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[Applause] [Applause] hello there guys how are you it's been a long time sending a YouTube video I just had a baby about a month ago his name is Spiro um he is the cutest little thing ever this video I wanted to show you guys how I'm losing the baby weight I have not lost all the baby weight yet but I am slowly slowly losing it it's definitely not my number one priority cuz right now with two kids they are my number one priority if I lose the weight great if I don't lose away one day I will I do live in Greece on an island it's very nice so I walk everywhere that's my picture so I got early in the morning before the Sun comes out with the kids and we go for a walk it is not every day because every morning is different but on the good morning this is what we do and if we don't do that we will go for dinner or we'll go healthy dinner always healthy or we'll go to the playground or go look at the shops I'm right in the center and it's very convenient I don't have to take a car I don't have to load up anything I just get up put them in the stroller get them ready put them in the stroller and head out so that's very convenient for me and it definitely lets me get more exercise in I love to eat healthy so my meals are gonna be healthier on the healthier side so yeah I do have around 1 to 2 cheat meals a week I don't want to go crazy over losing weight however it's not like an everyday kind of thing around 1 to 2 days a week I will have a cheat meal and once my doctor says gives me the clear I will start working out whether it's at home or whether it's running or whether I go out I like to go out and on the water ok I look by the water it's so nice and like do squats jump squats in general workout like by the beach it's really nice because when a video like that showing you like where I live and stuff I mean it's something different if you guys want me to show you the beaches and a day in my life I can't talk I keep getting some huge with speaking English guys I'm gonna show you a video or a vlog of a day in the life of an American mom living in Greece please let me know in the comments below so I'm almost done the rent is almost done I did start 160 pounds once after gave weight out of 160 pounds and I want to get down to 136 this is the weight I feel most comfortable that it's 136 and this is a weight that I will fit into my clothes and feel most comfortable at my clothes I am now around I don't have like 8 pounds to lose I get computed the kilos and the pounds but I think it's like 7 to 8 pounds that I have to lose it's not so much and I know I can do it but like I said it's really not my number one priority if I do lose a weight I will make a video exactly what I did like another day what I eat in the day and what I exercise stuff like that if I don't then you guys might not see a video but I'm gonna try and try to get videos up so yeah if you're interested in something like this please continue watching my video so this is my stomach right now I'm definitely not complaining I don't have much more to lose but if I lose it like I said great if I don't I'll take this whatever I just want my clothes to fit me better that is all I'm asking for my clothes to fit me better so I'll have to buy a brand new wardrobe so I'm just sitting down to eat my breakfast it's 10:00 a.m. in the morning Sophia has gone on with my mother-in-law and the baby is sleeping so yeah I don't eat I don't make it a priority eat when I first wake up I usually eat when I get a second to eat like when things wind down and I'm able to actually sit down and eat alone in peace so I already had my coffee I didn't show you guys my coffee because at that moment it was crazy in here with the kid I just wanted to drink my coffee fast and get back to getting the kids ready for the day so my breakfast is very simple it's not big I don't like eating a lot during breakfast so yeah let me just show you it is 2 1 egg and 2 whole wheat toast with cream cheese so yeah that's all for today I almost a lot of times I have oatmeal with egg with an egg stuff like that but I'm not a big breakfast person sometimes I also skip breakfast which is really bad but I try not to do that if I'm out and about I will eat something the healthier option outside of the house but yeah I usually eat breakfast inside and try to keep it I keep it the same thing every day I'm not I like the I don't mind eating the same foods every day especially for breakfast so yeah I'll see you guys for lunch now I'm going to eat my snack before lunch it is for apricots and 3 strawberries these are for my mother-in-law's garden I tried to eat the fruits that are in season always um so yeah right now it's apricots strawberries all right I wouldn't the sorry no apricots and strawberries are what are in season so I will probably eat again around 2 o'clock to 3 o'clock around there this is my lunch I have 120 grams of chicken breasts and I have a Greek Mediterranean dish called Breann and I will eat a small slice of whole wheat bread for my carbs I eat carbs I don't give up carb because when I don't eat carbs I tend to end up binging in the long runs so I am eating carbs I tried to stick with whole wheat grains stuff like that I tried to avoid sorry guys is my refrigerator telling me to close it a little bit better yes I tried to stick with whole-wheat carbs you definitely need my carbs this is my snack it is yogurt um I buy it from a local store down the street it's locally made it's all-natural it is not made by certain company it's made by people that live on the island so it's really natural and good for you has the best probiotics definitely not pauses whatsoever in general the good thing about living in Greece is that I eat like locally grown fruits and vegetables fresh caught fish and all that good and healthy type of stuff and obviously yogurt so yeah this is my snack before my dinner I won't eat the whole yogurt just cuz it's a little heavy it's full fat so I just eat half of this and then I'll eat the other half the other day so we're out for dinner and I wanted to show you that even when you're out you can eat a little bit healthier I got a beet salad and I told them not to put the oil inside because when they put the oil inside on their own they tend to put at restaurants way more than the suggested amount and oil is very fattening so this is my solid floor start and then I got tuna well you'll see how let me bring it out I'll show you my my next meal so now I'm going to show you my food it's a huge portion I'm not going to eat this whole thing right now but yeah let me show you a real moment it is tuna steak souvlaki within mom body and race I'm not gonna eat this whole thing like I said Sophia is also gonna eat some of this and I will eat the rest tomorrow so it's good for two portions at least for me I believe it's like good for two portions Sophia you ready to eat your food with Mama yeah okay I'm gonna come feed you now thank you so much for watching my videos so my husband and up eating half of my tuna and I don't hate the other half of everything so yeah that's it for today if you liked my video please leave a comment down below if you would like to give me a thumbs up that'd be great and they can teach my child please go ahead and subscribe thank you so much bye-bye

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  1. This was so helpful! Just hearing someone else’s experience… I m in the same situation… also you look gorgeous… keep going… 👍🏻☺️

  2. I’m so jealous of your location! Sounds gorgeous!!! Nice to see you on here again!! I haven’t weighed myself yet but I gained 36 lbs this time. I gained like 50 with my first!! Your stomach looks great. My belly is still sticking out a little but I’m still only two weeks postpartum tomorrow. I’m hoping to post a labor and delivery vlog and maybe a postpartum update too.

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