20 Replies to “What I Eat In A Day 25 Weeks Pregnant! + My Day In Bits!”

  1. Kim, you always put a little happy in my day every time I watch!!!! The chicken recipe looks delicious. I like that you try to eat healthy but you don't deprive yourself!! Thanks for sharing! Take care & God Bless.

  2. The chicken, potatoes and brussel sprouts look wonderful. May I ask what temp did you bake them at and for how long? Thank you in advance.

  3. Ill check with my brothers if they want to try that chicken. I have not made those balls in a year. They are really good and I might make them tomorrow. Im trying to clean out my kitchen because im moving in 2 months and I dont want to bring a bunch of junk food to my place. Maybe you should use pressed tofu instead of chicken for your meal with the sauce.

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