What does natural birth feel like? How to Reduce or Eliminate Birth Pain

hey it’s Pauline and since I’m pregnant
and I have baby on the brain I thought it’d be fun for all of you who might be
interested out there to know what it feels like to give birth naturally. So I
have given birth naturally six times so six out of six and going on number seven
right now and I know that was always my concern now when I was with my first
baby it just felt like everyone had their horror story to tell like do you
have that help you want to go natural you’re interested in not using
medication drugs epidurals whether you’re in the hospital setting or you’re at
home and everyone wants to tell you how it felt like they are being stabbed in
the eye or one woman told me that or how everyone wants to tell you how they
tried and then they just gave in and got the epidural and blah blah blah okay so
first off I want to say those people one didn’t know what they’re doing there’s a
lot of people who give birth naturally and there’s a way to work with your body
a way to have practitioners who know how to work with your body and then there’s
peat like there’s like going in blind yeah your body is gonna give birth to
the baby whether you do it right or not like your body knows what to do but
there’s a way to work with your body to reduce and you know and pretty much
almost eliminate the pain really to work with your body so I recommend the
Bradley classes they’re twelve weeks long
Lamaze is essentially worthless you’re gonna be in a hospital setting with
pretty much everyone there who wants to get drugs and the they’ll teach you how
to do the candle blowing no one does that no one breathes like that – that’s so
weird okay Bradley is the class you want to
take Bradleybirth.com I don’t know what it is the website I’ll
put it in the comments below but that’s where you want to go to learn how to
give birth naturally and eliminate or reduce get rid of your pain to make this
an awesome childbirth experience and also the really your practitioner is
important. Bradley is designed to teach you how to go natural in a hospital
setting which is so cool because I kind of think that’s like the worst case
scenario unless you have a really awesome nurse midwife or you’re in a
really natural birthing friendly Hospital this is more information you
want to know probably but if you are considering
naturally in hospital I would definitely research their c-section rates so like
when I was in Orange County we lived there at the time Newport hospital and
Irvine Hospital – the wealthiest hospitals had the highest c-section
rates they just don’t see a lot of natural births so I’m not really sure
what to do with him so I’m birthing at right on the
beach it was amazing I looked at the ocean for baby number two and we had a
certified nurse midwife at the well they got rid of it you couldn’t go to it now
anyway the hospital closed but it was awesome. So what does it feel like to give birth. It
feels so basically it feels like a like a sweater like a turtleneck sweater and
it’s it’s gradually like waves are like pulling the sweater down over the baby’s
head is kind of what it feels like so like pull and then you’re gonna break
and it feels like this expanding crescendo this is not a pitocin pitocin
I hear is ridiculous and horrible for contractions but just it’s like a
gradual wave your stomach it’s like your stomach is tightening it’s like it
tightens and is moving down like it’s pulling the the turtleneck sweater or
the baby’s head it tightens and it’s pulling it down so you’ll feel a
tightening in your stomach now here’s where people don’t know what they’re
doing and I didn’t know my first baby either the only reason I didn’t get an
epidural is because my husband was like you can do this you are gonna be strong
you’re almost done when you feel like you this is a huge when you feel like
you need an epidural you’re almost there you’ve got like 30
minutes left you’re so close maybe an hour like you’ve already been laboring
for 24 hours you’ve got one hour left when you feel
like you’re all me you can’t handle any more yourself so so close just know that
okay and when you feel like that that’s the time is to lay down and stop walking
you’re gonna learn all this than Bradley courses but that’s what really helped me
I learned that Psalm 23 is about the length of a contraction so I memorized
Psalm 23 so for me the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want he leads me
beside quiet pastures you know I’m just like saying it to myself I’m totally
relaxed usually laying in a tub I love to birth in a tub it it takes away the
pain for me like 75 to 85 95 percent maybe I have births in every different
way I’ve birth sitting up push the baby on what they call birthing stool it
looks like a u-shaped toilet lid it’s just empty on the bottom it’s just it’s
a stool that is a u-shape and your butt goes onto you and the baby comes out and
they can and the Midwife or your husband can catch the baby I’ve done it twice in
