What Is Double Fertilization – Reproduction in Plants – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and advanced videos. Double Fertilization no normal definition of fertilization we say that the pollen grains or you can say the male gamete meets the egg female gamete and their fusion which result in the formation of embryos Zygot and the see this is the normal definition of fertile age then what is Double Fertilization when I say double fertilize it means that there are two male gametes and these two male gametes are haploid when I say haploid it means they have 23 number of chromosomes this to me haploid male gametes will fuse with two female haploid gametes during the process of double fertilization what happens is there are two male gametes which are haploid and one of the haploid male gamete fuses with the egg which founds the zygote or we can see the seed and another haploid male gamete or pollen grain fuses with the prime polar witness and then it fuses with the floral necklace it forms primary endospore and this primary endosperm this is nothing but the seed code which you see in seeds which provides nourishment to the growing embryo so when I will take a scene and remove seed code that is the primary endoscope so during the process of double fertilization one mil gamete fuses with the egg and another mill gamete fuses with the polar needless sense of this process to different male gametes fuses with one with the egg another with the polar nuclei in the same ovary this process is called as double fertilization now then the male gametes means the egg it is called as single whereas doing Singam II serious form fertilization is taken place whereas when two Pollard nucleus meets one male gamete together they will form 3 sets and then three sets of form it is also called as triple fusion Singam II has various aspects or it helps the plants in better way to kuru whereas triple fusion helps to provide triple endosperm and this end form is nothing but providing nourishment to the growing em do double fertilization by this persistence college double education since both the male gametes take part in the process of fertilization which occur at two different places in the same embryo or against the ovary now among them one male a gamete or one haploid male gamete when I say haploid it means to entry number of chromosomes and half number of chromosomes the pollen grain makes the egg which is also happier contains 23 number of chromosomes to form the egg cell or it gives it a Saigon on the sea which will be nothing but diploid and this process is called as sin brilliant double fertilization one male gametes fuses with the egg to Holmes I got or you can say this week whereas the second Milly gamete fuses with the two polar nucleus so together there will be three cells on three different entities to form a triploid primary endosperm or you can sing simple language the seed and this seed core is the food for the growing embryo or seed and an analyst it has developed tumors radicals to absorb nutrients from the soil sin gamma is also called as double fertilization against a double fertilization process also includes cilia which helps in better growth of the plant also help to convert plant or scene into a diploid state students now will be seen how does the process of double filtration take this diagrammatically as you can see in the diagram this is the female gametophyte which consists of stigma style and opening inside this there are antipodal cells which are accessory since we all know the two polar nucleus which will form the triploid family and of spawn it consists of xn so didn’t process of double fertilization what happens is the two mini gamete or you can see the two pollen grains among this one pollen grain will fuse with the One X cell to form seed siphon and this process is finest singham whereas another pollen grain or the second Poland green will fuse with the polar nucleus and together they will form 1 2 & 3 cells which is triploid primary Angus form and this process is called as triple fusion in simple language we can say that Singam II plus triple fusion is equal to double fertilization which will help to form a seed I hope you looked clear with the concept of double fertilization and how does double fertilization takes place thank you

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