What causes absent of fetal movement in 9 weeks of gestation? – Dr. Teena S Thomas

hello I am dr. Tina thermals obstetrician and gynaecologist Bangalore at nine weeks anyway there is no 15 moments so there is no question of fetal movements or anything at that point of time at all at nine weeks what a pregnant woman can have is she can be lethargic they can be some dizziness most common is nausea and vomiting so these are the some symptoms which can come up all pregnant women do not have symptoms so doesn't mean that everybody should have symptoms at that the nine weeks and probably as pregnancy increases up to 10 to 12 weeks is until usually increased so there is a possibility that the patient at some point at nine weeks there'll be better diet or fluid intake and all that have improved very nicely and such a situation patient may be feeling less of symptoms or naturally there be a less intense so doesn't mean that absence of pregnancy symptoms or a decrease decrease in the pregnancy system symptoms is any indication of anything at all definitely we have to at nine weeks to be confirmed with a scan nothing else to prove that baby's heartbeat is good and everything is good you

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  1. Plz help me mam…..cardiac activity absend and foetal movements nil this is my NT scan result any prlm miss plz tell me

  2. Mamm main 7 weak pregnant hu mera fetal pole ni dikh rha h ultrasound me early pregnancy bata rha h… kya kre.. plz tell me

  3. At 6 weeks there was a heartbeat and then 8 weeks no heartbeat, but no miscarriage symptoms, i still feel very pregnant. What should I do?

  4. mam enaku 6 weeks scan in see the yolk sac in all normal but no heart beat and I'm rewiew the scan but no heart beat so,I was aborted return 2 month ago in during I'm pregnancy positive result and so no vomiting ,giddiness because I'm afraid mam ennaku payama eruku madam why reason….?

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