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  1. According to the American Pregnancy Association. A woman's fertility is not affected by her diet, and that there is no specific IVF diet recommend for women who undergo in vitro fertilization. Some studies, however, suggest that certain nutrients may affect fertility and help women conceive through IVF. Meditation is believed to have a positive effect on IVF. Since the mind is related to the body. Deep breathing reduces stress and stimulates the circulatory system. There are some techniques that are suitable to the different processes involved in the IVF cycle. In addition, regular meditation may make your journey with IVF more peaceful and effective. Getting rid of toxins in the body, which often come from cigarettes, pesticides, food preservatives, medications and synthetic hormones, can help improve fertility. A detox done at least three months before IVF treatments can help increase blood circulation to the uterus and allow shedding of the uterine lining from previous cycles. Bio tex clinic did this and I saw it was of great help.

  2. Yesterday my ivf emb transfer got done.. But with a very poor grade 4cc single embryo. It's done within very lil hope
    Did you know anyone got success with this kind f embryo?

  3. I hv been TTC since last 3 years. I hv gone through 3 IUI. Now going through icsi. We hv got only 1 embrayo. No frozen embryo. I hv my 3 days embryo transfer two days back. I was having cramping and paining a day after ET. So much worried for the result… suggest me something for positive results

  4. Don't eat pineapple,kiwi,and papaya. keep away from lemon and ora . You can have little bit vitamin c.but with food.

  5. hi you mentioned that your previous ivf did not work because the doctor did not noticed about a liquid that killed the embrios what is the name of that diagnostic? my first ivf was not positive. I wrote this message before in other video

  6. Thank you. These tips are really helpful. I just started my delestrogen shots 2 days ago, so I guessing if all goes well I will have my transfer in about 2 weeks!!

  7. these are really useful tips! I have Egg Transfer hopefully this Saturday! thanks for list of food you've eaten!! xx

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