down below in description. If you liked this video, hit the subscribe
button to receive more like it in the future. Let’s keep our pets healthy! Bye!

10 Replies to “What are the early signs of dog pregnancy?”

  1. My dogs nipples are black is that an early signs and she has a heart beat in her belly and she got heavier and she is not eating is that all early signs

  2. Pls pls tell me im scared my dog vomited and she has changed she is always unplayful now but she was playful and her nipples turned like into pink and fat nipples and she doesnt want to eat pls read and answer im scared 🙁

  3. I wish you had pictures in not sure if she's pregnant… She has really big enlarged nipples and her heart cycle is ending she is still swollen in her private area but no more bleeding also she drinks Alot of water which is normal but she throws it back up I'm not sure . She breed on January 1st twice and on the second and the third multiple times

  4. Ok so my dog had a stud earlier then all of these signs were showing…i think shes pregnant but she doesnt rlly have that kind of nipples that u were telling

  5. Hey do you remember me u put my puppies in your yt and now they are big healthy dogs and the mother gave birth yesterday to 4 puppies 😊

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