What I wish I would’ve known • Labor, Delivery, & Postpartum

she probably thought that I was going to kill her what's up you guys welcome back to the channel thanks for tuning in today if you're new here my name is Katrina don't forget to hit that subscribe button and make sure you hit that Bell icon if you want to know when I upload every Monday Wednesday and Friday so this video is really really really really TMI um just as a disclaimer if you are a family member you probably should not be watching if you are a child you probably should not be watching this video is for women who are pregnant or women who want to have a baby this is the things that they do not tell you that you probably wish you would have known which is like me I wish I would have known so I want to start a series about this kind of thing I want to call it either what I wish I would have known or things that they don't tell you so comment down below and tell me which one you would like to see in a theory I remember it is TMI so if you get grossed out really easily I wouldn't watch it oh I wrote a whole bunch of things down about birth and about labor and you know so that I could tell you guys I don't want to forget anything and this video is gonna be super out of order because my notes are all over the place you don't always know when your water has broke it's not like the movies and neither is labor so ladies don't believe those movies that you'd see because it is completely different it's so different okay so your water isn't just like gushing out of you sometimes a computer just like a little bit of time with me it was only a little bit at first I literally had to call my mom and I was like did my water break like I have no idea I notice that her picture call your doctor some some doctors will like tell you to wait until your contractions are a certain amount of part but my doctor was like okay well if you think your water was broke go to the hospital so I go to the hospital it takes a long time to get checked in a long time I don't care what hospital you are going to expect to be there for about an hour and a half to two hours it took a long time just remember that also eat and drink any colored fluid that you want before you go to the hospital because they do not let you eat all they let you do is drink water and some hospitals don't even let you drink water like you have to eat ice chips which is literally like the same thing as drinking water so I don't really understand why they would let you eat ice chips but not drink water but the reason is because if you have to have an emergency c-section and they have to put you under a general anesthesia you could aspirate and choke and die so that is why they don't want you to yeah but my hospital they let me have popsicles so thank God I had like 13 stay ahead of your contractions and what I mean by that is don't sit there and be like oh they're gone like please don't let this happen again it hurts so bad like prepare yourself it's going to happen again so make sure that you have your head wrapped around them and you're like okay I can do this I can just get through it it's only gonna be for a little bit I'll have my beautiful baby so get through it wrap your head around it like they're not that bad I mean they're pretty bad but you know if you are going to have an epidural do not wait to have an epidural so speaking of contractions they didn't think my contractions were happening fast enough and I wasn't dilating fast enough so I got this medicine called pitocin pitocin is a drug that speeds up your contractions and pretty much makes them worse honestly but and it helps you diet Lee obviously because contractions you know help you dilate it woman it's pretty much what makes you dilate so I bought pitocin and then my contractions started happening so quickly like it went from I was totally fine to I was curled up in a ball with my eyes closed like dying like I felt like I was dying I can honestly tell you that I don't remember anything that happened after I started feeling that pain until I got my epidural I mean I remember the aunt Suzie ologist coming in telling me to get up telling me that I couldn't move during my contractions when he was putting the needle in because I could die if you put it in the wrong spot so yeah with that being said don't push your epidural like I didn't like don't push it to the side if you want an epidural get that goddamn it but they're all because I was in so much pain I completely regret pushing aside my epidural like I'm so afraid of needles yeah I Wow I wish I didn't push it because when I was getting my epidural I was like sitting there like bent over giving my epidural literally my whole entire body was shaking I was staring at my mom and I could feel my face like I was giving her the death stare she says that she didn't but she probably thought that I was going to kill her I was in so much pain it was it was something I'll tell you that so don't push it off get your epidural if you want to get your epidural and do it soon so that you don't feel that excruciating payment I did oh hi there how's it going um I ought to say that after you give birth like as your stomach's shrinking you will feel like you're still having contractions and that's just because your body is just trying to go back to how it was before and it will happen for days I'm not gonna lie to you it will happen for a very long time so just remember that giving birth it's like an out-of-body experience so you can look back at it this isn't really