What is Happening in My 8th Week of Pregnancy?

What is happening in my 8th week of pregnancy? At least you recognize by now that you’re
pregnant. Now I want to know what’s going on in there. Right now, it is hardly more than a pin head
of tissue. It has a beating heart. Yes, and it is growing a brain and limbs.
Even eyes and eye lids. Someone told me it has a yolk sac. There’s a saying that every embryo runs
through the evolutionary development of the species, like the stage where human embryos
have gills before they turn into the thyroid. The yolk sac will disappear in a few weeks. One of the last things I read about recently
as that he is getting finger and toe buds. The feet lose their webbed appearance as the
webbing fades away for all but those rare kids who end up on the WTF thread on Reddit.
Even his taste buds are forming. Though my morning sickness hasn’t gone away. Your breasts are probably starting to get
too big for the pre-maternity bras, and they’ll never go back. I hope that isn’t the case with my skinny
jeans. I put too much money in them. You’re going to grow out of them soon, but
you may fit back in post baby after an aggressive workout plan. It’s hard to believe something so small
is going to turn my life upside down. He’s probably the size of a large blueberry
right now. But it is growing about one millimeter every day. I read somewhere that fetuses have tails. And the baby is starting to lose the tail. Good. I don’t want to end up with a bunch
of Hindus making offerings to my kid. If something like that did happen, the doctor
could remove it. I wonder when I’ll feel the baby move. While its limbs can move at this point, it
is too small to feel. She could twirl like an underwater ballerina and you wouldn’t
feel it. Maybe I should be glad, because in a few months,
I won’t be able to sleep while it plays soccer with my bladder.

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