What is it like to have a miscarriage?

So the first front of IVF when I lost
the little girl was really tough. So I miscarried in 11 weeks and I guess
like I’m I don’t know like my mindset was you know you’re pregnant and I
didn’t even think about miscarrying because we had done the genetic testing
and I don’t know I just didn’t even cross my mind. So it kind of devastated
me and then we needed to obviously get rid of the pregnancy at 11 weeks. So I
took medicine and it didn’t clear all the tissue out of my body. So then
thought was like a week of like heavy heavy bleeding and a lot of pain And so then we had to do another round of pills which it didn’t take care of it. So then I ended up going into surgery with for a DNC so I actually miscarried for almost a month. So I think we waited another like a month or two and we started our second IVF cycle. But it crushed me. So when you take a pill, like you really
people – nobody tells you it but you take the pill and like I woke up. Shaun was
asleep and I stood up and it was just so much blood. Like more blood than I have
ever seen in my entire life and I went into the bathroom and you basically flush
your baby down the toilet. I just wasn’t prepared for it. Yeah they
said you’re gonna have a little pain and I would say like I have a high tolerance
for pain but no they didn’t tell me that you would basically see your baby and flush it. So I mean I’m very like methodical so I just said this is what I have to do to get to what I need. Where I want to be. So I just kind of did
what I had to do and just moved on. I’ve kind of put it out of my head.

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