What If Abortion Was Illegal Worldwide?

Imagine a world, where no woman could ask for an abortion. Even if she’d been sexually assaulted. Even if not having an abortion means her own life would be at risk. You may argue that life begins at conception and it’s wrong to kill
anyone, even a fetus. After all, a fetus is a potential human being and by eighteen weeks is developed enough to feel pain. This is WHAT IF, and here’s what would happen if abortion was illegal worldwide. Picture this – dealers selling
abortion drugs on the streets. Hospitals overflowing with women dying from having tried to
induce an abortion on their own. And millions of unwanted kids born into a horrible quality of life. Even if you disagree with abortion, placing a global ban on it
would affect everything from a woman’s basic right to
decide what to do with her body; to the well-being of our planet. Yep, even the Earth would face
more human-caused struggles. But we’ll get to that in a moment. Governments might ban abortions, but that wouldn’t mean there wouldn’t be any. Every day, 125,000 women
around the world get an abortion. If the procedure was no
longer available to them, then they may choose to
have a clandestine abortion. It’d be dangerous, and it might even kill them. But if they didn’t take that risk, they’d have to go through with
a pregnancy they didn’t want, knowing that they might
not be able to care for or financially support their child. Some women would take pills
to induce an abortion at home In a worst-case scenario, they’d
abandon their newborn babies. Many of those trapped in a
motherhood they didn’t want would suffer from anxiety
and low self-esteem. They might end up staying
tethered to abusive partners or be left all alone in their pregnancy. You decide what’s worse. And what about those who had
an abortion and got caught? That depends on how strict
the abortion laws would be. Today, women in countries like El Salvador can be prosecuted and sentenced
to up to eight years in prison if the authorities suspect she
might have harmed her fetus. If a punishment like that
was adopted worldwide, prisons would be overwhelmed. If the doctors performing the abortions and the partners supporting a woman’s
decision were imprisoned as well, we’d need to build more prisons and a better-organized prison system. The only industry to cash
in on the abortion ban would be birth control. With strict laws and punishments
in place for getting an abortion, people who otherwise may not
have considered using birth control would have to think things over very carefully. Banning abortions would have a
lot of implications on a social level, and it wouldn’t be so
great for our planet either. At our current population growth rate, we’ll need three Earths by 2100 to maintain the standards of
how people are living today. And that’s with abortions legally
performed in most countries. With a worldwide abortion ban, there’d be at least 1.5 billion more
people being born in the next 40 years. At that rate, by 2060 we’d
hit the breaking point – the point at which there’d be too
many humans for our planet to support. The poorest countries would
see the most population growth. For them, adding a lot of
extra people would mean increased demands for drinking
water and proper sanitation – things that over 2 billion people
already lack access to. Let’s face it – being forced to
have a child benefits no one – not the mother, not the planet, and most certainly, not the baby. Maybe all of this could be solved if humans lost their sex drive. But that’s a story for another WHAT IF.

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  1. I think that killing an unborn child is wrong, but it shouldn't be the government's job to tell us what to do. Most of the arguments for overcrowding can't even be made because as technology advances, so do our capabilities. In 1820, 90% of the world lived in poverty be today's standards, but human innovation filled the need so that less than half that is in poverty. New ways of doing things, agriculturally, medically, and technologically will give Earth a much larger carrying capacity than what it might be now. Human ingenuity is not something that can be forgotten.

  2. I don't why or how I got this thought but… what happens if the earth suddenly devided into two parts? Will there's still be gravity? And what else happens??

  3. As mentioned in the second last line- "If all humans lost their sex life".
    I know a bunch of people who don't want to go ahead and have sex with anyone because of the risk of pregnancy, with abortion being banned, the insecurity and fear would would increase and probably a large population in all countries would just die a virgin or become asexual by choice. But it definitely depends on the abortion laws.

  4. I was adopted at 3 weeks old. I support abortion. I think Republicans want to get rid of abortion so there will be more people to commit human rights abuses to. Republicans love to abuse human rights.

