What I Eat In A Day (5 weeks Postpartum)

today I'm answering the question what do I eat in a day I actually got this asked a lot prior to my pregnancy even but now that I've had Kiera she's five weeks now I've been asked a lot what I eat now that I'm breastfeeding so before I show you what I ate on this particular day which is pretty much what I eat on most days I do want to say this if you ever want to have a good reality check fill what you eat in a day on top of that I will say to what I was doing this I was much more conscious of how much food I was putting in my mouth and how often because every time I did I knew I had to film it for you secondly I just want to tell you I do not calorie count I've never calorie counted it's just not something that I'm into doing not to see that I've never watched what I eat I just prefer not to have to write it all down and do the calorie thing I'm just much more aware of eat whole food putting good food in my body portion control and just making sure I eat enough carbs proteins fats etc so the first thing I do when I get up in the morning and actually the last thing I do before I go to bed is to drink a little bottle of water I love these little 8 ounce ones that I keep by my bed you can reuse them too which is nice and they're so easy to down quickly so I do that the first thing when I get up in the morning so that the first thing I put my body in the morning is not caffeine but rather some nice room-temperature water I find that that goes down the easiest my favorite favorite water to drink is hint water it has just a hint of flavor and I love taking it everywhere I go and I even take it to the gym with me now that I have been approved to workout again so these days I'm up pretty early in the morning not necessarily always because of the Kirra but because of my three-year-old Liam as well and so I find that I'm hungry right when I get up again probably because of the breastfeeding so I'm often eating breakfast before my kids these days but I found my mason jars to be really helpful with this I have a whole video about mason jars if you want to check it out and I think I actually have this recipe in there but it's essentially Musa Lee with Greek yogurt and blueberries and just a tiny bit of apple juice to sleeping it pop and if it's not this mason jar recipe then it's often Greek yogurt with granola or I often do scrambled eggs as well either in a burrito or plain and you can also check out my video on great healthy breakfast ideas so my guilty pleasure that I have more often than not is a blended chai which it's essentially just almond milk and chai I have my favorite cafe cafes Ella that I often get it from and I have them go light on the chai hey I don't like it really really sweet and B it's obviously a little bit better for you with a little less try it pretty much ends up being my treat for the day but they do know me well over there sometimes I can just drive up and they bring it out to me I was bring a snack on the go and this particular day I did choose a little healthier again it was probably the pressure of videoing it but I carrots with me sometimes we bring apples pretzels almonds so breastfeeding I am hungry more often than not so if they don't have those healthy snacks with me then I'm just setting myself up we're at lunch in this particular day I did have some chicken and vegetable soup it's a recipe that a friend of mine had made for me pre kara and I had frozen it in my freezer which was so nice to be able to have it full out as you can imagine I was hungry pretty soon after and I did have these baked grilled cheesy puffs which are basically like Pirate's Booty and of course some more water I do like sparkling water just as much of a like regular water if not more that's actually what's in here right now and by the way the reason I drink it out of here is I just find I drink water so much quicker and it goes down so much easier when I have a straw and as for dinner I'm not going to even lie there is a lot of takeout going on around here a new mom of three I am still trying to find my groove and sometimes you just have to go to take out route so on this particular day we had Mendocino farms which is an amazing healthy fast food ish cafe around here it's actually changed so I don't know it might be about you too but I had their Chinese chicken salad which obviously had my veggies in it and the chicken and then several crispy wontons and also came with a tortilla so I did have plenty of carbs in there as well and then before I went to bed and this probably happens almost every night and then also if I end up waking up in the middle of the night and I'm hungry I have these amazing fiber bars that were created by my friend Carrie gambrel who's a chef and her and I actually shared this recipe on my channel here so you can check that out as well if you'd like so they have dates in them almonds and oats all of those are supposedly supposed to help with milk production so that's good they're fiber filled so they just keep me really regular I ate them all through my pregnancy too and I didn't have any problems so check out that recipe I think you'll really love it and if you don't like peanut butter which is in them in the recipe that we shared with you you can also do them with sunflower butter or almond butter too so I hope that helps my biggest recommendation is always to just drink a ton of water but if you have any questions or comments leave them in the section below and I will get back to you subscribe to my channel if you don't already and I will see you next time

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  1. I was so good about eating with my first born. I am 3 weeks post partum with my second and basically ate an entire chocolate cake today… yeah

  2. Hey congrats on the baby girl! Looking forward to your future videos in light of this new addition to your family and your recovery from baby #3

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