What Irrational Thing Did You Do While Pregnant? *READING COMMENTS*

– Oh, I am excited for today. I am ready to read how
irrational pregnant women are. One of my favorite things to
do is to throw up a question on Facebook and then to read your replies. I've written things like what inappropriate thing has
your kid accidentally drawn? That was fun. And today's question that I've asked, which garnered 6 1/2 thousand replies, is what irrational thing
have you done while pregnant? This all stemmed 'cause
a friend of mine told me when she was about, I think she was about six months pregnant, she called her husband and said, "Please on the way home, can
you swing by Hungry Jack's "and pick me up a Whopper with cheese?" So he gets home (laughs) and he's got her a
Whopper, no cheese, right. 'Cause you have to order them separately. She became so irate, she
kicked him out of the house, threw the burger in the
bin in sheer disgust that it didn't have a tiny slice of cheese like she asked for on the burger. Kicked the husband out of
the house for about 18 hours. Then she said she was so sad and so hungry that she went to the bin, she
got the burger out of the bin and ate it whilst crying. So what I'm about to read to you is perfectly acceptable
behavior while pregnant. My husband made me roast
vegetables for dinner and I was able to actually keep it down. So I asked him to make it exactly the same the following night and cried inconsolably because the carrots were a different size. (laughs) I asked my husband to get me a
pepperoni pizza for breakfast and he said no. So after he left for work at
11 AM, I got home delivered, ate the entire pizza and hid the evidence. He came home 10 minutes after I cleaned up with a pepperoni pizza as a surprise. I ate one piece, then cried hysterically because I felt sick. (laughs) I sold my car. I cried so much, my partner
said we can ring the people and ask for it back. (laughs) I made my husband drive
around town at 10 PM because I needed chocolate cake. After an hour looking, I had to settle with a chocolate glazed Krispy Kreme and balled because it
wasn't chocolate cake. He then came home the next night
with a mudcake from Woolies and I cried because I
didn't want it anymore. (laughs) There's nothing like the
image of a pregnant woman eating a chocolate donut and crying with utter dissatisfaction. I balled my eyes out because I saw a really cute little truck that looked like an old milkman's truck. I cried for an hour because I
just thought it was so cute. I cried in the frozen
aisle of the grocery store because my favorite ice
cream had been discontinued. (laughs) I watched a documentary
about a mother polar bear abandoning her cub and
I sobbed uncontrollably offering it my own breast
milk through the television while simultaneously trying
to plan a trip to rescue it. (laughs) Oh, you guys are amazing. I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes when pregnant with my daughter. The day I found out… I'm not laughing at that. That's not the funny part. Oh sorry, the day I found out… It's just the anticipation
of what's gonna happen. It's making me laugh. And it's so inappropriate to
laugh 'cause I had a friend who had gestational
diabetes and it's not fun. The day I found out, I also
had to be admitted to hospital for other health issues and
wasn't even in my own room. So when I rang mom to tell
her I was in hospital, I was hysterical because I had diabetes and couldn't eat six Super
Dupers a day anymore. (laughs) Oh, you poor thing, Jade. I think my most overreaction when pregnant was balling my eyes out watching
a policeman direct traffic while the lights were down. I was overwhelmed with pride for him doing his duty for the public. (laughs) The police would've been
like, okay, through you go. Oh my God, why is that woman
crying so hysterically? I sat on the kitchen floor and
sobbed for almost two hours because my husband had put
the beef mince in the freezer instead of the fridge. Yeah, I feel like that is allowed. I feel like that is very much allowed. My dogs had a litter of
puppies when I was pregnant. Every person who came and
bought a puppy, I cried to, telling them how much I
loved that particular puppy. My mom ended up warning people that she has a hormonal pregnant daughter who is attached to all the puppies. (laughs) I sent a text to my baby's
father to bring me a frozen Coke. He walked in with nothing and I smelled cheeseburger on his breath. I got so upset, I was balling. So he went back to his car
and got the frozen Coke out. Turns out he was just trying
to play a trick on me. I didn't talk to him for
the rest of the night and cried even more because
I was so upset that he played a prank on me knowing how
much I wanted the frozen Coke. (laughs) I was craving a potato
salad and we were going to a friend's house for
