5 Replies to “What I eat in a day as a vegan with gestational diabetes”

  1. Thank you! Just failed my 1 hour and going back in a week to do the 3 hr. This was the only thing I could find about GD and someone who is vegan.

  2. The video I’ve been looking for! I’m 28 weeks and failed my first glucose test, I have my three hr one soon so I’ve been researching GD and sine I’m vegan I’ve been having a hard time finding stuff that doesn’t have meat or dairy. Thanks

  3. how did that happen if you are a vegan, isnt being on that diet keep you from getting Gestotional diabetes, but i know that can cause type 2 diabetes

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience and tips—I'm sure this will be really helpful to others with gestational diabetes! <3 -Michelle 🙂

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