the tub twice on a birthing stool and twice on a bed in hospitals. The first
baby was born in Irvine regional flat on my back and they didn’t know what to do
with me my very lovely OB who was super
supportive of my birth plan was off that day I didn’t even know there was such a
thing so there’s your first baby just know like there’s seven days in a week
and there’s a one in seven chance your OB could be off so who was the backup
well I got mister like 1970s been around forever episiotomy is what I do backup
guy and so he was like Oh the baby didn’t come right out let’s cut you like they
didn’t even like they didn’t even think like let’s move her up or have her sit
up a little or anything like the nurse got me it’s are jumping on my stomach so
look I’m telling you a horse tour this is terrible
sorry this is just to prepare you that you can have a wonderful birth and you
just need to know who’s supporting you what’s your husband feel how does your
husband feel what are the nurses gonna be like there what are the is the
hospital seen mini natural births who’s your backup if your lady is off
what’s the backup like because you can go visit this wonderful person for nine
months and then on showtime day you get the backup person what is the backup
person if you interviewed scrupulously interviewed your your OB or your midwife
and then you get some backup you’ve never even met that’s what happened to
me so check into your backups and also be prepared the first birth I just read
the Bradley books that helped a little it was not the same as attending the
Bradley courses I felt I just got so much more out of actually practicing how
to relaxed having my husband there knowing what to do me my husband were on
the same page he was at first birth he was like reading the Bradley bursts
while I’m in labor the books while I’m in labor like he he you know it’s like
he had so much to do in his life like he’s working he didn’t he make time for
that but when you have 12 weeks and you’re going there as a couple together
we put the first baby baby number one we put her in we had a friend that would
watch her we they would between different friends so we could do
these 12 weeks classes and he came he’s on board he knows what’s happening he’s
there with you and we were able it was it was so much so much better like such
a night-and-day delivery pushing is a different experience so you have your
normal contractions I told you that were like a wave and they get stronger they
only are painful when you don’t let them do what they need to do so if you’re
walking around and the contractions are quite strong like your muscles are
flexing in different directions and so your muscle the uterus is wanting to do
I told you wants to tighten and pull so if you’re like up walking or you’re
really tense or you start to like rise when that contraction comes like you’re
not relaxed this is where the pain happens is your body is going to be
pulling in a different direction okay so then it’s time to push so you had been
letting your body do its thing you were relaxing and all that good stuff and
then it was time to push me what does it feel like to push it’s just kind of an
overwhelming feeling like you know that something is different like the
contractions are very very very on top of each other like there’s not much of a
break anymore and it’s quite quite strong so that’s the time when the
Midwife will check and she’ll say okay it’s time to push like you’re definitely
fully dilated 10 centimeters let’s go and once you start pushing that
overwhelming feeling like wow these are really a lot I don’t know how much more
I can do that oh it’s time to push like you get you even get a sense like I need
to like you start to get this feeling I’m bearing down almost like some people
say you like the feeling like you need to poop like it’s all the same muscles
down there kinda so it feels that way but once I start pushing it’s so much
better like you’re it that overwhelming feeling like goes away almost like way
way way way better it’s um it takes like the overwhelmingness the pain from like
a 10 down to a 2 and then the only other feeling of pain that you might need to
that you would you’re probably wanting to be aware of while you’re watching
this video is like right when you’re pushing the baby out you’re you know
you’re going to feel a little bit of a burn where the baby’s head is coming out
just like a burning like almost like you’ve never take your fingers and like
stretch it real far like that feeling right now that you’re feeling that’s
what you feel it’s not really worse than that
like take your two fingers and stretch them out pretty far and you feel kind of
a little bit of a burn that’s what happens but it’s meant to stretch as my
fingers aren’t meant to do that like don’t worry it’s meant to stretch
down there that’s what’s supposed to do supposed to stretch and release a little
baby that’s the whole point and like that burning the sensation of
