20 Replies to “What Can We Do To Lower The Chances Of Death During Childbirth? | Listen To Black Women”

  1. Black people! Stop asking white culture to do EVERYTHING FOR YOU! I dont care what anybody says. There are enough tools available to us to solve these issues ourselves! In life, only the strong survive! If black culture does not make greater efforts to educate itself in STEM: YES WE WILL ALL DIE/SUFFER! That's the ugly truth, but " THE TRUTH" nevertheless!

  2. Study women! Read. You body is built to bear children. You can do it alone. Prenatal visits are ideal to keep informed on your health during the pregnancy, but you can do it. I delivered on last Thursday, at home and in my bathroom. My partner, mom and myself. The pain of bearing is mental. Tell yourself that you can do it, alone! No induction or planned c-section!! I went to the dr on the 6th. I was due on the 3rd. They scheduled an induction for the 12th because I wasn’t dilated. I had my girl the next morning. Not 24 hrs later. 3 pushes and she was here. Skin to skin contact is imperative. Her placenta was attached a lot longer than if I’d been hospitalized. Just educate yourselves! We can do anything. 8lbs 2oz and healthy!

  3. Amazing . I had a horrible experience during my first pregnancy ,dealing with lack of empathy from doctors/nurses who didn’t take my expression of pain into real consideration. In the end result I lost my son. We need these talk ! We need to educate ourselves and others and make known of this major issue.

  4. You do know that there are Asian white brown Arab women who die from childbirth. You need to stop using your skin to blame for EVERYTHING! You've got a whole YouTube channel and whole episode dedicated to BLACK people/women. No one and i mean no one sees a black woman as a 'slave' and hard. White women go to the hospital all the time with pain and get ignored! I my self have been to hospital while pregnant and got neglected ignored told it was a bug turned out it was serious dehydration. Seems to me that black people like this have some jealousy issues because their whole life revolves around white people and a them and us attitude.

  5. Cardi B is not black, and as far as I’m aware does not even claim to be herself! We need to stop claiming anybody & everybody in our plight (especially when it’s not even reciprocated by them) and focus on ourselves, particularly in light of serious issues such as this.

  6. The situation is that the folk that controls this world are dying off quickly and as a result you have cop killing black males at high rates, cops being called on blacks, blacks being monitored by whites more than ever and downright lynchings have returned with all the rest of the violence against blacks in the west….now, they know they have a zero birthrate and then you go up there with a child in you and you think that they are alright with that. Remember what they did to black females in the past, operating on their uterus without anesthesia. Look that up. Remember the Tuskegee experiment? Family, some European women are paying women in India to have their babies, it is that serious. Then you go up there with your fertile self and sisters you get that envious Tignon Law work. Don't be naive if the rate of black women are dying seems too great….something is up.

  7. Don’t forget the Black Mamas Matter Alliance they raise awareness and send out newsletters; their first conference is this year 💛

  8. I am a health guru of the first order. I managed my son's mother's (ex-wife) supplemental nutrition program
    during her pregnancy. Not one time did she experience morning sickness. Before my son Honor was born he was very active on the sonar. Honor entered the world on the exact date he was scheduled. He hollered
    loudly as he came out without being slapped. Only 1 or 2 percent of babies do that. He was born under
    the veil. Only one baby in two or three thousand is born this way. Google says the following:
    Many belief systems hold that being born with a veil is a sign of
    special destiny and psychic abilities, or good luck. …
    A caul or veil (Latin: Caput galeatum) is a thin, filmy membrane,
    the remnants of the amniotic sac, that covers or partly covers the
    newborn mammal immediately after birth.
    Legend has it that all of the prophets in the Bible were born under the veil. I am not a physician but I
    believe this is an indication that the pregnancy is complete. Early in my son's life he did display psychic
    abilities. He also received a 99 on the acvar test. Two days before he was born the pediatrician had us
    come to his office in an attempt to sell us on having childbirth induced. I vetoed it on the grounds that
    the pregnancy was going perfectly and it didn't make sense to introduce extraordinary measures. Two days
    later after 40 minutes of labor my son was born. The pediatrician stated in front of everyone that I was
    right in rejecting inducing labor but he was happy to be wrong.

    I should like my sisters to benefit from our experience but my fear is if I lay too much on y'all you
    won't do anything. We did a significant number of things that I suspect not 1% of pregnant women do.
    I am going to give you three. If you want more respond to this comment and give some indication of how
    much more you think you can manage.(1) Take 2000 IU of vitamin E a day – 100% natural is best.(2) Take 400 mg.
    of coenzyme Q 10 a day.(3) I am not a physician and have never studied anatomy so please forgive me if
    this isn't described as it should be. Have your man or use your own forefinger or hand to both massage and
    stretch your vagina in all directions and also orient your uterus in such a manner that it seems that it
    would be easier for the baby to slide out.

    'Hope you ladies benefit from this.

  9. That obese woman had a nice face but I am glad she has been replaced. Black woman do not need to be told directly or indirectly that it is okay to be her size.

  10. I felt as if my OBGYN wasn't listening to me. I thank GOD for my persistent nature, knowing my body and knowing what should not be (I was a practicing nurse at the time). Long story short, after a rough delivery, I ended up with placenta left in me for 3 months until my body expelled it. I was very ill and returned to the office twice complaining that something just was not right with me. The OBGYN scolded me for complaining, siting my age (38 y/o) as the reason why I felt bad. I thank GOD for Grace and Mercy.

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