What Does A Miscarriage Look Like Pregnant and Bleeding 2 (Update)

hi this video is my one millionth view commemorative video for my what is a miscarriage look like now I made that video like 4 years ago and there have been hundreds of comments of people telling their stories and some of your stories are so so sad I read every one thank you so much for sharing that and a lot of you have written how much help it has been and how much you've appreciated it will you are very welcome and I wanted to answer some of the top questions that I get in my other video now I had like implantation bleeding was a question like could it be implantation bleeding no implantation bleeding comes before you're even pregnant you go oh look my period started early that's implantation bleeding it's and it's brown and sometimes you can have like a little clot I had mine one time one side of all my pregnancies that's six flags okay so I didn't get to examine it too closely but it's from walking around it just ends up coming out now I've had spotting with all of my pregnancies from walking around and like say like an exposition or somewhere like Six Flags where you're moving around a lot that causes you know some maybe pressure on the cervix or whatever or it causes it to come out now my miscarriages were caused at least two of them were caused by transvaginal scans now it's not the ultrasound like the actual sonogram that they make thing that causes it it's the wand because I'm maybe prone to bleeding or whatever and you're kind of rough in there and I had bleeding with after three different transvaginal ultrasounds at like six seven weeks pregnant where I had a heartbeat and at that point four to ten percent chance you're going to miscarry and I did and it's shocking when it happens because you always think you're bleeding right and you go to the bathroom and you're like oh there's no blood here just feels like I'm bleeding well this is what had happened and I went to the bathroom and I was bleeding and it happened three different times within 24 hours of those scans and one I had genetically tested it was a female and there was nothing wrong with her so my problem was too much prenatal care but you'd still need to go in I'm not saying it's going to happen to everybody because they are routine a lot of people have them but I've also been reading questions just if you just randomly google app there's a lot of people that are saying that that happened but of course it's safe for most people but I will never go in for another early skin again and I've never had a miscarriage sense right so what I would recommend you to do if you do have a miscarriage like I always do this the second question collect everything in a Tupperware you know fill it wad drain you know the bloody water I'll just keep the tissue and what's left and then bury it that's what I do I bury them make little graves for them you can no one knows what they are because I put them in my garden I put flowers on them they're nice and those are my babies I'm not gonna throw them in my garbage can or flush them into my septic and no thanks and those are my babies and that's what I do with it because if it's a winter time you're going to have a little Tupperware in your freezer for a month so you can get out there and bury them if you don't feel like renting you could probably try to hide it over in the cemetery right near a relative's grave is absolutely isn't that a lot that comes out but if you take the abortion pill which I had – one time because I had a miscarriage that wasn't coming out my cervix was still closed even though the fetus was no longer viable I had said in my last video don't ever take the abortion felt well I freaking tuck it and it's basically like the worst diarrhea you're ever going to have and it's like like food poisoning like you drank a big bottle of like milk of magnesia it's like that where it's just uncontrollable you can't stop you feel like you're going to pass out and you're sweating and it's awful and then when the baby is ready to come out or what is left of it you feel like this pressure like you're ready to push your baby oh no I gave birth vaginally to my children I never had problems I had healthy pregnancy pregnancy loss healthy pregnancy pregnancy loss so it's like you know it doesn't mean anything it just it's just one of those things and there's nothing you can do is just like you always say oh man if he had only done this or if I hadn't gone there if I hadn't there's nothing you can do it's happening all you can do is pick up the pieces and figure out you know how to avoid it in the future I don't drink caffeine I drink like one coffee I have to drink a little in the morning because the constipation was pregnancy but I don't drink any other caffeine except for that hot baths I'm really careful about hot baths I'll either just put like two inches of water or something if I have to shave don't take hot baths anymore cuz you don't want to get real sweaty hot that's that's when your body temperature goes up too much you don't like that another thing I avoid sex I don't stick anything in there you know just because you especially if you're prone to miscarriage you know I wouldn't like if this is your first pregnancy and you're like 25 you're probably all set but you know if you're older and you've had a miscarriage afford just don't do anything that you might say damn it I shouldn't have done that like when you are having a miscarriage so I avoid trans vaginal ultrasounds now and I don't have any more problems what I would recommend another thing is if you are like me you always have to go in and get the shot if your blood type is negative so if you're going to go into that make them do a scan anyway if you're already starting a miscarriage you got nothing to lose at least you know if the hearts still beating or it's not

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  1. wow this was so informative. .. my husband and I could not have kids it was because he had the mumps as a young teen (yes it is true men can become sterile because of the mumps) there was nothing wrong with me, so we did the donor sperm thing several times over the years. one time after the insemination my period was a bit late and I had a heavy period with some heavy dark clots . Back in those days there were no fancy pregnancy tests. I asked the Dr if that was normal he reassured me that it was . after seeing this I am now wondering, at the time I knew that wasn't normal for me but I was young and didn't know what to think. I never had anything like that again in my life.
    we adopted two boys but I always grieved not doing the birth thing. the last time we tried was when I was 39 we tried for a full 6 months but when the Dr suggested we do hormones I knew I did not want to take the chance of having a multiple birth. my husband and I had agreed on trying for the six months. So that was the point where I spent a weekend sobbing for the baby I would never have . one of the things was that there would not be a baby of mine to meet in heaven.
    so back to the heavy period with the large clot . at this point in my life I would love to think that was a miscarriage. I love the idea of a child of mine in heaven. I never had a period like that before or after. hmmm very interesting.

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