it stretching it happened every birth really like it I think your body really
kind of goes back to normal it goes back so every birth it goes back but it only
lasts like a few seconds and then you have your baby
you know like once you’re at that burning point that’s the head coming out
so um that you are like the baby’s about to be out and there’s your baby and once
the head comes out the shoulders and everything just come right out and
you’ve got a little baby in your arms and then the only real pain that you
should be aware of this is more for second and third time moms and
subsequent even after that is the contractions continue even after the
baby’s done like especially in the baby starts nursing you’ll get afterbirth
contractions that are as strong and uncomfortable when you start nursing and
you can’t do anything back you are holding this tiny little fragile baby
and you go oh man I I need to relax and lay down but I can’t because I’m holding
the baby so I recommend after ease birth tincture
after ease afte R EA se you put the droppers and water or orange juice is
better and you just drink it and that really helped with relieving the pain of
the after that after birth because you really can’t relax those because you’re
holding the little baby it’s used when you’re nursing and then the only other
pain I’d mention is when you’re nursing every single time every baby your
nipples just have to get used to that again like it’s they have to toughen up
and get used to a new little baby but for women who there’s a lot of women who
have a hard time with nursing and I will encourage you encourage you encourage
you go get professional help the people at the hospital help you or if you did
the Bradley classes often the classes will come with someone who will teach
you how to help so you are to be firm but gentle just like the Holy Spirit and
you can do this don’t give up don’t give up on nursing don’t give up on child
birthing just know when it feels so intense your Alma
so you’re probably really close to pushing you can do this many women
before you have sometimes it helps to be an environment where there’s just really
not choice your home is so comforting it’s so nice to be at home I did two
births in hospital one would that horrible OB I told you at Irvine the
second was at that wonderful nurse practitioner midwife Hospital and she
kind of ran the show so the other nurses that didn’t know I think my home
birthing like they they really were just there to do her bidding and she you
definitely had control and that was a great experience and then home births
blew them all out of the park my husband will rave for hours about how great and
relaxing it is to sleep I agree I my own stuff my own bed my own like everything
my own it’s so much more of a natural birthing environment conducive it’s just
so much better to be at home it’s just a I can’t even rave about it enough like I
love it so if you can make it happen that’s the best place I really did love
birthing at home it’s I would never ever ever ever want to go back to a hospital
after being in my own wonderful home my own wonderful bed I just remember thing
the second time I was like can I please leave like me we’re good we did natural
labor like I can walk like I’m literally ready to go home and they wouldn’t let
me leave like I had to stay the night and stay
until like 3:00 p.m. the next day it was so pointless and stupid because they had
rules they have all sorts of rules like you can’t in some places like with a
nurse practioner it was good because I could get in at the tub and she didn’t
care but at Irvine they like wanted me to get out of the tub every 10 minutes
to put that stupid monitor on my belly and check check check and it was just it
made natural birthing really difficult so I would recommend home if you can
make it happen save up the money whatever it will work
out like a lot of people have payment plans or let you pay even after the
birth just make it happen if you want to birth it home make it happen
just go for it and know that it’s gonna work out you know do whatever you need
to do sell some things earn some extra money get gifts asks for Christmas
instead of gifts give me money towards my birth whatever it takes
you want to birth it home make it happen because it is so worth it alright talk
to I’m sure I hope that helps you
understand natural birthing and also what it feels like to give birth
naturally from start all the way to finish after birth and also nursing okay
well I will be having a baby soon I’ll let you know about that
I’ve got another trimester to get through which I’m kind of glad for I
like things too I like to enjoy and not feel like things are rushed so but if
you are having a baby congratulations to you and for those who are interested may
God bless you and your endeavors and in your life and in your relationships go
out and live life abundantly and I will talk to you next week

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