What is Hypnosis and how to use it for Childbirth

hey Rox our mamas so what is hypnosis what is the hypno part of hypno birthing right with hypnosis okay there's no going under there's no being out of controlled where I can make you block like a chicken or anything like that you know that's all just for the movies when you're doing hypnosis for birthing it's all self-hypnosis right so you're always in control you're using your imagination or the power of your mind to help you relax it's like a deep focus on all the muscles in the body and releasing any tension from those muscles because when you release the tension from the muscles it helps you release those beneficial birthing hormones so you know it's just really checking in with the body and being mindful and sometimes you can use your imagination to visualize something like your favorite place in nature is a really popular one during birth because when you think about your favorite place in nature it makes you happy right and it makes you feel comfortable and safe and secure and that's the only time that you can release oxytocin which is that beneficial birthing hormone is when you feel that way so using your imagination it was really powerful in my hypno birthing classes we do something in the first class that's called a lemon experience and it's super fun to do and funny for all the couples to experience because I have them close their eyes and they just start to relax and then I described to them cutting a lemon and seeing the juices run down the lemon and then they have to pick the lemon up and they smell the lemon and then they sink their teeth into the lemon and feel the juices of the limit running through your mouth and when they do that you can all see you can see them all sitting there and the little muscles in your mouth and might be tightening right now just thinking about lemon juice right they tighten because you automatically respond to the memory of a lemon and how sour it is and you know your mouth starts to salivate so that's how you use your imagination for hypnosis during birth and that's how powerful it is you get a response you know when you think of something your body responds the mind controls the body and that's all there is to hypnosis you know it's not anything weird or magical or whatever it's just that deep focus and shutting out distractions and relaxing and it helps birth go a lot quicker and be a lot more comfortable when you do that so hopefully that'll clear some things up for you in case you're wondering you

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