1. Congratulations I've had 3 misscarridges and one chemical last month I been on baby asprin progesterone coq10 and still having them drs have done ultrasounds blood test cannot find anything wrong still praying for my rainbow

  2. 🌈✨❤️ she is such a doll! Congrats on your rainbow baby. I’m so happy for you – to see this update after your last video on the topic is heart warming, mama.

    I am now on progesterone after a MMC at 11weeks. My Dr is thankfully much nicer and more understanding than my last OB.

    She prescribed me medical grade progesterone after I mentioned that I ordered some progesterone cream & had been taking using it since my bfp (due to extreme research & paranoia of losing this baby)

  3. Where is the other video about taking the progesterone pills in detail? I see ppl also asking questions for the details as well. Plz share.

  4. What kind of blood test did U have? Or what other examen? Did they say why u had all the others ones?

  5. Hi, I'm so happy it worked out for you. I'm also having recurring miscarriages 😞 please could you let me know if you did any tests to identify your low progesterone levels before taking the pills..And if you did any other testing. I would really appreciate it xxx

  6. Im so so happy for you. I too have had 3 miscarriages and am now newly pregnant but am so scared…..pls let us know your dosage of the progesterone and if u took them vaginally? Im really nervous and really hope u can help x

  7. I’m so excited you posted this! Your daughter is so beautiful! Can you go into detail on your pregnancy and the progesterone pills … any side affects? … new tips for first times moms

  8. What was the dosage of the Progesterone pills? Did you take them all at once or one at night and one in the morning? I'm 5 weeks pregnant after having 4 miscarriges this past year.

  9. I had 3 miscarriages and then I got pregnant again and took progesterone pills from weeks 4-12. Now I am 31 weeks!

  10. Also did you take the progesterone vaginally? How many times a day?how many mg? I just Had my 5th miscarriage this past June.

  11. So you went to the specialist before you got pregnant or after you found out you were pregnant? And for how long did you take the pills for ? Did you pay out of pocket ?

  12. Until how many weeks did you take the progesterone pills hun? Ps. Your baby is so gorgeous! ❤️God bless her🙏🏼

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