What Is A Chemical Pregnancy?

Hi everyone, it’s Maureen from Mosie Baby. In this video I’m going to talk about what
a chemical pregnancy is and why is it called a chemical pregnancy. Next week I’ll share more about what a chemical
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if you find what you see here helpful. First, did you know that more than half of
all miscarriages are considered chemical? A chemical pregnancy is extremely common. It’s possible you may have already had one
in the past without even realizing it. If you’re trying to conceive you’re likely
monitoring your menstrual cycle and taking pregnancy tests and if you’re like I was you’re
probably peeing on a lot of tests starting ten days after ovulation. Like peeing on a test every morning. If you get a big fat positive but end up having
heavy bleeding days after it – sadly it likely means you probably had a chemical pregnancy. So why in the heck do these things happen
anyway? It’s nature’s cruel way of eliminating an
embryo that isn’t developing normally and may have genetic or chromosomal abnormalities. So to break it down for you, the sperm met
the egg which is great to know that they’re meeting, I mean that’s half the battle! But unfortunately they weren’t a good match. So your body eliminated it doing what it naturally
does every month. Your uterus shed its lining creating your
period. This is called a chemical pregnancy. So why is it called that? Your body started producing enough of the
hormones to cause a chemical reaction on that pregnancy test. You just happened to catch that positive in
the very early days, possibly right after implantation of the embryo. This is all happening prior to your body developing
a gestational sac in your uterus. When a miscarriage occurs in this inbetween
stage, it’s called a chemical pregnancy because without that gestational sac the pregnancy
only happened at a chemical level. One last thought to leave you with, a loss
of pregnancy no matter how early can be a very emotional experience but there are some
good things to focus on here – you were able to get pregnant and just because you had a
chemical pregnancy doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get and stay pregnant next time. You also need to know that it’s not your fault
and when you’re ready to try again, you could potentially become pregnant as early as your
next cycle. But if you do find yourself experiencing more
than two chemical pregnancies, it’s probably good to check in with your doctor. For more information to support you on your
journey to conceive check out mosiebaby.com or subscribe to our Youtube channel. For now, I’ll be over here crossing my fingers
for you to get that big belly bump real soon.

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