like something that you need to know or what they don't tell you but it really is like when I think back to my delivery like I'm seeing it has a different person like in another place in the room like I can see myself and I don't know if that's because I have pictures and I remember how I was feeling at that moment but I like don't see it as myself so in pushing for me I had to push ten seconds at a time for a pretty long time the average time for pushing for a first-time mom is two and a half to three hours I believe I was probably like one and a half hours I think I was pushing for but so I was lucky but it was so exhausting like in like I said before labor is not like the movies like you don't you're not screaming like there's no no it's coming out of you except for like not you're not screaming so don't again like I said before don't believe the movies because that is not what happens I walked into my labor expecting that to happen and literally my face was red like I will inserts picture my face was super super red like I was like look it's my pictures like it was awful you will poop some people don't they say that if you poop while pushing you are pushing good so you will probably poop and don't even worry about it because if your nurse is professional she will wipe it away like nothing happened but you know I was sitting there like do a poop did it boop de doop boop and so you know but they they've seen it they will ignore it they will wipe it away nicely they won't let anybody know so don't even worry about that so there's this thing it's kind of out of practice now but sometimes it has to happen it's called a PC ah to me it is where they will cut your vagina so that it is easier to push baby through um thank God that didn't happen to me and honestly I didn't even know about it until after I gave birth but yeah some people have to do it and you can still tear if your baby is out of certain size you can still tear after getting it so speaking of tearing nine times out of ten you wills hair there are people that have other kid like multiple kids that tear and for those people that don't think your vagina goes back to its normal state it does your whole becomes the same size that it was but at the time it's pretty big so most likely you will tear there are four degrees of tearing you can tear muscles you can literally tear from your vajayjay all the way to your butthole so I have a second-degree tear I think I had three to four stitches but I tore inside like I didn't tear the skin outside I tore inside which sucked speaking of tearing and stitches um they will hurt really really bad and you will wish that you still had your epidural because it's awful and if you're breastfeeding they don't really give you drugs because it's not good for the baby um it stings to pee for a long long time so you get this you get this so for a long time you have to put some hot water in here or warm water whatever you prefer and up your badge up don't put it up just like spray it on there either some people do a father pings some people do it after therapy but if you're gonna do it while you're painting also do it afterwards because there's some going on and you need to use this because you do not want to wipe your vagina will be throbbing it will be huge and it will be awful to wipe they tell you not to so they say oh you should probably bring some like panty liners cuz there's gonna be some believing that the words there is a ton of bleeding so that's where this comes in this is not you regular pack this is what was provided to me by the hospital now it doesn't look very long or thick but in person it's a big boy this is a big boy big boy it is big there are bigger you can get bigger like whatever also there are the these are there like pads this is that pad but it's also these pack so that really helped make pads to Colts use a low and witch hazel and put them in the freezer you put them in the freezer they will save your life absolutely 100% but since you're going to be having such big pads they tell you to bring comfortable underwear and for me before I gave birth and now because I'm no longer bleeding a thong is comfortable for me I am fine in a thong but with this thing and this thing like you see this whole blue thing that's not gonna fit on the phone so you gotta bring out the big guns be big comfortable guns these were provided to me from the hospital the big guns okay they're big they're comfortable the oh my god huge but they will fit your pad in it you gotta hold that in like you gotta hold that thing in you gotta hold your baby JJ back and it takes a lot after birth when it comes to pain before labor you get this fun thing called a catheter in that was probably one of the worst things for me I had no idea that I was going to get a catheter so it was not fun I did not have a good time with it and I had no idea if I was peeing on which was the worst part of it honestly cuz I felt like I had to pee but I didn't know if I was pee no no I didn't know if I was letting it out is just a constant feeling of having to pee so it was awful hoping afterwards is not the same it hurts if not the same than worse because it's not only are you not on your epidural anymore like you ripped you are bleeding everywhere you're uncomfortable it hurts everywhere and you're trying to push out like a watermelon out of your butthole by laxatives laxatives saved my life the first cup of poops I kind of stopped taking them which I should Anna because TMI I still bleed from my asshole every time