  5. Okaayyyyy… no one really believes in an outright abortion ban. Exceptions for mothers age, age of the fetus(in my mind anything after first term is wrong), circumstance of pregnancy, and if the mothers life is in danger would most definitely exist. By the way countries that don’t have access to water and other essentials most certainly don’t have access to an abortion that’s why their babies per mother ratio is so high. Therefor it’s not as if it would increase further. Also also if you can’t support the baby financially turn it over to the state.

  6. What if gravity can be used as energy
    What if electric can be produced by cycling
    What if lava can be used to produce electricity

  7. I had to dislike your video for the first time and might as well just unsubscribe. This is disgusting!!! Killing a person is never justified but if someone needs to be killed, they are the rapist, the Murderers rotting in the jail fed on tax payer’s money.
    And why can’t you use birth control anyway if you could, why an innocent child has to pay with their lives for your laziness and carefree lifestyle.
    This video disgusts me and everyone supporting it.
    Don’t kill an innocent baby. Let it see the world.

  8. Kids in the cage 😲kids in the cage 🥴 : said the liberals,

    Kill children to save the earth: says as well the liberals.

    That’s why VOTE TRUMP 2020

  9. "What if…We put all our garbage into the Bermuda triangle…"

    Everything disappears here so why don't we throw all of it here…

  10. If you need to kill the baby to save your own life then it’s ok in my opinion, but you should never end a babies life. It is disgusting and wrong!

  11. Sadly the majority of women do not kill their babies due to rape or illness. They do it as a result of basically being a whore and ending up pregnant for some random guy who couldn't give a crap about them. Should abortion be allowed for these women? No. Then they will be more careful when sleeping around and not end up committing murder of an innocent life.

  12. I appreciate that this channel actually covers real life problems. Too bad mostly intellectual people watch this. This should be known by everyone

  13. I came to the comments expecting to see ones trying to discredit the video but instead found ones of the thumbnail looking like a nose.

  14. How about if you're not in a position to care for a baby then don't have sex. Freaking common sense. God forbid people have responsibility for their actions.

  15. The first video I disagree with on this cahnnel

    My mom was raped at 14, lived on a dumpster site gave birth to my brother who is now a neurosurgeon

    My sister's life was in danger because of her baby and she signed the document allowing herself to die and the baby to live because the baby had not asked to be conceived… Both of them survived

    I subscribed to this channel last year November when it didn't even have 100k subs, I won't unsub because I disagree with one video

    One of my brother's friends was raised in foster care, raoed as a child and a teenager
    She's a beautiful doctor now

  16. No it's not a woman's right

    I take contraceptives even if I'm single because rape happens
    So if you willingly open your legs you should accept the responsibility

  17. My questions are… If a woman can decide to kill her own baby, why is it mandatory for man to pay child support

    2. If a woman can kill her baby in utero why can't she kill it when the baby is born

    3. Why is it that in most places when a pregnant woman is killed it's called double homicide

  18. And just like that this guy shows us he's an NPC

    Usually he's videos show good and bad this time he could only see the bad

  19. Abortion is murder! There is no other thing to call it. If people really did not want to have kids they could just not have sex. The answer is simple.

  20. that's how they stopped everyone from using drugs. everything disappears when you pass a law. you would think by now the U.N. would have resoluted heaven on earth.

  21. 𝕎𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕚𝕗 people read the comments a bit longer before adding one that’s been said 947183474001 times

    … yes it looks like a zoomed in nose 👃🏼

  22. This is bullshit. Humans are causing our own suffering because we are selfish beings. I damn near TOTALLY disagree with abortion on the note that most times it's due to irresponsibly. If we used less and cleaned up our freaking planet, there wouldn't be such a large issue. Regardless, abortion is taking the life of an innocent child that's physically there, but can't even experience anything outside it's mother's womb. Use protection and be smart if you're going to have sex and don't want kids. That's literally what it's there for. That way no sentient child has to die.

  23. So your saying… Kill someone you shouldn't have created in the first place… There's so f**** many options for birth control that only the most extreme cases maybe should be aloud… Yes a women's body is her own so treat it with some respect… ( Before some idiot's make that comment)

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