dinner, so I bought some. They forgot to serve it at the dinner, so I went into the bathroom and cried. I then forgot to grab it on the way out. The following day, my husband
had come home from work because I was so distraught
because I just wanted to go and get my potato salad. He left work to go and buy a salad and brought home the wrong one. It finishes there, but I feel like that divorce was on the cards. Imagine writing the reason for divorce is because my husband brought
the wrong potato salad home. I cried because of an
international car commercial and when my partner laughed at me, I didn't speak to him till the next day. It's just like it's so irrational. It's just so irrational. It's like I feel so bad
for these poor women and then I feel so bad for their partners who have to deal with it. Being pregnant seems quite a challenge. It's a lot of work. Dealing with a pregnant person
is also quite a challenge. I kept going into the kitchen but would then forget why I was there. I did this five times
in a space of an hour. I finally remembered that
I wanted to make a coffee but then I couldn't find the coffee. I burst into tears when I
finally found the coffee right in front of me this whole time. Then I threw my coffee cup
on the ground and smashed it into 1,000 pieces and
stormed out of the room. (laughs) I cried and yelled at my
husband for not bringing home chocolate milk when he was
out doing the groceries. I specifically asked for chocolate milk. My husband reminded me of the time I cooked a three course
meal and when he asked why we were having mash and not roasties, I binned the entire… (laughs) She binned the entire dinner. I then took the day off work
after watching Marley and Me 'cause I cried so much I burst
a blood vessel in my face. (laughs) I also sat down in a garden
chair in a shop and cried 'cause I didn't have a garden. Oh my God, Kirsten, you are irrational. I threw my… (laughs) This is really funny. I threw my dinner on the
floor in anger like a toddler because when I got to the
table and tried to sit down, my husband made beep, beep, beep noises. (laughs) I stopped in the middle of
the street and took my shoes and socks off, threw my socks
in the bin and shouted at them 'cause they rubbed my ankles and hurt. Some of my friends
asked me over for dinner and I told them I was
craving mashed potatoes. When I got there and they served dinner, they didn't make mashed potatoes. I cried and walked out. I still can't believe I
didn't even stay for dinner. (laughs) I called a meeting at work
'cause someone drank my milk (laughs) that I kept ice cold for my Corn Flakes that I was heavily craving at the time. I was so upset that during the meeting I cried big snotty tears the whole time. (laughs) A family friend of mine was pregnant and really wanted lasagna. She found a frozen one in the
freezer, but when she put it in the microwave, she
forgot how to use it. (laughs) So she took the lasagna
out of the microwave and ate it frozen and cried. (laughs) I sat on the floor and
cried for 45 minutes because I dropped a bottle
of sweet chili sauce. It didn't smash or
spill, I just dropped it. When my husband offered
to help solve my sadness, I kicked him out of the house and told him I was an independent woman and didn't need his help to raise my baby. (laughs) All because she dropped a bottle. Reason for divorce, I dropped
a bottle of sweet chili sauce. I cried because I
couldn't find my car keys. So I picked up my phone to call them. Then I cried when my husband pointed out that you can't call your car keys to find out where they were. I cried because the weatherman
on the news is getting old. I woke my partner up hysterically crying. He didn't think it was a big deal, but to me, this was heartbreaking. This sounds like a legit reason. But I cried when my husband
burnt the tinned spaghetti I was craving. So I threw the whole pot on the ground and cried because it was ruined. I then proceeded to cry
and eat it off the floor (laughs) while he laughed at me. While pregnant, I broke up with him because he used to call me Waddles, which I sort of thought was cute and then one day, I
didn't think it was cute and I was convinced he hated me. He was staying with him mom at the time and I called his mother and
told him he is welcome back home because I need things off the top shelf and also because I miss him. When I was pregnant, I threw
my partner's thick shake out the window because he
was drinking it obnoxiously. (laughs) Amanda, I cried at the self serve checkout because it called for assistance. (laughs) If you wanna see more videos like this, click the playlist thing
that pops out here. I don't know which side it is. Yeah, good, great. Thank you. Also worth noting that I've signed up for a Facebook supporter group. So come and join the Hull
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24 Replies to “What Irrational Thing Did You Do While Pregnant? *READING COMMENTS*”

