What I Eat in a Day ||How i lost Pregnancy weight || INDIAN DIET || By Monika

am I looking good I hope I'm not looking ship cool hi guys welcome back to my channel so in today's video I'm gonna share what I eat in a day and this video is requested by so many of you guys and my friends my close friends they also requested me to make what I eat in a day to lose weight he died ma'am those are the four look at the are you and it has worked for me very very basic routine I followed kooky mujhey dr. chiapetta kedaranatha hair or your basic food or pen Jawara Indian food with Mao sicko prefer to use other now after Sasha can get up leakage few recipes or Joe McCarthy use your local tu proportions words automatically up key eating habits me totally should look at a map with the congi mega C for local TV yessir I hope you like it make sure to hit on the subscribe button and like this video and share it with your friends and do follow me on Instagram I leave the Instagram handles up on the screen and also in my description box so Charlie now let's start with the video ok so first thing Jamaica to early morning empty stomach my Peter infused water whiskey sadly to me five elements or if we go catechetical man overnight or open upon e-mail Germany ingredients chalet have ahead sabja seats up to your seats with us after gonna subtitle ahead and minutes per mix kururugi maitika dynamics kiosk overnight so curcumin autonomy or famous Casablanca boycott you just for a minute ticket his coaches mmm but love Java mix for Japan II females may not occur to honey and lemon and this is really very very good to boost your immune system guys I'm Escobar negative exercise Joe very hotel maximum to maximum Dave's opponent Oh hunty I cannot skip my exercise if you have a list up to that are important him which I charge directly here pardon and maybe yoga because to you so he may need routine now kiss encouragement daily basis pay actually follow curfew apart from my canopy like obviously honey panicky routine to change hotel fear let me get coconut water it's really very good for your skin it's very good for weight loss it's very very good for your hair growth it's a magical water actually talked about me people start drinking coconut water at least once in a day and you will start noticing glow on your face it is really very good breakfast Lebanon you broke clicky Ferranti or scuba now gimmick canola oil me as a Coppa Italia kid your broccoli oh dear what is our the hell do ta confused imports antioxidants what the hair or up your blood pressure could be what is other control cars ahead or else we may add curry Himalayan salt you would a pink salt or American we tortured masala joseki male cheetah care flakes we are cursive Te'o and it's called Casa stir fry cabeza then he can we cook amateurs kiddo nutrition for the Proclaimers cook Omni he can estimate Parvati only for 10-15 seconds or swim a GB at Corona pepper are typically keep what is other important and may make a baby oil a parent and even after you you keep my practical to Giggy is a healthy fat easily I love love love grandmas in G / on tequila make oh sheesh go to a multigrain art I use Karuma normal art I used in he cut fuel my body parts lap around Havana a quick image a hard dog and Tim a coach to coach conahey steamer a keeper and apply favor to you it is amazing it tastes so delicious guys I will appear recipe a try after please close the command bar mrs. Rupert that I bought this simple recipe here how many broccoli kozara pacaya Diego Kiev epicardial school Masada I think only for 10 seconds when epic i have schoo 10-15 seconds over a peccatis is the nutrition value with his sonna koto mo cha ta if the plates observers are not for crime Miyagi he constantly thinking about miss observe ricotta meal especially parathas Kelly and this is one of my favorite prevent ah I'm not very fond of I look upon her thousand Peniche Banaras like I really love this one or go became but it is a very very good alternative for gopika paratha try this recipe and I show you guys you will love this like one bite from my side my husband is so fond of broccoli he brought oh it is so delicious I was what tradition at the hey Zack I am sure Kari appear piranha sashimi him and I use this half tablespoon key in your diet it's very very important to lose your weight and also for that healthy looking glow you need to you need to eat key right so please get higher it's a healthy fat or a child may not main focus me show you do that you may a measure small small portions Kelly chrome and other items a couch Nakano cook it's not good for your health and up eat up that boost of cardio let's may not be egg biotic hi so I'm a dough can take about couch or congee and then I'll see you made him a shigeko she showed taking a boards at the Panda pure may come second three liters per capita per day or when he talks what a pity who clearly talks water to water pro th out there up keep weight loss can anybody help cadet or grab chair to me speak video for now – would you please comment by mr. rout batana I will definitely make it for you all make sure to include fruits in your diet guys it's very very very beneficial truths like pomegranate apple any seasonal fruits good for your health okay to up Shelton lunch key or lunch clear in a body simple package or hamare cuisine at the edge over the Indian doll or body achieve and I am in a is other spices and Nikhil agreeable when Azara spices add nahi kiya when in fact Spanky Darla yoga Rob Kula guru hotel ki tarah Metallica be used a quarter opening dolls meme and key prefer curd the only 1/2 TSP ghee or skis are many body toward each other Elias other quantity in a turkey a Kamehameha prefer car to white rice / brown rice will be brown rice both cause other time lately and I just wanna me and white rice Virgil did I just was out there or me the quantity they could have heard women Parvati come here for my evening snack mine any peanut butter scooper Manito pinky Havana rocky and it tastes delicious guys Bautista recipe hey Ormond a good Valley chive and I a kooky may prefer to jaggery Valley child not ki white sugar body or mezco congee a body delicious snack ABS root Riker yoga and when a brown reduce key ask me all rat keys but the rat key milk lemonade is sabudana khichdi when I hear like it tastes delicious I trust me just try this recipe and you will love it whenever sabudana go big ok the hot hot three hours belly horse may add came in at peanuts hookah peanuts protein more the truth here sabudana be or – me at ki Hagee Loki prosperity I am in a sort of edenia or vine or a separ coming Inagaki a cheesy – co benattia headlines are a pecan in America could use caffeine nutrition Fatima yoga all – my idea of la sabudana or the peanuts vine – pay at Kehoe USB mini actually when uplift friends is he here Austin majestic high tea Emily recipients very very healthy or very very good source of protein or what is our nutrition value has candor and absolute Riker a guy ever leave recipes women an advocate told us at the he and I just love love love Jimmy Rakesh Monica Raven an echo to my severe benattia or image will be dr. Amira Joe rot card dinner maximum to maximum error 6:30 Takata majide Musa Dagh Donaghy or Jude last drinking here haldi Valley chai I'm gonna he'll develop anima he'll develop a new spin ginger cookies repeat aqua SUV just making up a Sunday please to let me know in a comment bar below math if we just move around here global killer definitely autograph my video akela gave all helpful again on a trike after who me recipes careful so please do let me know in a comment bar below how did you like it I protest Gila geeky nahi lucky both the basic in recipes ever circus other hi finding here I love you guys also so so much and I will see you in my next one laugh you all bye mmm good night

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  1. Very nyc vlog desr..i will definitely try brockly prentha.my husband like gobhi prantha a lot.i also prefer desi ghee.ur hair colour is very nyc.pls share a video hw u colour ur hair.

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