I take a I am so sorry that I said that and I'm so sorry that you had to hear that but I have to let you know because it is so painful I should probably still be taking Mike's tips your labor delivery birth plan will most likely not go according to schedule at all I honestly didn't have one but I've heard from many people that it doesn't happen the way you want it to most of the time so you can have one like that's that's cool whatever whatever but it most likely will not happen if you have a c-section you will still lead I don't know why people don't think that you will because you have to get rid of all that stuff but you will still bleed your vagina after giving birth we'll be robbing it will throb for quite a few days if not weeks and it is off your first shower after delivery is the best thing in the world like I don't care what you think the best thing in the world is it is taking a shower after you give birth that first shower you're like wow like wow you feel disgusting I don't care if you took 20 showers go to the store ice crunchies which have come back from the 80s put your hair in a bun or ponytail and that is how your hair will stay for a very long time you guys are lucky lucky that I straightened my hair for this video because I didn't want to but I was like you know what I look awful right now my hair is like all over the place it's like I need to brush my hair and straighten it so just remember you will look like a trash bag most likely unless you're freaking gorgeous which all AmeriCorps just love you guys like sorry but you won't feel gorgeous I still don't but I don't want I don't want pity for that like don't don't be my comments saying oh my god you're so beautiful don't why why do you think that like I think I'm cute but I still don't feel it like sometimes I'm like I look in the mirror and I'm like are you looking good today but then there's all the rest of the days where I'm like Lux looks so don't mind this shirt you can obviously see the head right here I am breastfeeding Mike you might think you're lucky right you're like I have no stretch marks but they will come after you give birth you will I had like not even ten on my body on my legs before I gave birth and then right after pretty much they were everywhere um they're really not that bad like my heart unless some people's are and that's fine like don't think of stretch marks as a bad thing because you literally just gave birth to a child that you grew in your body or nine months like stretch marks are no big deal so don't stress about it but yeah they will come most likely don't think that your body will bounce back because it won't there's this thing in society where people think that women's bodies should just bounce back the day after they give birth fine hunter is 7 weeks old and my stomach has still not bounce back it is much better but it is definitely not black and a lot of its back but it's also still really stressed out okay so don't think that your body is just gonna bounce back because it won't be confident in the fact that you just gave birth and this is just the way your body looks and it will look for a while but like don't give up hope like it's okay it'll go back I promise um actually I can't really promise that because mine still hasn't called back all the way but it will go back some other way if it doesn't go back all the way back to pooping and penis be nurses have to watch you a few times after and it's not very fun it is very like why are you in my face by you in the bathroom but they just want to make sure nothing is happening to you mostly because they take you off of the blood pressure monitor and so they just like want to make sure that you don't forget died in there and they want to see that you can you know poop and pee by yourself like a big girl nobody talks about hemorrhoids which I didn't have any but I know from other people and that they can literally appear out of nowhere if you don't know how to him where it is look it up but yeah they can appear anywhere for months like I heard this girl she said that she had hemorrhoids all the time for literally like seven months after she gave birth it hurts to walk to sit to stand to lay down it hurts and I'm not talking about hemorrhoids I'm just talking about afterbirth it kind of sucks it really does and it makes you not want to do anything other than take care of your baby and you don't want to go see how their family members um you don't want to be the house but yeah it really sucks like squatting to go to the bathroom to just pee hurts I promise the video is almost over but I just wanted to come on here and say it I know that I'm saying like all the bad parts of Labor which they're all kind of bad but afterwards like I said like it's totally worth it I love my daughter like right after I gave birth to her my mom and her friend looked at me and we're like did you do it again and I looked at them and I said in a heartbeat I love my daughter I love my life like I would go through the pain again like it's a person that you're bringing into the world be proud of it don't be scared it's okay it's really not that bad I know I'm making this sound super bad but you can do it if you're still here thank you for watching the video please comment down below if I missed anything honestly I had to record this video so many times I couldn't even count I kept wanting to start over so I don't actually know if I got everything in my notes but yeah thank you for watching

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