  1. I really wish that this was longer but if it was I’d be dead from laughing so hard I couldn’t breath. I now want my own irrational pregnancy stories

  2. Whilst pregnant, I cried listening to Goodbye Earl by Dixie Chicks, even though "Earl" was an abusive prick and deserved everything he got.

  3. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my first baby and and I cried when my husband got me kfc for lunch one day as a treat

  4. I cried, HYSTERICALLY while pregnant with my son like a 2yo because it was raining heavy outside and my cat was outside at my partners families farm where he works, they didn't know where the cat was and they didn't wanna go out into the rain and find him for me and i made my partner drive through the heavy rain to go find my cat and bring him into the laundry, I think the cat ended up being dry in the hay shed too, I think what made it so much more embarrassing was because we had my family staying at our house for the week so they all witnessed

  5. 2006 Living in California..I started maternity leave I watched the re-runs of cops non stop! One episode was a high speed case and they ran into a white van and it burst into flames… I burst into tears as the van looked just like my husbands!! I rang him instantly balling down the phone asking if he was ok. Lucky it wasn’t him … on that episode from the 80’s

  6. I was 6 months pregnant when I saw a tiny dog running down the center lane during rush hour traffic. I screamed at my husband to stop the car. I put myself in front of moving cars and stopped all lanes of cars by waving my arms hysterically so I could save the dog. My husband was not amused. I later found the owner of the dog and almost didn't let them have it back.

  7. I'm 16 weeks pregnant. A week ago I flew into an absolute rage and told my husband to move out because he didn't brown the sausages for the sausage casserole properly.
    I wish I just cried at everything like most of these ladies 😅 getting angry as hell at menial sh*t is so much worse I reckon!

  8. my son was born the day a cyclone hit, we left to family 4hrs away, on the way down we passed all the emergency response vehicles for electricity heading to my town. I cried because they were leaving their families, for who knew how long, to help our community. There was 3 at a servo, I cried as I shook their hands and thanked them for all they do.

  9. I cried because I was uncomfortable trying to get to sleep one night and complained that there wasn't enough room in the bed. My husband then got up to go sleep on the couch so I could have the whole bed and I cried because he wasn't in bed with me anymore

  10. I threw a wendys hotdog at my partner because he was paying me out for waiting till my neusea had passed to eat it.

  11. I left my son dads, i felt men were disgusting n he was extra disgusting. Years later i realized it was hormones

  12. I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant and every time I watch these videos I literally pee myself from laughing so hard , damn you

  13. Just gonna say these preggers women are ott. All I wanted was a new bladder cause this kid totally overused mine.

  14. Does anyone else laugh at Christian's laugh? 😂😂 him laughing in the background of Carrie and Tommy show was life!

  15. Today, after smelling my daughters nappy i randomly started craving a apple turnover 😂
    Spent the day going from Coles to Woollies in hunt of one not to mention I can’t watch Bluey… it’s just so darn cute! 😂😂

  16. When I was pregnant w/ my 4th and final baby, I was extremely hungry all of the time! One day I was extra ravenous, but couldn’t find anything to eat, so I sat on the floor and cried. Then I cried even harder because I couldn’t get up!

  17. I wasn’t too bad but I do remember I was crying for no reason, literally no reason, and then when I was asked what was wrong I said “I don’t know!” And then started crying harder because I was crying for no reason.

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