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  1. Her diet was sack. I’m 31 weeks preg. I cut out all sugars, white n brown carbs, starchy carbs like bean. All fruits r out. I’m fasting 12hrs a night, having 600k per day. N trying to ex 10min a day I have spd which doesn’t help. I’m gone extreme for myself n baby’s health.

  2. I was clinically determined to have diabetic issues almost a year ago. I am presently Sixty-four years of age. I can`t believe that I`ve got diabetes and it worries me that I will also experience the same hardships like my father did. Found out this phenomenal information “Gαjοjο Fivu” (Google it). Based on my initial test results, I`ve got 7.3 A1C and 183 for my glucose level. Right after a week of reading the program, I have managed to decrease my A1C to 5.9..

  3. Seems like your controlling your sugars really good 👍🏻 I had gestational diabetis with my last pregnancy and again with this pregnancy ; my baby had to stay in the nicu for 3 days cause his sugar was to low. Did your baby have low blood sugar when he was born?

  4. I hope u respond but my question was with gestation diabetes were u induced at all? And was a c section done . im so scared of having a c section. I dont want that to be the only way i give birth.

  5. I clicked mostly because the icon looked tasty 🙂 I would be starving if I only ate two boiled eggs though :'(

  6. This is my 2nd pregnancy and I got GD again. It's been like two years since I had to do all this and I completely forgot about walking for at least 10 minutes

  7. I'm 26 weeks I have gestational diabetes and I haven't gone to my high risk do they give you the meal plan, right now I don't know what to eat for breakfast, lunch, mid afternoon snack, dinner, I don't even know where to begin sinse I don't have monitors yet, I eat eggs, with while West toast sugar free, with sugar free jam, but what time do I eat next 11, or 12, and how about for dinner, I'm clueless, is the meal that bad, do the doctor give you a meal plan Monday through Sunday? Will I get an ultrasound that day? I haven't had one rinse 19 weeks

  8. My blood sugar was up by one point could i be at risk for gestational diabetes? This video was very help…👏👏

  9. I've been diagnosed with GD and am only 27 weeks along, so I have a long way to go with my "diet/lifestyle change" your video genuinely gave me hope that I can do this. thank you girly 🙂

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